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Entombed between the approaching war machine, Berlin's squat metal underground and the corrosive electronics broadcast from the Hague's bunker network, Chaosy's "Bad Magic" marks his first on the label, with tracks pulled together from equipment left behind in Ukraine and resurrected in makeshift studios while on the road.

Across the LP's eight tracks, the record dials into this modern day horror and occult activity from throughout the ages, flipping between cave dwelling techno, breakbeat, gnarled Ukrainian rap and wails found between the gaps in the machine. A full blown sonic assault into the belly of the beast.


A2. Jungeon
A3. Devil
A4. Tree
B1. Local Magic
B2. Dinar
B3. Bad Mirage
B4. Munch Scream

Beau Wanzer / Hieroglyphic Being

4 Dysfunctional Psychotic Release & Sonic Reprogramming Purposes Only

Natural Sciences marks its 60th release with a split 12" from Beau Wanzer and Hieroglyphic Being: two cult names from Chicago's underground releasing on record for the first time! With Wanzer's hybrid industrial rap alongside Jamal's wired space ritual this is as suitably gritty & sonically challenging as we've come to expect from the label. 

Wanzer spews up mainframe phlegm whilst mechanized cogs churn and whir. Jamal dials his celestial engagement knob up to +11 and fills the mix with his peppered perx, metallic screaches and forebodding tones; destroying any chakra allignent you were building on for a ground zero, leveling down of the ego.

4 Dysfunctional Psychotic Release & Sonic Reprogramming Purposes Only!! Recommended. 


Matt says: A real coup for Natural Sciences getting these two underground stars on board to mark the 60th release on this landmark MCR hub. Forever uncompromising, always innovative and often challenging the status quo - it's a typically Manchester mindset championed by Alex Hall's label. Big ups!


A. Beau Wanzer - The Table Scrap
B. Hieroglyphic Being - This Is The Right Time In Human History 2 Be Stupid 

Cut live from The Tunnel, Geneva - DJ Laxxiste A debuts on Natural Sciences with a four track release of hybrid bootybass / electrofunk and ghettotech. Certain to appeal to anyone with a penchant for DJ Funk, Godfather, Mr. De and the whole (proto)footwork / jit scene.

Boosted and fed through dub FX units whilst coalesced with ruff UK club tropes it's perfectly suited to 2019's fervent consumption of all forms of dance music. Not only that, it fuckin' bites on the floor! Recommended. 


Matt says: DJ Laxxiste digests a diet of booty bass, electrofunk and ghettotech before washing it down with radioactive bio-fuel and spewing it out in true mutant fashion - in other words a classic from Natural Sciences!


A1. Skunk Mixx
A2. Since Day One
B2. Crescendo Dub 

EP from the new blood of EU electro - Datawave. Miiiiles ahead of most other artists paying, ahem, 'tribute' to the old school electro genre - within bars of hearing Datawave's vibration you know you're dealing with an OG.

"Hidden Outpost" harnesses a gruff low end growl and abstract, sci-fi beats to create a slice of barren, space station electro that's as cold as Neptune's moons.

"Stellar Wind"'s drum programming is what really sets it apart as glowing pads radiate thru the highly kinetic riddims for some ratcheting, powerful electro laced with pure class.

Not much else to say, slap it ont deck at your next robo-boogie and maximum pleasure is guaranteed! 


A1. Hidden Outpost
B1. Stellar Wind 

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