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    HYbr:ID II is the second installment of Alva Noto’s HYbr:ID series intiated in 2021. The new album captures the music commissioned to score Richard Siegal's Ectopia performed in 2021 by Tanztheater Pina Bausch with Shooting into the Corner (2008- 09) by Anish Kapoor. Building upon the cap\va\ng blend of immersive dub and electronica from the first installment, HYbr:ID Vol. 2 takes the listener on a journey into the realm of intricately manipulated digital production.

    These ten compositions delve into infinity, drawing inspiration from resonance and elasticity, concepts rooted in Minkowski's fourdimensional space\me model. Throughout the album, Carsten Nicolai summons precise rhythmic paterns that gracefully hover, reminiscent of celestial bodies orbiting in perfect cosmic unison. The sonic landscape gradually unfolds with somber and brooding tones, incorporating spacious sound design, ethereal atmospheres, and cascading metallic percussions. These elements are delicately craoed with artistic finesse, set against a backdrop of expansive dub textures.

    At times, the music takes unforeseen turns, as melancholic chords skijer and meander through a digital haze, evoking an atmosphere of introspection and emo\on. The ten compositions are accompanied by graphic nota\ons informed by the album’s sonic and acoustic codes

    Alva Noto Feat. Martin L. Gore & William Basinski


      Composed by David Bowie.


      01: Subterraneans (00:08:56)
      02: Subterraneans (Instrumental) (00:08:58)

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