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Mr. Scruff

Ninja Tuna - 2024 Reissue

    As a DJ, Andy Carthy aka Mr. Scruff plays across the board, flitting between soul, funk, hip hop, jazz, reggae, latin, african, ska, disco, house, funk, breaks, soundtracks and loads more. As a producer he makes music that draws on these influences, with a large dose of cheek and good humour.

    16 years since the release of his classic album “Ninja Tuna”, the record will be released for the first time on vinyl in the form of a deluxe 3LP black biovinyl housed in a greyboard gatefold sleeve and featuring infinity peelable tuna sticker on the cover.


    A1. Test The Sound (Extended Version)
    A2. Music Takes Me Up (with Alice Russell)
    A3. Donkey Ride (with Quantic)
    B1. Hairy Bumpercress
    B2. Whiplash
    B3. Nice Up The Function (with Roots Manuva)
    C1. Bang The Floor (with Danny Breaks)
    C2. Get On Down
    C3. Hold On (with Andreya Triana)
    D1. Give Up To Get
    D2. Kalimba
    D3. Zen (with Skuff & Inja)
    E1. This Way (with Pete Simpson)
    E2. Stockport Carnival
    E3. Fix That Speaker
    F1. Bunch Of Keys (LP Edit)
    F2. Rocking Chair
    F3. Nice Up The Function (Remix Instrumental)

    Mr Scruff

    Trouser Jazz - Deluxe 20th Anniversary Edition

      Deluxe 20th anniversary edition of the classic Mr. Scruff album. 2LP (blue / red vinyl) with iconic artwork by Mr. Scruff & Airside plus infinity peelable trouser sticker on the cover to reveal silver and gold foiled 20th anniversary trousers. 

      Our review from 2002
      Brilliant and long awaited third LP from the Stockport man. It combines favourite Scruff flavours of quirky breaks ("Come On Grandad", "Champion Nibble"), funky hip hop ("Vibrate" with Braintax), soulful grooves ("Come Alive" with Niko) and sea shanty sillyness ("Ahoy There" is "Shanty Town" continued, even down to the Michael Aspel 'Ribena Sights & Sounds Of The Sea' samples) with added (nu) jazz stylings (loads of these tracks have been played by Gilles Peterson on his 'Worldwide' show). Check "Beyond" with Seaming To, or great intrumentals like "Giffin", "Shelf Wobbler", and "Sweet Smoke". All in all I think it's even better than its predecessor! Essential!


      A1. Here We Go
      A2. Sweetsmoke
      A3. Come Alive (feat. Niko)
      A4. Shrimp
      B1. Vibrate (feat. Braintax)
      B2. Ug
      B3. Shelf Wobbler
      C1. Valley Of The Sausages (feat. Sneaky & Seaming To)
      C2. Champion Nibble
      C3. Come On Grandad
      D1. Beyond (feat. Seaming To)
      D2. Giffin
      D3. Ahoy There!

      Mr Scruff

      How To Be A DJ

        Mr Scruff designed t-shirt featuring step by step instructions for all you aspiring DJs out there.
        Learn from the master.....

        It’s a new Mr. Scruff album and you know what to expect, right? We widdle on about sexy potatoes and bouncy bacteria offering you a cup of tea, you have a little chuckle and actually make a brew, you stick on the album and… hold on. Because you see, quietly and without a lot of fuss (cos that’s not the way the Stockport Strepsil rolls) Mr. Scruff aka Andy Carthy has been evolving and developing his music.

        So yeah, you can still count upon a shedload of gritty funk and stony soul (not sure where this metaphor’s going..?) but the new record displays a stripped back musicality, a depth that maybe hasn’t been there before. It’s been coming across his last few releases, but this is the most complete, sustained exploration of where his music is at right now. In Carthy’s own pithy words it’s “tougher, sparser, less samples, more bass. More vocals and collaborations and shorter tunes.”

        If this record proves anything, it’s that there’s more, much more to the work of Andy Carthy than dancefloor grooves and funny cartoons.

        Don’t worry though - it is still one sexy potato.


