Crossed Wires


Image of Crossed Wires - II
Record Label
Light Sounds Dark

About this item

Another original release from the Light Sounds Dark mob, ceasing their rare and illicit excavations of wacked out library, sherm stick rock and mutant wave; to harness the electrical alchemy of Crossed Wires for a second session on the label!

There's still quite a lot of mystery surrounding Crossed Wires. The label would have you think they're long lost tape recordings from an unheard of 80s producer, but the general public are speculating that this is newly produced music suggested by some of the quite futuristic groove emanating off the record.

It's still marvelously dusty, quaint, and in itself quite timeless. Library electronics that should appeal to fans of RodionGA, James Ferraro, Suzanne Ciani, Suzanne Kraft; all those DIY circuit board heads... There's a scorched, tape fried aesthetic at work here that really injects life into these synthesizer tapestries.

Honestly, don't sleep on this you'll be gutted.

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