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To The God Named Dream

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To say a lot has happened to Nathan Micay since the release of ‘Blue Spring’ four years ago is an understatement. Since the Canada-native turned Berghain-regular made the short jump from Berlin to Copenhagen after the pandemic, he’s been holed-up in a derelict studio complex to immerse himself in consecutive acclaimed soundtracks: multiple seasons of HBO/BBC award-winning drama ‘Industry’, the upcoming post-Trump feature ‘Reality’ starring Sydney Sweeney, and the highly anticipated HBO Original Documentary 'Time Bomb Y2K. His meteoric rise in the world of scoring has forced a break from the DJ circuit, but new tracks have debuted as VIPs through the sets of respected DJ peers Peach and Avalon Emerson, with clips from this album already closing-out festival stages to packed crowds. Having sharpened his proverbial sword he returns with his most ambitious offering yet. ‘To The God Named Dream’ takes inspiration from classic RPGs to present a haunted library record for the large language age. No longer solely gearing his music for clubs has proven a revelation for Micay. The result is a record equally at home in earphones as a PA. From the title down to every detail of the artwork, ‘To The God Named Dream’ represents a cursed library record, possessed by an interdimensional intelligence ripping though the sleeve. The vinyl art contains an original multiplayer board game, designed by LUCKYME® to accompany the album. “Jumanji meets Hellraiser.”


1. My Sweat Dries With The Heat
2. You Can’t Win But You Can Lose
3. If Wishes Were Fishes We’d All Cast Nets
4. Fangs
5. This Is Killing Your Gainz
6. To The God Named Dream
7. The Death Of FOMO
8. Hexagon Of Death
9. It’s Recess Everywhere
10. When The Centre Doesn’t Move You’re In It’s Path
11. Don’t Wanna Say Goodbye
12. Fangs (Avalon Emerson’s Re-Chip Remix)

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