Jon Langford & The Men Of Gwent

Lost On Land & Sea

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'Lost on Land & Sea' is Jon Langford's Men of Gwent third album for Country Mile Records - The band spent time locked away in a rural mid Wales studio recording every track 'live' with minimal overdubs

Taking local stories and individuals from their hometown, Newport. The 12 songs weave in and out of a mostly true but partly imagined landscape where all the characters are set adrift at the mercy of the tides of time. The cover art by Jon Langford returns the infamous Newport Cherub (the town emblem on the old bridge) from Manchester back to Newport after the Stone Roses borrowed it for the cover of their 'Love Spreads' single in 1994!


1. Commercial Street
2. The Last Murenger
3. How Bright Are The Stars? 
4. Ruby
5. Mrs Hammer's Dream
6. Tenby Boatman
7. Honest Ken
8. Encounted With A Selkie Off Llangranog
9. River Daughter
10. Ghost Light
11. Lost In The Wentwood 
12. Black Gold At Six Bells

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