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Erland Cooper

Folded Landscapes

    Groundbreaking Scottish composer, producer and multi-instrumentalist Erland Cooper shares his ambitious fourth studio album Folded Landscapes. Known for merging modern classical-electronic music with evocative storytelling and conceptual art, Erland shares his urgent observation on climate change, temperature and time. This poignant chamber string work figuratively and literally thaws over seven movements, unfolding with electronics, poetry, soprano, piano, harpsichord, field recordings and samples. The work features Scottish Ensemble, UK Poet Laureate Simon Armitage and other voices including activist Greta Thunberg, multi-award winning conservationist Dara McNaulty and & visual artist Norman Ackroyd. Field recordings of the natural world include the California wildfires and crashing glaciers.

    The creative process mimicked the rising temperature of the piece from glacial to a threatening burn - musicians were recorded in subzero temperatures and the audio master tape was sun-burnt on the hottest day in UK history. The heat, moisture, salt and sunlight worked its way into the fabric of the tape, which has been mixed into the finished work, underscoring the work with an unsettling burn that crackles and pops.

    A percentage of the copyright share will go to Brian Eno’s EarthPercent charity as a beautiful way of embedding the planet as a stakeholder in musical creativity and raising money for climate/environmental organisations. The Earth’s share of the song - and its income - will be directed to EarthPercent to redistribute to organisations tackling the climate crisis. Folded Landscapes is released on Mercury KX.


    Barry says: The wonderful Erland Cooper presents his newest suite of soaring instrumentals and warming storytelling, this time focusing on the environmental crisis and including prominent climate change voices and pertinent field recordings. It's huge and beautiful, and exactly what we'd expect from Cooper.


    Movement 1 [6:42]
    Movement 2 [5:03]
    Movement 3 [3:53]
    Movement 4 [7:09]
    Movement 5 [6:51]
    Movement 6 [3:57]
    Movement 7 [9:01]

    Anna Meredith X Ligeti Quartet


      Mercury Prize-nominated cross-genre composer/producer Anna Meredith releases her new project in collaboration with contemporary string quartet Ligeti Quartet. Nuc started life as a conversation between Anna Meredith and Richard Jones (Ligeti Quartet viola) after a decade of collaboration, honouring a shared attitude towards creating music which pushes boundaries whilst also speaking very directly to the listener. In addition to string and electronic recordings of Anna's music from throughout her career, performed by Ligeti Quartet, Richard also developed new arrangements of existing compositions by Anna, and Nuc came to embody a celebration of forward-thinking pop composition rooted in classical instrumentation. The result is a joyful, occasionally furious, never too serious, sometimes energetic and sometimes restful collection of tracks which dazzle with Anna’s signature compulsive harmonies, rhythmic shifts of gear and sparkling textures.


      A Short Tribute To Teenage Fanclub
      Honeyed Words
      Solstice In
      Solstice Out

      Ólafur Arnalds

      Some Kind Of Peace (Piano Reworks)

        Creative reimaginings for piano of Ólafur Arnald’s some kind of peace album (2020).

        The Icelandic modern classical composer, performer and producer brings together a diverse group of friends, collaborators and musical kindred spirits from across the globe and musical spectrum to experiment and rework his music.

        This Ólafur-curated lineup includes artists from the worlds of modern classical, electronic, jazz and alternative, featuring Yiruma, Dustin O’Halloran, Hania Rani, Alfa Mist, tstewart, JFDR, Lambert, Sophie Hutchings, Eydís Evensen and Magnús Jóhann.


        Loom - Eydís Evensen
        Woven Song - Hania Rani
        Spiral - Dustin O’halloran
        Still / Sound - Sophie Hutchings
        Back To The Sky - Lambert
        Zero - Alfa Mist
        New Grass – Tstewart
        The Bottom Line (live) - Jfdr
        We Contain Multitudes – Yiruma
        Undone - Magnús Jóhann

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