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Youth EP

    Luckyme kick off 2024 with a debut EP from Parisian producer Sunareht.
    Forged from the scene around Teki Latex and his Sound Pellegrino label, Sunareht - alongside contemporaries Le Dom, To Van Kao, De Grandi and Birol - runs Paradoxe Club, a label championing forward thinking French dance music.

    ‘Youth EP’ is exactly that - six fizzing club cuts that take the familiar ‘French Touch’ sound, before dialling it up to eleven and flinging it into the far future. Samples are chopped into fluttering sequences and married with the glistening, bass heavy sound design of post-dubstep and hyper pop.

    Opening track, ‘Promises’, featuring regular collaborator and Aphex Twin favourite Le Dom, is a certified party starter, and a perfect introduction into the technicolour world of Sunareht. The rotating hook ducks and weaves through beautifully crafted drums in an unsettling bit crushed landscape - as if the track can’t handle its own bandwidth.

    Elsewhere, title track ‘Youth’ squeezes every dropout of a stuttering pop sample, rendering it unrecognisable; and ‘Break Bandits’ provides a bright euphoria, mixing Etienne de Crécy synths with Overmono-style vocals.


    1. Promises Feat Le Dom
    2. Cyber Suit Suna
    3. Break Bandits
    4. Tumblr Famous
    5. Youth
    6. Apollo Opera

    Nathan Micay

    To The God Named Dream

      To say a lot has happened to Nathan Micay since the release of ‘Blue Spring’ four years ago is an understatement. Since the Canada-native turned Berghain-regular made the short jump from Berlin to Copenhagen after the pandemic, he’s been holed-up in a derelict studio complex to immerse himself in consecutive acclaimed soundtracks: multiple seasons of HBO/BBC award-winning drama ‘Industry’, the upcoming post-Trump feature ‘Reality’ starring Sydney Sweeney, and the highly anticipated HBO Original Documentary 'Time Bomb Y2K. His meteoric rise in the world of scoring has forced a break from the DJ circuit, but new tracks have debuted as VIPs through the sets of respected DJ peers Peach and Avalon Emerson, with clips from this album already closing-out festival stages to packed crowds. Having sharpened his proverbial sword he returns with his most ambitious offering yet. ‘To The God Named Dream’ takes inspiration from classic RPGs to present a haunted library record for the large language age. No longer solely gearing his music for clubs has proven a revelation for Micay. The result is a record equally at home in earphones as a PA. From the title down to every detail of the artwork, ‘To The God Named Dream’ represents a cursed library record, possessed by an interdimensional intelligence ripping though the sleeve. The vinyl art contains an original multiplayer board game, designed by LUCKYME® to accompany the album. “Jumanji meets Hellraiser.”


      1. My Sweat Dries With The Heat
      2. You Can’t Win But You Can Lose
      3. If Wishes Were Fishes We’d All Cast Nets
      4. Fangs
      5. This Is Killing Your Gainz
      6. To The God Named Dream
      7. The Death Of FOMO
      8. Hexagon Of Death
      9. It’s Recess Everywhere
      10. When The Centre Doesn’t Move You’re In It’s Path
      11. Don’t Wanna Say Goodbye
      12. Fangs (Avalon Emerson’s Re-Chip Remix)



        ‘OPEN’ is the second album from Lunice - acclaimed Montreal producer and half of TNGHT with Hudson Mohawke.

        It has been six years since his debut, ‘CCCLX’. Since then, he has released numerous singles, remixes and contributed to game / movie soundtracks, as well as consistently touring his legendary live show, pairing upfront new hip-hop with club ready electronic beats.

        The concept of the project ‘OPEN’ refers to an approach in creating art that focuses on the natural human ability and behaviour of intuition, instinct, openness, flexibility and adaptation. This project is the end result of practising all of these behavioural traits with the combination of keeping a conscious and healthy relationship with time and space.