        01. Stereo Breath Feat. Denis Jones
        02. Render Me Feat. Denis Jones
        03. Deliverance
        04. Thought To The Meaning Feat. Denis Jones
        05. Friendly Bacteria
        06. Come Find Me Feat. Vanessa Freeman
        07. Where Am I?
        08. He Don't Feat. Robert Owens
        09. What
        10. We Are Coming
        11. Catch Sound Feat. Denis Jones
        12. Feel Free

        Mr Scruff

        Keep It Unreal - 10th Anniversary Edition

          Scruff's debut for Ninja Tune, and it's just one of those essential LPs for fans of quirky, jazzy upbeat downbeat grooves. Includes the massive trad-jazz-house anthem (and advert favourite) "Get A Move On", as well as "Honeydew", "Jus Jus" with Roots Manuva and the silly "Shanty Town" and "Fish".

          "Ninja Tuna" sees the triumphant aquatic-themed return of the reigning yet uncrowned world champion of fish-related cheekiness. Yes, Mr Scruff is back with a long player that's packed with pure funky loveliness from start to finish. The set opens with b-boy hip hop cut "Test The Sound" before heading straight into current single "Music Takes Me Up" featuring Alice Russell ("Donkey Ride" and "Kalimba" also feature), while other special guests include Roots Manuva, Quantic and Andreya Triana. As ever with a Scruff long player we get a nice mix of wobbly bass, funky breaks, jazzy grooves and soulful touches - sometimes all in the same song!

          At last, Mr Scruff's 1997 self-titled (although often referred to as "Mrs Cruff") debut album gets re-issued! It's a fantastic collection of instrumental tracks indelibly marked with Scruff's sampladelic cheekiness and fat, deep BASS heavyness. Opening with the soundsystem-like "Sea Mammal", the album works its way through head-nodding hip hop breakers like "Bass Baby" and "Bonce", via the warm jazz moods of "Jazz Potato" and "Night Time" to the funky jazz-breaking "Crisps" and club smash "Chicken In A Box", setting out a statement of intent (fun, funky and fat) for all his future tracks. A welcome return of this northwest classic, I remember obsessing about Scruff early on in my music discovery and I'm proud to see after just over twenty years I wasn't wrong! - this still sound mega today! (not something that can be said about all of Matt's furtive musical steps... - ed).


          A. Sea Mammal 8:18
          B1. Bass Baby 5:54
          B2. Limbic Funk 5:28
          C. Chicken In A Box 8:24
          D1. Jazz Potato 6:03
          D2. Bonce 4:58
          E1. Night Time 5:58
          E2. After Time 2:30
          F. Crisps 6:25

          Mr Scruff

          Keep It Unreal

            Scruff's debut for Ninja Tune, and it's just one of those essential LPs for fans of quirky, jazzy upbeat downbeat grooves. Includes the massive trad-jazz-house anthem (and advert favourite) "Get A Move On", as well as "Honeydew", "Jus Jus" with Roots Manuva and the silly "Shanty Town" and "Fish".

            A product of post-acid house Manchester, Mr Scruff is a complete one-off; a cheeky innovator. His debut album is a bold statement, distinctive and confident. "Keep It Unreal" oscillates wildly between opposing styles - one moment Scruff's in deep, down-tempo dinner jazz territory, the next he's in Coldcut mode, chopping out superb big beat breaks with naughty hooklines to get you pogoing. At one extreme is the wacko humour of Spandex Man, bolshi breakbeat and a hooky 1920s jazz loop that'll make you grin. And then there's the even more ridiculous "Shanty Town", with samples of a Jacknory story about a whale. At the other end of the scale, is Scruff's accomplished acid jazz - like the serene, trip-hoppy "Midnight Feast" or the smoothie cocktail number "Honeydew", with it's loungey female vocals. This man is out there, the Salvador Dali of beats and breaks.

            TRACK LISTING

            1. Is He Ready..... Feat. Mary Ann Hobbs 'The Breeze Blocks'
            2. Spandex Man
            3. Get A Move On
            4. MIdnight Feast
            5. Honeydew
            6. Cheeky
            7. So Long
            8. Chipmunk
            9. So You Hear?
            10. Shanty Town
            11. Jus Jus Feat. Roots Manuva
            12. Blackpool Roll
            13. Travelogue
            14. Fish

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