Nothing Great About Britain

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'‘Nothing Great About Britain’, the charged title of UK rapper slowthai’s debut album is the phrase echoing among the disenfranchised members of Britain’s society. Not just a title, the phrase epitomises all that slowthai has been talking about to this point, all that he himself believes in. With this offering he sets the stage to become the voice of Britain’s mistreated, unrepresented and forgotten. 
Blessed with a versatile voice and a fresh view of society, slowthai lays a grimey flow over trap-tinged beats, pulls an ODB on the narcotic love song "Crack" and yelps over garage-tinged jams "Doorman" and "Piece Of Mind" like a millenial Mike Skinner. Punk energy, urban attitude and a unique voice, slowthai ladies and gents.


1. Nothing Great About Britain
2. Doorman 
3. Dead Leaves
4. Gorgeous 
5. Crack
6. Grow Up Feat. Jaykae
7. Inglorious Feat. Skepta
8. Toaster
9. Peace Of Mind 
10. Missing
11. Northampton's Child

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