        For ‘OPEN’ he has concentrated on making a more dynamic album than its predecessor - every track translating to the live show or a DJ set. The collaborators on this album, including Cali Cartier, Zach Zoya, Yuki Dreams Again, DAGr and Grammy winning producer DRTWRK (Kanye West, Lil Wayne, Joyner Lucas, Denzel Curry, etc.) are a showcase of dynamic new rappers and young producers who all match Lunice’s energy as he takes you on a bizarre ride through the Montreal underground.


        1. YAYAYA
        2. Last Time Ft Zach Zoya
        3. Red Congo
        4. Walk Ft Cali Cartier
        5. Winnebago Ft DAGr
        6. Make Face
        7. Open Ft Yuki Dreams Again
        8. Life Happening
        9. Rube Boii Ft DRTWRK & Jay Century
        10.No Commas Ft Cali Cartier
        11. Cyber Samba (Bonus Track)
        12. Compensate (Bonus Track)

        Jacques Greene

        Relay - Inc. Skee Mask Remix

        The ‘Fantasy’ EP saw Jacques Greene push further into his downtempo and ambient influences than ever before. Now he returns with a special club-tested, extended edit of key EP track ‘Relay’, alongside an incredible Skee Mask remix.

        Said mix is frenetic, cerebral and progressive - pairing heavenly synth ripples with both jagged breakbeats and skitty jungle-esque rhythms. Swamped in rich pads and deep bass plumes it recalls the hedonistic & expansive bliss associated with labels like R&S, B12 and XL whilst injecting an urgent and forward-glancing take on vintage dance tropes.

        In it's extended form. "Relay" is allowed all the space it needs to dance around that evocative bass and synth interplay. Glowing radiant, moving seductively, with perfectly poised breakdowns and drops; it's the glistening burst of tension and release that every dancefloor needs as it veers into post-peak exuberance and revelry.

        'Immaculately produced and mixed, and profoundly effective - both for the pleasure centers it fires, and also for the associations it triggers. It feels like a genetic memory passed down across generations of ravers, encoded in their very DNA.' - Pitchfork.


        1. Relay (Skee Mask Remix)
        2. Relay (Extended Edit)

        Jacques Greene returns with an essential new work alongside Joel Ford, Satomimagae (RVNG) and Leann a Macomber.

        "Fantasy" pushes Greene further into breaks and ambient house influences than ever before. Since releasing his last studio album, "Dawn Chorus", in 2019, Jacques Greene has scored the short film Exhaust, starring Jimmie Fails (‘The Last Black Man in San Francisco’), Glenn Kaino’s installation piece ‘Tidepools’(alongside Nosaj Thing), and video game Home-school.

        Jacques has released remixes for artists such as Para One, DC Salas, Amtrac, Kllo, Elohim, Kacy Hill and Montreal disco legends Lime. He's even released an NFT alongside single, "Promises" (!!).

        Across six tracks, there's a delicate air of fluttery euphoria throughout, punctuated (and sidechained) with some deliciously dynamic breaks, electro and future-garage grooves.

        'Finely-sculpted excursions into the hybrid house / garage / bass sound that he helped spark around the turn of the decade, an unwaveringly great set of tracks that are buoyant, melodic and pretty much mesmerising.'


        A1. Taurus
        A2. Memory Screen + Fantas
        A3. Restless
        B1. Relay
        B2. Sky River (feat Satomimagae)
        B3. Leave Here

        New album from Jacques Greene, “Dawn Chorus”. The record is a bold step forward and his most collaborative project to date, featuring additional production and instruments from film composer Brian Reitzell (Lost In Translation), cello by London’s Oliver Coates, additional production from Clams Casino and vocal contributions from ambient artist Julianna Barwick, rapper Cadence Weapon and singers Ebhoni and Rochelle Jordan.

        If the Canadian artist’s 2017 debut album “Feel Infinite” was the soundtrack to a dream pregame – amping you up to lose yourself in the club – then “Dawn Chorus” resides in the post-rave reflective moment. A time of heightened sensuality and latent possibility.

