Watch Repair

Sea Shanty Township

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The cultishly adored and highly acclaimed Watch Repair return with one of their biggest hits to date. "Sea Shanty Town Ship" sees the act expand on their now trademark work method of tuned grandfather clocks and other found sounds and now includes flurries of guitar, pocket cello, dulcimer, reed organ, accordion and bowl (!!!). Those familiar with the sound know what to expect - the warmest, almost cerebral enveloping ambience, drones and tones, collaged together in sophisticated, sleight-of-hand excellence. Suspense and tension are given new meaning alongside reconceptualizing the natural ambience of the traditional grandfather clock. Now garnering support from the cyberworld, Factmag are counted amongst their fans; and rightfully so. This is gloriously sedate but instantly resonating musique which can instantly transport any listener from the current location to an altered mindstate. Most recommended. 

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