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Supersonic - 30th Anniversary Edition

    Released to celebrate the 30th anniversary of Oasis’ seminal debut single Supersonic – limited-edition pearl coloured, numbered 7”.


    Liam says: Lovely reissue of the possibly the best debut single of all time! On limited pearl coloured vinyl, these bad boys won't stick around for long! Comes with the amazing and much overlooked 'Take Me Away' on the B-side, top top stuff!


    A1. Supersonic
    B1. Take Me Away

    The French-Caribbean singer-producer (now based in Brooklyn) will announced her new 7" cut from album "Lotus Glow". "Adonis" feat KIRBY & "Get It Got It" have masterful production, soaring vocal chops and spectacular bass prowess.


    1. Adonis
    2. Get It Got It


    Masterplan - 2023 Reissue

      ‘The Masterplan’ is an extraordinary collection of B-sides originally featured on singles from Oasis’ era-defining first three albums, ‘Definitely Maybe’ (1994), ‘(What’s The Story) Morning Glory?’ (1995), and ‘Be Here Now’ (1997). Far from being inferior to the singles they backed, many of the 14 tracks that feature on ‘The Masterplan’ have become as cherished as the band’s biggest singles from that seminal period.

      The album includes tracks ‘Acquiesce’, ‘Half The World Away’, ‘Talk Tonight’, Oasis’ iconic live cover of The Beatles’ ‘I Am The Walrus’ and the epic title track. Noel has often described ‘The Masterplan’ as one of the best songs he has ever written.

      ‘The Masterplan’ charted at No.2 in the UK Official Album Chart UK selling over 122,000 copies in its first week. It went on to be certified triple platinum and has sold over three million copies worldwide.


      Liam says: When you really think about it, it's ridiculous how incredible this collection is. Featuring some of Oasis' best ever tracks, one of which being their best ever ('Acquiesce'), it's hard to imagine there ever being a band who release such high-calibre of B-sides as this - must have for those who still don't have in their collections!


      1. Acquiesce (Remastered)
      2. Underneath The Sky (Remastered)
      3. Talk Tonight (Remastered)
      4. Going Nowhere (Remastered)
      5. Fade Away (Remastered)
      6. The Swamp Song (Remastered)
      7. I Am The Walrus – Live Glasgow Cathouse June ‘94 (Remastered)
      8. Listen Up (Remastered)
      9. Rockin' Chair (Remastered)
      10. Half The World Away (Remastered)
      11. (It's Good) To Be Free (Remastered)
      12. Stay Young (Remastered)
      13. Headshrinker (Remastered)
      14. The Masterplan (Remastered) 


      Supersonic : The Complete, Authorised And Unabridged Interviews

        'We are the biggest band in Britain of all time, ever. The funny thing is, all that fucking mouthing off three years ago about how we were going to be the biggest band in the world - we actually went and did it.' Noel Gallagher

        Oasis are one of the biggest bands the word has ever seen. Here, in Supersonic, they tell the story of the their beginnings from dive-bar hopefuls to global superstars.They themselves talk us through the pivotal moments in their phenomenal trajectory, from the day Noel Gallagher joined his brother Liam's band, through their first crucial five years culminating at their landmark gigs at Knebworth Park in 1996 - the pinnacle of their success.

        With over thirty hours of interviews with Liam, Noel and those closest to them, this book documents in unprecedented depth and with their trademark candour and humour, the story behind one of the world's greatest bands, all told in their own words and fully illustrated with exclusive photographs and ephemera throughout.


        Knebworth 1996

          This year marks 25 years since Oasis’ two iconic record breaking live concerts at Knebworth Park in Hertfordshire on the 10th and 11th August 1996. The shows were both the pinnacle of the band’s success and a landmark gathering for a generation of young people.

          Released alongside the cinema debut of the feature length documentary film of the event, ‘Oasis Knebworth 1996’ is the definitive live recording featuring a setlist packed with stone cold classics album taken from across both nights of the concert, from the opening salvoes of ‘Columbia’ and ‘Acquiesce’, to ‘Champagne Supernova’, ‘Don’t Look Back In Anger’, ‘Live Forever’, an orchestra backed ‘I Am The Walrus’, and ‘Wonderwall’ the first song from the 1990’s to reach over one billion streams on Spotify and universally loved anthem.