        Now 29, Greene has been making music ‘about the club’ for over a decade. His sound could be described as an emotional haze, in that its balance of sonic elements work to illuminate the overlapping feelings that lie between the familiar binaries. “Dawn Chorus” opens with “Serenity”, an all-back-to-mine breaks tune that Greene describes as ‘a weird, euphoric take on Chemical Brothers.’ Lead single “Night Service” is a neon-lit hip-house anthem helmed by Canadian rapper Cadence Weapon, who drapes a love letter to the club around Greene’s acid-dipped synths. Elsewhere, “Distance” blends ambient textures with sampled birdsong and the snaking lines of Oliver Coates’s cello. Mega. 


        1. Serenity
        2. Drop Location
        3. Do It Without You
        4. Night Service
        5. Sel
        6. Let Go (feat. Machinedrum & Rochelle Jordan)
        7. For Love
        8. Sibling
        9. Whenever
        10. Understand
        11. Distance
        12. Stars

        On his long-anticipated debut album, Lunice approaches his music from every conceivable angle. The Montreal producer’s full length is titled ‘CCCLX’ after all, a name that comes directly from a line on Waka Flocka Flame’s ‘Fuck This Industry’ (“don’t get a 360, that shit ain’t 100”). It’s a title that can be taken several ways. For one, it connotes Lunice’s total individual control of the project. It also indicates Lunice’s vision of the project as something bigger just music - something encompassing visuals, movement and lifestyle and, on the simplest level, it’s an indication of how this album will make the listener feel: totally immersed and surrounded.

        Anyone who has encountered Lunice live - whether on his own or as part of the duo TNGHT with Hudson Mohawke - will know that his presence is everything. Behind, in front of and often on top of the riser, he has that rare quality of being a producer who is also a magnetic, fluid performer.

        His music, too, has that same kinetic fizz. From his debut EP ‘Stacker Upper’ on LuckyMe in 2010, to ‘R U Ready’ (the first track he and HudMo ever produced together, which eventually made its way onto Kanye West’s 2013 album ‘Yeezus’), he’s maintained a distinct style. It’s an ability to stretch the most minimalist of elements into something all-consuming; future-facing hip hop with a free-limbed, jazzy approach. This unique energy is what made him stand out when he first performed in European clubs in the early 2010s, falling easily in step with boundary-pushing contemporaries like Night Slugs and Clek Clek Boom. It’s also why Madonna, when she invited him to support her on tour in 2015, told him she had “never seen anything like” his set.

        For the past four and a half years, while touring both individually and as TNGHT, Lunice has worked on his debut album in LA, New York, Montreal, London, New Zealand and many places in between. He embraced every unexpected collaboration that presented itself to him, recruiting Kanye West producer Mike Dean for a guitar solo on ‘CCCLX II (Intermission)’ and cute pop aficionado Sophie and quickfire rapper Le1f to add a surreal edge to ‘Drop Down’.


        CCCLX - I (Curtain)
        Tha Doorz
        Drop Down (ft Le1f & Sophie)
        CCCLX – II (Intermission)
        Distrust (ft Denzel Curry, JK The Reaper & Nell)
        CCCLX - III (Costume)
        CCCLX - IV (Black)


        Hate Songs

          LuckyMe Records present acclaimed young producer Suicideyear. Six fresh tracks recorded in his new home of New Orleans that showcase his continued development at the forefront of futurist hip hop production. Each track glistens and evolves in its own way from the warmth of ‘Summer Hate’ through to the more club oriented ‘Mosh Mosh’ and ‘Spent Days Watching Horses Die’, everything remains within his unique outsider viewpoint on the city - in his own words, “Meant for listening to on the i-55 to New Orleans from Hammond.”

          Suicideyear AKA James Prudhomme hails from the home of No Limit records - Baton Rouge, Louisiana. His music is very much a product of his environment - the menacing sound of tuned 808 drums coupled with angst-ridden emotive synth work, inspired by listening to shoegaze and punk bands throughout his formative teenage years.

