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Melt Yourself Down

Pray For Me I Don't Fit In

    Lauded London 6-piece Melt Yourself Down are back armed with a new approach for their fourth studio album Pray For Me I Don’t Fit In. Created for misfits, by misfits, Pray For Me I Don’t Fit In sees Melt Yourself Down embrace a celebratory punk agenda. Having realised they are never going to fit the mould, the group deliberately draw on their myriad influences, speaking all languages musically and lyrically. Led by the potent sounds of Sax pioneer Pete Wareham, the punchy sax hooks pay homage to the traditional horn sections of late 60’s early 70’s era of Jazz, Soul and Rock n Roll, while showcasing African pentatonic scales and dance-inducing rhythms with raw 70’s rock and punk. This album sees vocalist Kushal Gaya celebrate his diversity - tonally, texturally, and emotionally while embracing lyrical depth. Recorded and produced by band favourite Ben Hillier (Blur, Depeche Mode & Nadine Shah), delivering his distinct musical depth, resonance, and dark drive so essential to Melt Yourself Down’s sound. This album is the band’s most cohesive work to date.


    Pray For Me I Don’t Fit In
    Boots Of Leather
    For Real
    All We Have
    Fun Fun Fun
    Sunset Flip
    Ghost On The Run
    I Got Time

    James White And The Blacks

    Melt Yourself Down - 2022 Reissue

      Manic No Wave sax frenzy! James White tore up the city blueprints and charted his own map through the sonic sprawl of New York, perfecting a jittery, manic attack on sax and vocals and adopting the persona of a lounge singer in the waiting room of Hell - A maelstrom of chaotic transformations of funk, jazz (et al ) with equal parts James Brown and James White originals that rank among the most incendiary in his repertoire.


      1. Super Bad (James Brown) 
      2. Melt Yourself Down 
      3. Boulevard Of Broken Dreams (Standard) 
      4. Hot Voodoo (Standard) 
      5. Cold Sweat (James Brown) 
      6. These Foolish Things (Standard) 
      7. Hell On Earth

      Melt Yourself Down

      Last Evenings On Earth

        “We never stop reading, although every book comes to an end, just as we never stop living, although death is certain” - Roberto Bolaño, Last Evenings On Earth

        Question: it’s the end of the world, how are you going to spend it?

        Last Evenings On Earth is the apocalyptic second album by Melt Yourself Down, evangelical hawkers of DNA-rearranging post-punk exotica. Snatch your passport and let this hydra-headed serpent take you for a dizzying, continent-hopping voyage around a globe spinning ever more rapidly off its axis.

        If MYD’s self-titled debut was a series of feverish nocturnal visions beamed from a sub-Saharan desert, where voodoo spirits were raised from dusty catacombs, then this is an even headier trip. Here the rhythm has migrated to the city to merge with the pulses and dark currents that run through it.

        Capturing the raw energy and wild-eyed intensity of the MYD live show, this is music that speaks in tongues. In both sound and aesthetic, Melt Yourself Down have celebrated migration since day one. Theirs is musical unity through movement and sound.

        If this is the end of the world, the Last Evening On Earth... bring it.

        Melt Yourself Down are Kushal Gaya (vocals), Ruth Goller (bass), Shabaka Hutchings (saxophone), Satin Singh (percussion), Tom Skinner (drums) and Pete Wareham (saxophone), with Leafcutter John (electronics/production).

        Melt Yourself Down

        Live At The New Empowering Church


          Finally! The horn-wailing, mic-swinging, percussion-overloaded, call-and-response explosiveness of the Melt Yourself Down experience is captured on plastic in all its sweat-drenched fury
          This Record Store Day exclusive LP was recorded at MYD’s sold out show at The New Empowering Church in east London late last year: “the house band from hell” in the house of GodA raw and ragged document of sweet sonic violence in a small room, it’s a strobelit snapshot, warts and all, captured for you

          MYD twist jazz, punk, funk and afro-beat into strange and brilliant new shapes
          They’ve kept raising their game since the release of their self-titled debut album in June 2013 (appearing on Later… and hitting the album of the year charts in Rough Trade, Time Out and more), and will appear on festival stages throughout the land this summer. The campaign begins with shows at SXSW and in New York in March, and club nights with MYDJs will follow ahead of the festivals - all confirmed dates below. Strictly limited edition Record Store Day vinyl LP (900 copies for the world) also includes a download of the live album. The LP is packaged in a new, dayglo variant on the already iconic album artwork. MYD have already started work on their second album. Don’t take your eyes off them

          Melt Yourself Down

          Melt Yourself Down

            Melt Yourself Down’s self-titled debut album is the sound of Cairo 1957, Cologne 1972, New York 1978, and London 2013.

            The group is the brainchild of Pete Wareham (Acoustic Ladyland, Polar Bear), who’s roped in a distinguished crew of brilliant musicians, including Kushal Gaya (Zun Zun Egui), Shabaka Hutchings (Sons Of Kemet, Heliocentrics), Tom Skinner (Hello Skinny, Mulatu Astatke), Ruth Goller (Acoustic Ladyland, Rokia Traoré), and Satin Singh (Fela!)

            Together they make a primal, tribal stew of horns and drums and unhinged vocals that bring to mind the Bristol-based punk-jazz craziness of Rip, Rig & Panic, Pig Pag etc. The group's singles ‘We Are Enough’, ‘Fix My Life’ and ‘Release!’ (all featured on this long player, accompanied by brand new tracks) have been tearing up dancefloors and radio playlists since late 2012, with massive support from BBC 6 Music in particular.

            “A bazaar sax smackdown that has an iron in every furnace of global psychedelia, smelted into a structure of tungsten strength” - Pitchfork.

            “A lurching machine rhythm and lashings of synth squiggles and white noise, re-framing all that modal skronk in electro-industrial terms: it’s Addis Ababa meets Detroit in the year 3013” - Spin.

            “A scalp-frazzling chunk of psychedelic funk” - Time Out.

            Melt Yourself Down

            Release / Fix My Life - Inc. The Subliminal Kid Remix

              Melt Yourself Down are twelve hands, six mouths and six hearts. Beating and blowing, shouting and shaking in perfect symbiosis. The third single, ‘Release!’ is an electro-riot of bass throbs and clarion calls, manic horns and pulse beats. This is future funk, the spirit of punk. This is modal jazz detonated by rhythms to rearrange the DNA.

              On the flipside: a head-spinning 11-minute remix of previous single ‘Fix My Life’ by Sweden’s The Subliminal Kid (aka Peder Mannerfelt of Roll The Dice). Spin magazine described it as “A lurching machine rhythm and lashings of synth squiggles and white noise, re-framing all that modal skronk in electro-industrial terms: it’s Addis Ababa meets Detroit in the year 3013.”

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