          Barry says: As one of the most legendary indie gigs of all time (or series of gigs, rather), Knebworth will go down in history, so this document of the live show is something to be treasured. A wonderfully important and undeniably gigantic piece of musical history.


          Be Here Now - Remastered Edition

            ‘Be Here Now’ is the third release in the Oasis series ‘Chasing The Sun: 1993-1997’, released on Big Brother Recordings on the 20th anniversary of the first day of the ‘Be Here Now’ recording sessions at Abbey Road Studios.

            Arguably the most anticipated British album release of all time, ‘Be Here Now’ was recorded with producer Owen Morris at Abbey Road Studios, Ridge Farm Studios, and Air Studios between October 1996 and May 1997.

            Originally released at midnight on Thursday August 21st 1997, ‘Be Here Now’ sold 700,000 copies in just 3 days and remains, to this day, the fastest selling UK album on release. To date it has sold over 8 million copies worldwide. Oasis released three singles from the album, two of which - ‘D’You Know What I Mean?’ and ‘All Around The World’ – charted at No.1, with ‘Stand By Me’ reaching No.2.

            The album has now been re-mastered from the original tapes.

            TRACK LISTING

            1 D'You Know What I Mean? 
            2 My Big Mouth
            3 Magic Pie 
            4 Stand By Me 
            5 I Hope, I Think, I Know 
            6 The Girl In The Dirty Shirt 
            7 Fade In-Out 
            8 Don't Go Away 
            9 Be Here Now 
            10 All Around The World 
            11 It's Gettin' Better (Man!!) 
            12 All Around The World (Reprise) 


            (What's The Story) Morning Glory? - Remastered Edition

              ‘(What’s The Story) Morning Glory?’ is Oasis’s biggest-selling album, with 22 million copies sold worldwide. On release in October 1995 it spent 10 weeks at No.1 and is the 5th biggest-selling album in UK Chart history. In their 14-year recording career (1994 - 2008) Oasis sold over 70 million albums worldwide, had 22 consecutive UK Top 10 singles, 7 No.1 studio albums but, more than that, they helped define a generation.

              It was during the ‘Morning Glory?’ era when Oasis played their some of their most iconic gigs, including two nights at Maine Road Stadium, the then home of Manchester City Football Club, in April 1996 and Knebworth House, where the band played to 250,000 fans over two nights in August 1996. Over 2.6 million people applied for tickets for the shows, making it the largest ever demand for concert tickets in British history.

              TRACK LISTING

              1. Hello
              2. Roll With It
              3. Wonderwall
              4. Don't Look Back In Anger
              5. Hey Now!
              6. [Untitled]
              7. Some Might Say
              8. Cast No Shadow
              9. She's Electric
              10. Morning Glory
              11. [Untitled]
              12. Champagne Supernova


              Definitely Maybe - Remastered Edition

                In their 14-year recording career Oasis sold over 70 million albums worldwide, had 22 consecutive UK Top 10 singles, 7 No.1 studio albums but, more than that, they helped define a generation. Now Big Brother Recordings are to reissue the band’s classic albums in chronological order as part of the new ‘Chasing The Sun’ series. Each album has been remastered and will be made available with rare and exclusive bonus content.

                With 2014 marking the 20th anniversary of its original release, ‘Definitely Maybe’ will be the first reissue in the series. ‘(What’s The Story?) Morning Glory’ and ‘Be Here Now’ will follow later this year.

                ‘Definitely Maybe’ was originally released in August 1994 and was an immediate critical and commercial smash. The fastest selling debut album ever (at the time), it went seven-times platinum in the UK (over 2 million copies), and sold 5 million worldwide. Containing the classic debut single ‘Supersonic’ - released April 1994 - and subsequent singles ‘Shakermaker’, ‘Live Forever’ and ‘Cigarettes & Alcohol’, ‘Definitely Maybe’ frequently appears on Best Album Of All Time polls, including a No.1 placing in a 2008 Q Magazine poll of the Greatest British Albums.