          First coming to attention via his split single with Kaytranada on ‘Bromance’ in 2013, it led him to releasing the highly praised ‘Remembrance’ EP on Oneohtrix Point Never’s Software label alongside a vinyl reissue of his 2013 beat tape ‘Japan’.

          LuckyMe first met him whilst on tour with S-Type in the South, leading to numerous collaborations including a stellar reworking of Jacques Greene’s ‘After Life After Party’ and joining the crew’s SXSW showcases and numerous other live events. 



            LuckyMe are proud to present Baauer’s long awaited debut album, ‘Aa’.

            Following the smash ‘GoGo!’ single (2015), the ‘ß’ EP with Rae Sremmurd and Alunageorge (2014), laser-etched vinyl 12” ‘Dum Dum’ (2013) and the genre-defining ‘Higher’ with Just Blaze and Jay Z (2012) - not to mention the ‘Harlem Shake’ phenomenon - multi-platinum selling artist Baauer sets off again to change contemporary American dance music with a highly anticipated debut album.

            ‘Aa’ (pronounced ‘double a’) is a record that could only be made by a kid born of New York inspired by rap and dance music culture, travelling the globe sampling and processing found sounds.

            This is bright, stadium, urban dance music from the 26- year-old Portuguese New Yorker (via London and Philadelphia) known as Harry Rodrigues, with special guests Future, Pusha T, MIA, Novelist, Leikeli47, Rustie and Tirzah, plus the continuing visual collaboration with multi-medium artist Jonathan Zawada.


            Youth Mode

              LuckyMe are very proud to present ‘Youth Mode’, the debut release from Naked.

              Naked are an Edinburgh-based group consisting of Agnes Gryczkowska, Alex Johnston and Grant Campbell, who mix cold, neon-lit beats, glacial bass and guitar sculptures, filtered under hypnotizing and ephemeral vocals.

              Their music speaks to a post-millenial, post-digital urban ennui - non-belonging and the pure, absolute loneliness of crowds. It is about the interaction of accelerating technology and the inherent sense of a terminal decline between the physical and hyper real - between man and machine, our bodies, senses and the industrial substances and digital technologies we surround ourselves with.

              Deluxe EP with printed / debossed sleeve and digital download card.
              Recently produced tracks for Mykki Blanco. Forthcoming album produced by Jacques Greene.

              For fans of Mogwai, FKA Twigs, Salem, Optimo, The xx.

              Obey City

              Merlot Sounds

                LuckyMe show some mad A&R skills with their latest release, securing the up-and-coming Obey City (otherwise known as Sam Obey) to deliver a genre melding EP of leftfield dancefloor sounds and eclectronic brilliance. The 18 months since the Brooklyn producer released his superlative debut EP ‘Champagne Sounds’ have seen him tour Europe, the US and Japan (releasing the ‘Shochu Sounds’ EP as a Japan exclusive which topped their native Electronic chart on its first week) as well as get down to business in the studio in LA and NYC. Merging the production styles of the Neptunes, Jamie XX and the neo soul of FKA Twigs and Frank Ocean, Obey City producers a unique and cutting edge sound as future proofed as it is classic. EP opener, "With Grace We Go" is a euphoric neo soul cut with a sublime "Slave To The Rhythm Sample", while "Waterbed" is as sleazy and seductive slow jam as you'd find in a lifetime of Westwood radioshows. "The Motion Blurs" and "Cloud Lust" are frenetic future beats blasting out of the crossroads between nu garage, neo soul and grime, while "Chante" is a brain melting example of cutting edge rap sounds. It's perhaps EP closer "Airy", which gives us the most obvious example of Sam's skill as a songwriter. A timeless ballad featuring the gorgeous vocals of Kelela, "Airy" sounds like a modern take on a Prince classic, boasting that perfect balance of melodrama and kitchen sink that purple one did so well. 

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