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"The Masterplan" is a selection of Oasis B-Sides that never made it to an official studio album. Initially only intended for release in Japan and US, it was given a full UK releas on November 2nd 1998 and reached #4 in the Official UK top 40 album chart and #2 globally, showing the global popularity of the band at the very height of the Britpop era. It contains the massive, "Fade Away", the Royle Family-endorrsed "Half The World Away"  and the epic Beatles cover, "I Am The Walrus", amongst many other hits-not-hits from one of the UK's most monumental bands.


Andy says: It says so much about Oasis's imperial early phase that this compilation of b-sides would actually weigh in as their third best album, after, of course, the double whammy of their first two. Everything they released in those first few years was absolutely brilliant, and here's the proof!


A1 Acquiesce 
A2 Underneath The Sky 
A3 Talk Tonight 
A4 Going Nowhere 
B1 Fade Away 
B2 The Swamp Song 
B3 I Am The Walrus (Live)
C1 Listen Up 
C2 Rockin' Chair
C3 Half The World Away 
D1 (It's Good) To Be Free 
D2 Stay Young 
D3 Headshrinker 
D4 The Masterplan

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