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A View Of You

    Machinedrum returns with his definitive new album “A View of U” featuring an incredible cast of collaborators including Freddie Gibbs, Sub Focus, Chrome Sparks, Father (Awful Records), Mono/Poly (Brainfeeder), Tigran Hamasyan, Tanerélle, Jesse Boykins III and Rochelle Jordan. Distilling his signature fusion of IDM, UK rave, jungle and bass culture blended with myriad US regional hip-hop and club music styles. it’s a potent and masterfully executed fusion, evoking a pace, warmth and groove synonymous with his modern classic “Vapor City” (2013).

    Recommended if you like… Squarepusher, Lone, Jamie xx, Flume


    A1. The Relic (feat. Rochelle Jordan)
    A2. Star (feat. Mono/Poly & Tanerélle)
    A3. Kane Train (feat. Freddie Gibbs)
    A4. Wait 4 U (feat. Jesse Boykins III)
    A5. Sleepy Pietro (feat. Tigran Hamasyan)
    A6. Spin Blocks (feat. Father)
    B1. Idea 36 (feat. Chrome Sparks)
    B2. Believe In U
    B3. 1000 Miles (feat. Sub Focus)
    B4. Inner Eye
    B5. Ur2yung

    Travis Stewaert aka Machinedrum returns with possibly his career-defining album. Written during the early stages of this year, which saw Steward move to California and start exploring esoteric and new age sounds. This concept of sound as a healer, or as a way of expanding our mind is something he's trying to carry throughout the execution of the album. From opener "Lapis", Machinedrum immediately grabs our attention - slowly an arpeggio ascending to heaven which, apparently building towards the mother of all drops, instead fades up and off into the ether. "Morphonogene" swiftly carries the listener into some skitty, future-proof beats backed by what will become the albums ident - pitched angel vox set to a half-tempo swagger. "Angel Speak" continues the theme with euphoric stabs building and rising before a huge snare roll signifies the drop into bass heavy wobble - the post-everything production ethos coming through strong on this number while MeLo-X offers understated, classy assistance.
    The music throughout is scintillating, stimulating and stylish; from the mind-candy riffs of "White Crown", the ecstatic d&b finale of "Do It 4 U" (featuring an absolute stand-out vox from singer-of-the-moment D∆WN). From the smile-inducing, melodic brilliance of "Colour Communicator" to the precision and build of "Dos Puertas" featuring Rihanna collaborator Kevin Hussein, one of those albums that displays perfectly what it sounds like to be alive RIGHT NOW, without a thought of looking backwards. There's a plethora of collaborations: the aforementioned MeLo-X; Jesse Boykins III offers a moment of astral r&b goodness on "Celestial Levels"; Rochelle Jordan provides the lift off as Machinedrum works the rhythm flips on "Tell U". There are also contributions from Ruckazoid, Roses Gabore and SK Simeon. It's a tour de force of future musica and we love it! Recommended. 


    Matt says: Thoroughly invigorating listen from Machinedrum, exploring new styles and sounds with ease and finesse. Perfect for anyone wanting a glimpse into the futuristic progression / hybrid of bass and pop music


    Morphogene (ft Ruckazoid)
    Angel Speak (ft MeLo-X)
    Tell U (ft Rochelle Jordan)
    Surfed Out Do It 4 U (ft D∆WN)
    Celestial Levels (ft Jesse Boykins III)
    Spectrum Sequence
    White Crown (ft Tosin Abasi)
    Ocean Of Thought
    Etheric Body Temple
    Dos Puertas (ft Kevin Hussein)
    Colour Communicator

    Ibibio Sound Machine / Throwing Shade / Machinedrum

    AmaiNdiwulule / Lewasi / Dream Scene

      Ethnomusicologist Hugh Tracey made 35,000 recordings across Africa between the 1920s and 1970s, in an epic bid to preserve the music of Africa for future generations. 65 years later, artists are being allowed to access the archives of the International Library of African Music (ILAM) for the first time, with contemporary producers putting a fresh perspective on the never-heard-before sounds to help bring them to a new generation. Beating Heart is a music initiative which seeks to use sounds of the past to address problems of the present - money raised from the sale of these EPs will go directly to help communities where the music was originally recorded.

      This three tracker kicks off with the uplifting sounds of Ibibio Sound Machine's 'AmaiNdiwulule' which combines a mid-tempo groove with children's singing, blasting brass and Eno Williams's distinctive vocal chants. Machinedrum ups the pace and ups the bass on 'Lewasi', a Shangaan style slammer with sweet vocals and intertwined acoustic guitars. Lastly Throwing Shade builds layers of kalimba (thumb piano) notes on 'Dream Scene' creating a beautiful shimmering acoustic piece reminiscent of Michael Nyman's minimalism as well as far eastern sounds - Balearic heads take note!


      Gunshotta Ave.

        Simply put by Machinedrum himself, "Gunshotta" is the theme for the "Gunshotta Ave." district of Vapor City. Filled with crime, paranoia and darkness, Gunshotta Ave is a street you don't want to walk down alone."

        The "Gunshotta Ave. EP" opens with "Gunshotta", which combines rough junglist rhythms and ragga rap loop with a swampy acid bassline, enveloping pads and a soul-tinted vocal refrain. Remixes come from Fracture, who pushes the atmospherics and tightens up the breaks, dropping wicked compressed acid along the way. AMIT slows the pace right down for a proper dubwise version featuring melodica and organic percussion. Righteous! Lastly we get dancehall-junglist mash-up track "Stirrin" which dices up Barrington Levy's vox and drops the pieces over a thunderous bass rumble and break. This is an original track not featured on the album.


        Vapor City

          Electronic music’s Renaissance man Travis Stewart, better known as Machinedrum, drops ‘Vapor City’ his first full-length offering since his critically heralded ‘Room(s)’ in 2011.

          Conceptually based on recurring dreams he has had for years about an unknown metropolis, Stewart has finally crafted a fully formed soundscape which doubles as a map into this imaginary universe. “‘Vapor City’ is an album inspired by a dream city,” explains Stewart. “A collection of different songs each representing different districts in the city.”

          Combining the speed of skittering jungle / juke rhythms with enveloping half speed basslines, atmospheric pads, lush piano chords and disembodied vocal samples, he's created the perfect backdrop for a trip through his invisible city. Opener (and single track) 'Gunshotta' twists old school jungle and ragga vox with a post-dubstep emotive soul and electronic depth. Hardcore shifter 'Infinite Us' combines rough beats with sparkling synth spirals with rising notes, while 'Don’t 1 2 Lose U' reimagines old school R&S rave with 2013 digital kit, juke rhythms and that post-Burial, post-Blake emotion. Taking a bit of a breather in the BPMs 'Center Your Love' offers a swooning female vocal and Boards Of Canada style detuned keyboard lines at the centre of rolling head-nod break. Heavily treated yearning vocals over a rolling junglist rhythm make 'Rise N Fall' another outstanding cut here, with 'U Still Lie' bringing an 80s electro ballad feel to the proceedings, and closer 'Baby It’s U' offering R&B suffocating under the crunch, crackle and rumble of current alt-step production sounds.

          The perfect counterbalance to the wave of harsh stadium-friendly no-brain EDM bro-step that passes for 'dance music' these days.

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