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Red Snapper

Everybody Is Somebody

    Red Snapper's most potent album since Prince Blimey, ‘Everybody Is Somebody’ is a glorious and heady take on the band’s pioneering alternative, trip hip and nu-jazz infused sound… This might just be the best Red Snapper ever!

    Red Snapper have produced a gorgeous, eclectic collection of tracks that carry their signature and always-captivating sound into a new realm.

    ‘Everybody Is Somebody’ is pressed on super limited ‘Heart of Glass’ clear vinyl in an incredible custom laser cut sleeve designed by Non Format and inspired by Motif of the Arecibo SETI deep space satellite of the 70s. Sleeved in heavyweight super matt card with intricate laser cut geometric piercings that allow a glimpse of the full colour inner bag bearing the void of inner space.

    Recorded over the past 3 years with ace engineer Shuta Shinoda in Hackney, East London, the album captures brilliantly the live intensity of the band whilst adding studio subtleties that make for a deep and rewarding listen.

    Red Snapper are best known for their unique sound, and their passionate live performances where they embrace dark funk, hip-hop, dub, afro-jazz, psychedelic surf, and beautiful, fragile soundscapes.


    A1. The Warp And The Weft
    A2. Tarzan
    A3. Equals’
    A4. Resist, Exist
    A5. ‘Tremble’
    B1. Alberts Day Off
    B2. Black Sea
    B3. Travis Bickle
    B4. Truth1
    B5. Detach

    The Chap

    Digital Technology

      A dystopian delight, ‘Digital Technology’ is the seventh long player by The Chap and was recorded and produced by the band in London and Berlin over the past three years. In the near future, when algorithms have feelings, they will write all our music. When they attempt to write pop music that sounds if it was made by talented Europeans in 2018 - it might just sound like ‘Digital Technology’. The Follow up to ‘The Show Must Go’ from 2105 - The Chap’s foray into the world of the political rock song – the new collection features ten tracks and is arguably the band’s most beautiful album to date. Exploring abysses both personal and de-personalised, the record looks inward into a vast open space rather than onto a concrete political arena.

      Opener ‘Bring Your Dolphin’ is a mildly surreal and melancholy pop song about dolphins, romance and world-weariness, yet the band insist it contains a death penalty reference - so beneath it’s lush ambiences lurks darkness and in violent disintegration lies beautiful fun. Lead single ‘Pea Shore’ contains an extended love poem to Mark E. Smith and the wonders of modern cosmetics. ‘I Am The Emotion’ takes to heart The Chap’s early mission statement of seeking to create music that “sounds wrong” and is a kind of wordy world-techno-pop anthem about emotional emancipation, sungby grandad after he just discovered autotune. Classic Chap! as are the nightmare disco anthems like ’Merch’, ’I Recommend You Do The Same’ or ’Toothless Fuckface’.

      Elsewhere, the algorhithm shows a more conciliatory side: ”Help mother/ with her stuff”, it implores on ’Help Mother’ and it truly nails existential futility on ’Hard’. Closing track ‘Don’t Say It Like That’, repeating its title phrase over and over while a techno beat pounds and easy synth arpeggios dissolve into sad ambience, could be viewed from different perspectives: a couple arguing, a parent reprimanding a child, a social media comment on hate speech. It’s impossible not to get sucked into ’Digital Technology’. Like its title, it sounds and feels like an outdated promise, a contemporary anxiety and a really weird future – almost like the outlook of a teenager. You know, back when confusion and sadness were still a lot of fun.


      1. Bring Your Dolphin
      2. Pea Shore
      3. I Am The Emotion
      4. I Recommend You Do The Same
      5. Loaded Words
      6. Merch
      7. Toothless Fuckface
      8. Hard
      9. Help Mother
      10. Don’t Say It Like That

      The Chap

      Well Done Europe

        The Chap, a pan-European modern pop group based in London and Berlin, began life at the beginning of the last decade. In their quest to create music which “sounds wrong”, they pre- empted the current flavour for lo-fi prog-pop by several years and spawned a legion of fans who couldn’t believe how a band that revelled in the multilayered detachment and precision of their recordings could dive headlong into the realms of hard rock n roll immediacy, gaining themselves a reputation as one of the most exciting, challenging, and engaging live acts around. After two seminal bedroom-produced albums, “The Horse” and “Ham” - the latter in particular gathering considerable acclaim from the likes of Errol Alkan, Kissy Sellout and The Wire Magazine - The Chap delivered a third album, the masterpiece that is “Mega Breakfast”. This album featured corporate motivational style anthems about “proper music” and wanting to clone oneself.

        Despite being lauded by Pitchfork and many others, commercial success and world domination continued to evade The Chap, so they finally decided to “sell out” by recording a collection of pop classics that constitute their fourth album “Well Done Europe”. Needless to say, it’s another masterpiece featuring hit after hit, quite a few of which mention love and death and stuff like that. It sounds like the coolest new wave pop album ever recorded by a group of teachers (almost nobody in The Chap is a teacher).


        01. We’ll See To Your Breakdown
        02. Even Your Friend
        03. We Work In Bars
        04. Obviously
        05. Gimme Legs
        06. Well Done You
        07. Nevertheless, The Chap
        08. Pain Fan
        09. Torpor
        10. Maroccan Nights
        11. Few Horoscope
        12. Chalet Chalet

        Europa 51


          This is the debut album from Europa 51, the new band featuring Andy Ramsay and Simon Johns of Stereolab, along with Marcus Holdaway, John Bennett and Dominic Murcott from the High Llamas amongst others. It also includes a host of guests including the late Mary Hansen of Stereolab. The result comes across like a mixture of Stereolab and the Incredible String Band! The multimedia CD also contains a 25-minute film "Top Ten Of Everything" featuring the original score by Europa 51.

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