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Plugged into the mainframe of the power station, Antonio returns to the label with a barrage of loner panzer funk and mechanised thrash metal from the shadows of Frankfurt's industrial district. It's a record fed and nurtured among copper coils, rusted voltage boxes, plasma and ionised sweat coming out to breathe among power surges and industrial smog. Four tracks from the heat of the machine. A total submission to your new electrical system. Mastered by Andrea Merlini.

Natural Sciences kick off 2018 with a visceral electroid bullet, label stalwart Antonio with four tracks of galvanized, rocket-propelled power. Frazzled n fried and (unknowingly) paying tribute to that turn of the millennium electro sound favoured by MCR camps Kindergarten and Sequence. Think the Attic on Friday night circa 2002 and you're there. Gas masks not included.

'As Earth dips below sea level, E Davd steps up with a capsule of botanical and foreign matter reminding us what lies beneath the oil spills, crust and hum of wireless routers. Cast deep into the nebula, It’s the forgotten love songs from the glacial plains, expired vitamin compounds retrieved from petri dishes and the howls of extinct animal life condensed into 25 minutes. Electronic protocol modules formerly known as 'humid funk','new age' 'astral ambient' and 'horoscope house' drifting through foreign star systems, gradually lost to the eternal vacuum of deep space.'

Natural Sciences continue their all conquering grasp of the underground with this forward-thinking EP of house reinvention from new signing E Davd. If this is anything to go buy, we're gonna be seeing PLENTY of this cat in the future, as all four tracks here are nigh on flawless. Fitting the NS aesthetic perfectly, but injecting new life into the blueprint, there's an interstellar leaning combined with rock solid manifestation of the techno blueprint. In short, it's another sure-to-be-classic addition to the Natural Science label and a perfect introduction to this exciting new producer. Highly recommended!


Matt says: I've been lucky enough to have this one on TP for a while now. Absolutely killer stuff from the firmly established Natural Sciences with a new signing, the skilled E Davd who drops an EP of hardware powered, neon radiance; somewhere between The Posse, Ron Trent and Linkwood. Absolutely essential!

Born from the rank stench of the city streets, DJ Swagger hits on hard with joy riding electronic jams forged from bullet casings, hub caps and cigarette ash.

Kicking off on Natural Sciences for the first time, "Greatest Hits" is the ironic sneer from the DIY underground. It's the sound of chains, tar and black exhausts from deep within the suburban rave. Gun shots against busted speaker cabinets. Padded anti-hero b-boy breaks. Muffled street anthems from the back-seat of a midnight cruiser and slammed out acid party music for the youthfully insane.

It sees the producer and label continue to tread their own unique and uncompromising path as they realize their vision as two of the most important beacons of development in our so-called underground. Natural Sciences and DJ Swagger are the very essence of what is necessary; rather than copy styles they invent them, paving the way for the next wave of producers to get on the sound. Hats doffed!


Matt says: One of Manchester's finest exports returns with more 100% certified HEAT as we witness the aural exploits of one DJ Swagger. Ghetto-slung breaks and toxic house damage on this release so sharp you'll cut yerself if not careful. TIP!

Mono-Enzyme 307 debuts on MCR's freshest underground sound depot - Natural Sciences. "Adventures in Cryosleep" is 'a record of corrosive space sludge dipping between deep acid trajectories, twisted cyber funk, narco new beat, android warehouse movements, Detroit machine tyranny and musicalities often referred to as TEKNO. We present the first phase in the mutation.'

More excellent, uncompromising musica from the NS camp. This particular offering, a rave gremlin friendly smorgasbord of cavernous acid, freakish hardware abuse and strung-out, schitzoid warehouse beats. 


Matt says: Manchester's killer underground electronics label Natural Sciences come correct on this, their 5th release so far - and perhaps the deepest into the wormhole we've gone so far. Caution advised!

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