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    UGLY is slowthai pulling himself apart and exposing his anxieties of the last couple of years, an acronym for U Gotta Love Yourself. Musically, this new album may show a side of him that people haven’t heard before but he sees it as the fullest picture yet - and attentive listeners will have noticed this musical tendency before. UGLY is about reconnecting with first principles. Plunging into rock music with as much singing as rapping, it is both a striking departure for slowthai and a return to the roots of Tyron Frampton. Recorded in producer Dan Carey’s home studio alongside frequent collaborator Kwes Darko, UGLY is a fluid combination of musicians including Ethan P. Flynn, Jockstrap’s Taylor Skye, Beabadoobee guitarist Jacob Bugden, drummer Liam Toon, and on the dark and woozy title track, his friends Fontaines D.C.


    Liam says: BANGER ALERT!!! slowthai proper embraces his love for rock/punk music that he captured on his breakout hit 'Doorman' and it results in his best album to date. Some tracks embody the ramshackle indie sleaze of early Jamie T and The Libertines, whilst the Fontaines D.C. collab 'UGLY' adds nuance with it's a shoegaze leanings. Lyrically Frampton lays himself completely bare with the utmost sincerity, exploring his mental struggles and anxieties. There's also collab with shop faves Jockstrap, essential listening!!


    1. Yum
    2. Selfish
    3. Sooner
    4. Feel Good
    5. Never Again
    6. Fuck It Puppet
    7. HAPPY
    8. UGLY
    9. Falling
    10. Wotz Funny
    11. Tourniquet
    12. 25% Club

    '‘Nothing Great About Britain’, the charged title of UK rapper slowthai’s debut album is the phrase echoing among the disenfranchised members of Britain’s society. Not just a title, the phrase epitomises all that slowthai has been talking about to this point, all that he himself believes in. With this offering he sets the stage to become the voice of Britain’s mistreated, unrepresented and forgotten. 
    Blessed with a versatile voice and a fresh view of society, slowthai lays a grimey flow over trap-tinged beats, pulls an ODB on the narcotic love song "Crack" and yelps over garage-tinged jams "Doorman" and "Piece Of Mind" like a millenial Mike Skinner. Punk energy, urban attitude and a unique voice, slowthai ladies and gents.


    1. Nothing Great About Britain
    2. Doorman 
    3. Dead Leaves
    4. Gorgeous 
    5. Crack
    6. Grow Up Feat. Jaykae
    7. Inglorious Feat. Skepta
    8. Toaster
    9. Peace Of Mind 
    10. Missing
    11. Northampton's Child

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