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Various Artists

Light Sounds Dark: 3, 6, 9: The Trinity Alignment

Possibly the darkest, most voodoo and downright terrifying Light Sound Dark to date - this is some baaaaad acid to get totally freaked out on.

Sounding like a lost artifact from an Aboriginal-era civilization based on a distant, mutated planet; the haunting drones, red-shift didgeridoo and Event Horizon style phaze shift are sure to transport the listener into an alternate reality of menacing and otherworldly elements. Drums and guitars do enter the fray, as the journey reaches its natural apex along with a couple of coldwave vocal nuggets, but on the whole the discogs boffins are gonna have a really hard time trying to identify these lost freakouts.

You know the score by now - mega limited and one of the more sought after compilation labels that we get in the shop - get those orders in now if you want in on the escapades. 


2xLtd LP Info: Super limited, one off pressing in full colour sleeve.

Various Artists

Light Sounds Dark: Epilogue / Prologue

    New Light Sounds Dark arrived at the drop of a hat...

    STUPENDOUSLY limited copies - blink and you'll miss it!

    You know what to do - you know when to do it! 

    Various Artists

    The Acceptable Presence

    Another stupendously limited edition of the Light Sounds Dark monolith. They haven't changed direction through the star cluster yet - still on that interstellar cruise into minimal wave / DIY electronic abandon. Freakish rhythms, metallic washes, incomprehensible vocal murmurings, all sealed in a backdrop of event horizon atmospheres and ghoulish washes. A casual look on discogs will reveal some of the tracks and artists on offer, as the busy bees in the HQ frantically try to ID every single facet. Further discogs investigation will also reveal that Light Sounds Dark records are highly sought after and fetch big, big bucks on the 2nd hand market....You know what to do, you know when to do it!


    2xLtd LP Info: ONE COPY FOUND
    Stupendously limited, full colour sleeve.

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