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Summers Sons

Still Nothing Still

Two brothers, surname Summers. London rap duo Summers Sons return with a new sound & vision.Still Nothing Stillis a far cry from the beloved jazz rap the group is known for. The jazz influence is still there but sonically and lyrically Turt & Slim are playing in a class of their own.

Slim is adding a more electronic, trip-hoppy vibe to his beautifully executed beats. Turt delivers his raps with a new urgency and confidence. Having been diagnosed with epilepsy in 2021 had a major impact on his life and art. As a lyricist, Turt has always worn his heart on his sleeve but never so honestly, poetically, vulnerably, angrily, and sharp as onStill Nothing Still.

Since 2018, Summers Sons have released four albums (Undertones,Uhuru,The Rain,Nostalgia) and a string of high profile collabos with artists like C.Tappin, Twit One, The Silhouettes Project and Koralle. Not forgetting Slim's beat tape for KO-OP. They have been touring with Children of Zeus, performed shows with FloFilz and Melodiesinfonie and are part of The Silhouettes Project.

In 2023, Turt released the albumThe Questionsas one third of the project Syrup (with Twit One & C.Tappin) while Slim released the album projectCeruleanwith Benaddict and Ella Mae Suref. Turt also dropped two singles with The Silhouettes Project alongside Nix Northwest and Frankie Stew & Harvey Gunn.


1. Amnesia
2. What It Is
3. Growing Pains
4. Roots
5. Sonbeams
6 Numb
7. The Buzz
8. The Blues
9. Epilectric
10. Nothing Still (feat. C.Tappin & Poppy Daniels)
11. One
12. Only Change
13. Fidget
14. Harmony
15. The Thirst
16. Mother Earth
17. Summers Sons Pt. 2

What happens when a four-headed human drum computer meets a classical trained vilonist turned beatmaker to spend time in the studio? A beautiful lily blossoms. At least this was the case when Bokoya and FloFilz entered Atelier 21 in Aachen (a Produzentengalerie für globale Kunst) for a musical encounter with no goals set. The music that was born out of these sessions is simply amazing and we are more than happy to release them as an album under the name "Yurika" - which is a Japanese name that means "beautiful lily".

The artwork was created by Jens Roth & Jeremias Diekmann who are responsible for almost all Bokoya artworks yet. The 19-track strong instrumental album includes one vocal track featuring Japanese singer Kan Sano.

FloFilz is one of Europe's most acclaimed Jazzbeat-producers with four albums on MPM under his belt. His last album "Close Distance" came out in 2022 an featured artists Alfa Mist, Blue Lab Beats, Jerome Thomas and Summers Sons. FloFilz is a classical trained musician who not only plays the TR 404 but also violin.

Bokoya describe themselves as a four-headed human drum machine that play improvised beat music. You can call it jazz if you like (all four members are graduated jazz musicians ) but be ready to stumble over some Dilla, Kraut Rock, Ambient or Dub in the mix. In 2022 Bokoya released their second album Hausensession on MPM , followed by a collabo album with Cologne-based producer Ginanni Brezzo (Jakarta Records) called "Minari".


Barry says: A gorgeous selection of jazz-tinged downbeat melodies and shimmering twilight instrumentals. Flickering melodies wrap around hearty basslines and crepuscular pads.


1. Intro
2. Soft Encounter
3. Stalagtight
4. Aix
5. Senchimentaru Way
6. Bizarre Bird
7. Gasborn
8. Hidehiko
9. Greenodil
10. Reaching Out
11. Kaminoaner
12. Ubongo Extreme
13. Triple T
14. Donari
15. Bijetzu
16. Yurika
17. Mürbchen
18. Roya
19. Felicious (Outro)

After her album with producer High John on MPM in 2019 and collaborations with agajon, Àbáse, KUOKO, Cap Kendricks and Move 78, soul singer douniah returns with her debut solo project.