                STAFF COMMENTS

                Andy says: Come onnn, come onnnn, come onnnn, YEAH, YEAH, YEAAAHHHHH!

                TRACK LISTING

                Rock ‘n’ Roll Star (Remastered)
                Shakermaker (Remastered)
                Live Forever (Remastered)
                Up In The Sky (Remastered)
                Columbia (Remastered)
                Sad Song (Remastered) ***
                Supersonic (Remastered)
                Bring It On Down (Remastered)
                Cigarettes & Alcohol (Remastered)
                Digsy’s Dinner (Remastered)
                Slide Away (Remastered)
                Married With Children (Remastered)

                *** Vinyl Only Track.


                Don't Believe The Truth

                  Don't Believe The Truth was the sixth Oasis studio album - their first since the number one multi-million selling Heathen Chemistry, released in 2002. It includes the single "Lyla". Noel Gallagher describes the track as "the Soundtrack of our Lives doing The Who on Skol in a psychedelic city in the sky (or something!)"

                  STAFF COMMENTS

                  Matt says: I thought I'd gaffaw at this slew of Oasis represses but having scanned the tracklists and relived the glories through the week, I'm still 100% behind brothers G. 20 years later and we're still buzzin' to one of MCR's greatest ever bands.


                  Standing On The Shoulder Of Giants

                    Standing on the Shoulder of Giants was the fourth studio album by the Britpop band, originally released in 2000. It is the 16th fastest selling album in UK chart history, selling over 310,000 copies in it's first week. Standing on the Shoulder of Giants has been certified double platinum by the British Phonographic Industry and has sold around 208,000 copies in the US.

                    The album is an effective modern psychedelic record complete with drum loops, samples, electric sitar, mellotron, synthesizers and backward guitars, resulting in an album more experimental with electronica and heavy psychedelic rock influences. Songs such as "Go Let It Out", the Indian-influenced "Who Feels Love?", and the progressive "Gas Panic!" were a departure from the band's earlier style.


                    The Masterplan

                      "The Masterplan" is a selection of Oasis B-Sides that never made it to an official studio album. Initially only intended for release in Japan and US, it was given a full UK releas on November 2nd 1998 and reached #4 in the Official UK top 40 album chart and #2 globally, showing the global popularity of the band at the very height of the Britpop era. It contains the massive, "Fade Away", the Royle Family-endorrsed "Half The World Away"  and the epic Beatles cover, "I Am The Walrus", amongst many other hits-not-hits from one of the UK's most monumental bands.

                      STAFF COMMENTS

                      Andy says: It says so much about Oasis's imperial early phase that this compilation of b-sides would actually weigh in as their third best album, after, of course, the double whammy of their first two. Everything they released in those first few years was absolutely brilliant, and here's the proof!

                      TRACK LISTING

                      A1 Acquiesce 
                      A2 Underneath The Sky 
                      A3 Talk Tonight 
                      A4 Going Nowhere 
                      B1 Fade Away 
                      B2 The Swamp Song 
                      B3 I Am The Walrus (Live)
                      C1 Listen Up 
                      C2 Rockin' Chair
                      C3 Half The World Away 
                      D1 (It's Good) To Be Free 
                      D2 Stay Young 
                      D3 Headshrinker 
                      D4 The Masterplan


                      Heathen Chemistry

                        Heathen Chemistry, released July 1st 2002 was the fifth studio album from Oasis and includes the anthemic singles The Hindu Times, Stop Crying Your Heart Out, Little By Little, and the beautifully written Songbird.

                        Newly remastered with new sleeve notes and pressed onto heavyweight vinyl, don't miss out on one of Manchester's proudest exports.

                        "Dig Out Your Soul" sees Dave Sardy return to the producer's chair following his work on Oasis' 2005 album, "Don't Believe The Truth". Recorded at Abbey Road and mixed in Los Angeles, all four members once again contribute tracks but the recording marks a new approach for the band as described by the band's principle songwriter, Noel Gallagher: 'I wanted to write music that had a groove; not songs that followed that traditional pattern of verse, chorus and middle eight. I wanted a sound that was more hypnotic; more driving. Songs that would draw you in, in a different way. Songs that you would maybe have to connect to - to feel.'

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