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EP from the new blood of EU electro - Datawave. Miiiiles ahead of most other artists paying, ahem, 'tribute' to the old school electro genre - within bars of hearing Datawave's vibration you know you're dealing with an OG.

"Hidden Outpost" harnesses a gruff low end growl and abstract, sci-fi beats to create a slice of barren, space station electro that's as cold as Neptune's moons.

"Stellar Wind"'s drum programming is what really sets it apart as glowing pads radiate thru the highly kinetic riddims for some ratcheting, powerful electro laced with pure class.

Not much else to say, slap it ont deck at your next robo-boogie and maximum pleasure is guaranteed! 


Ltd 12" Info: Limited to 200 copies. No repress.

Jack Roland pulls apart the control mechanisms of the club environment and the way this living and breathing installation can be a tool of elevation or suppression. Using club sounds as instruments for this idea, "Control / Applications" is a split release born out of Amsterdam's warehouse scene, fusing together electro matrix rhythms, IDM, with warped hums and breaks used by dancers and performers heading up the rave. With a track on our Future Works III comp last year, this is his debut record on the label: a release challenging superstructures buried among the sweat particles of the floor.


Matt says: Got blessed with a USB full of unreleased NS tackle from label head Alex and this was one of the crowning glories. Now available for all to enjoy - rock solid factory line mechanizes and wrecking ball techno for the up-all-nite cru.

'From behind a wall of public discourse, focus groups and corporate memos, Strahinja Arbutina moves out onto the streets, with four cuts of Croatian electronics pulled from man hunt techno, hood funk and industrial waves.'

Strong addition to NS's continuously growing cannon of electroid punk maneuvers. Strahinja Arbutina has previously released on Bank and Vivod as well as tapes for Always Human and Out Of Order. Military grade mechanics characterize the EP, with tank-like power ushering "STMPHS" and "No Reason" forward under barrages of shell fire and toxic gases. "Public Speaker" is a truly destructive offering and sounds like perhaps the armored exterior has been penetrated resulting in a cacophonous series of explosions and digital haybailing, flailing circuitry and noxious fumes. "Sit" closes off the experience with a tuff and direct attack of saturated, side-chained drum assaults. It doesn't get more Natural Sciences than this - a glorious release for the label! 

Natural Sciences pushing their sound into new extreme directions. Must have for fans of Christoph De Babylon, Demdike Stare and Mego-esque electronics

'We are not where we live, but the valley we built'

Enjoyment through suffering. Beauty in chaos. African Ghost Valley apply these principles to create their heavy doomsday electronics pulled in from the Black Bunker; a D.I.Y space under a multi-story car-park.

Separated from any scene on the surface, the record was put together by European / Canadian duo Childle Grangier and Gabriel Ghebrezghi; a partnership formed in the heat of heavily improvised recording sessions, where the pair would thrash out their versions of power electronics, industrial waste drops and rhythmic dub rumble to the cities homeless.

Keeping these raw final cuts away from any studio trickery, the microphone would be left on to archive field recordings and wayward audio drops, capturing the hum and lifeblood of the Bunker and the wheezing lungs of the dense concrete that surrounded them.

Titling this work 'Colony', the album is a open-ended and multi-edged tool for AGV to explore, allowing the listener to interpret the work as they see fit, bringing to mind images of corroded space settlements and the darkest recess of human history. You decide.


Matt says: Strong release from local firm which sees the label tread a new path. Fittingly, the new Space Afrika LP on Sferic seems to join them in hand, exploring industry-scorched futurescapes and electrostatic discharge with an undeterred focus. A fierce and alien listen!

Mono-Enzyme 307 debuts on MCR's freshest underground sound depot - Natural Sciences. "Adventures in Cryosleep" is 'a record of corrosive space sludge dipping between deep acid trajectories, twisted cyber funk, narco new beat, android warehouse movements, Detroit machine tyranny and musicalities often referred to as TEKNO. We present the first phase in the mutation.'

More excellent, uncompromising musica from the NS camp. This particular offering, a rave gremlin friendly smorgasbord of cavernous acid, freakish hardware abuse and strung-out, schitzoid warehouse beats. 


Matt says: Manchester's killer underground electronics label Natural Sciences come correct on this, their 5th release so far - and perhaps the deepest into the wormhole we've gone so far. Caution advised!

Built around degraded tape static, distortion peddles, analogue gear and phantom sounds, Alek's debut EP on Natural Sciences is a kaleidoscopic journey through electronic music, touching base at deep, throbbing late-night house cuts like "Ulterior Motive" into tripped out techno excursions ("Hemel") and warbled spectral movements on the B-side. There's a very cutting edge aesthetic going on throughout the EP and this guy should definitely be one to watch for anyone with a penchant for the futuristic and out-there. At some points recalling a distant Chain Reaction with their powerful, hypnotic dub-techno "04RW" launches from a gritty, saturated tape and struggles in parts not to shatter into a million fragments as its streamtrain drums clatter on. "Multitudes" leaves us gasping for more as an ethereal, glistening loop reflects through a broken glass for infinite; its distant, murmured speech and angelic yet melancholic loops recalling the beautifully serene work of Newworldaquarium. Exceptional stuff - highly recommended.

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