douniah imparts her debut solo project "A Lot, Not Too Much" to an unexpecting audience. Thoughtfully, the singer-songwriter invites us to embark on our own saviour. The collection of songs is steeped in artistic and emotional integrity. Production was ledand executed by Dhanya Langer, one half of band project Modha, and producer of JujuRogers' 2019 album "40 Acres N Sum Mula". Written amid the pandemic, this piece is aneffort of immense proportions - experimenting with her sound in time, wading through spirals of arduous personal challenges. 'A first impression of how my journey sounds.'Agadir-born and Hamburg-raised, douniah engages in the practice of interpreting herspirit, impressively, in German, Darija and English. We find here, a body of work that threads together the tenets of free-form poetry and romanticism, backdropped by neo-experimental jazz tendencies. In euphony, a worldly array of instruments act insymbiosis to carry us through "A Lot, Not Too Much". douniah's voice is one to fall into; her message is enunciated with every word, delivered delicately with an inventory ofriffs and ranged tone. The utilisation of choppy, note-like, freestyles bridges the EP's strong singles, into a rhapsodic whole.


1. Half Milk, Half Water (Intro)
2. Sabah Al Noor
3. I Left, An Open Door
4. Round Full Moon (Interlude)
5. Running (feat. Okcandice)
6. Yannayer
7. Nur Für Mich
8. New Life

"Insomnia" is the third solo album from Italian jazz beat maestro Koralle for Melting Pot Music. Without exaggeration, it can be described as the most mature and advanced piece of work by the beatmaker and producer from Bologna. On "Insomnia" Koralle invites some of his favourite artists and musical peers to collaborate and exchange sounds, ideas, beats, melodies and lyrics. The guest list includes fellow producers & musicians FloFilz, Pachakuti, Figub Brazlevic, Kuranes, Phoniks and Brous One as well as rappers and singers Kid Abstrakt, KeepVibeNear, Ryshon Jones.


1. New Day
2. Paolosanto
3. Don't Be Afraid
4. Mission (feat. Kid Abstrakt)
5. Train 2 Moabit (feat. Figub Brazlevic)
6. Insomnia
7. Pills (feat. Phoniks)
8. If I Had A Diary (feat. KeepVibesNear)
9. Blunotte (feat. FloFilz)
10. Luna Piena
11. Mandala (feat. Packakuti)
12. Getting By (feat. Ryshon Jones)
13. Meditation
14. Healing
15. U Do
16. Things Are Going To Be Alright

British-German jazz rap super group Syrup returns with their second album "The Questions" on Melting Pot Music. Syrup are Twit One (beats), Turt of Summers Sons (rap) and C.Tappin (vocals & keys).

Twit One is from Cologne and a true universal artist: producer, DJ, curator and record store-owner are some of the many hats Twit is wearing. Turt is one half of South London duo Summers Sons (the other half is his brother Slim) and best friend with C.Tappin with whom he and Slim form the Lightworks crew.

Twit, Turt and Tappin share a friendship and musical partnership based on similar musical tastes and live values since they met in Bristol in 2015. Their first album "Rosy Lee" was released in 2021 on Melting Pot Music.


1. Beautiful Pt. 1
2. Breathe
3. Up High
4. Ody (Skit)
5. Nothing Like Pt. 1
6. Nothing Like Pt. 2
7. Universal Credit (Skit)
8. Don't Blame You
9. November
10. Timing Perfect
11. Hate To Ride Alone
12. Beautiful Pt. 2
13. Just Another One
14. Rollins
15. Never Made Sense
16. Whatshallido
17. The Water

Mr Käfer & Pholcalyst

Now / Again II

Lofi heavyweights Phlocalyst and Mr.Käfer unite again for the second volume of their joint project "Now / Again" on Melting Pot Music.

But wait a minute … is it really appropriate to label "Now / Again II" Lofi? If you follow one of the relevant playlists, you have heard some tracks by our two friends for sure and yes they are heavyweights within that scene (check their numbers). But what about the music? "Now / Again II" is far cry from sad piano loops, fake vinyl crackles and played out SP-404 effects (or whatever the racoon in you associates with Lofi).

Let's call "Now / Again II" contemporary smooth Jazz rooted in soulful Hip-Hop instead. Executed with a great ear for strong melodies, sophisticated arrangements and an everlasting love for blue notes. You won't regret it.


1. Sunny Side Up
2. One Or Two
3. Pictures That Stay
4. Resources
5. Keep On Track
6. Slow Pace
7. Some New Soul
8. Helium
9. Like Children
10. Free Tones (feat.Sátyr)
11. Ventilator
12. Echoes

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