Anna Meredith X Ligeti Quartet


Image of Anna Meredith X Ligeti Quartet - NucImage of Anna Meredith X Ligeti Quartet - Nuc
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Mercury KX

About this item

Mercury Prize-nominated cross-genre composer/producer Anna Meredith releases her new project in collaboration with contemporary string quartet Ligeti Quartet. Nuc started life as a conversation between Anna Meredith and Richard Jones (Ligeti Quartet viola) after a decade of collaboration, honouring a shared attitude towards creating music which pushes boundaries whilst also speaking very directly to the listener. In addition to string and electronic recordings of Anna's music from throughout her career, performed by Ligeti Quartet, Richard also developed new arrangements of existing compositions by Anna, and Nuc came to embody a celebration of forward-thinking pop composition rooted in classical instrumentation. The result is a joyful, occasionally furious, never too serious, sometimes energetic and sometimes restful collection of tracks which dazzle with Anna’s signature compulsive harmonies, rhythmic shifts of gear and sparkling textures.


A Short Tribute To Teenage Fanclub
Honeyed Words
Solstice In
Solstice Out

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