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Kate Nash

9 Sad Symphonies

    Kate Nash’s new album ‘9 Sad Symphonies’ is her first signed to the legendary Kill Rock Stars label. The album was produced and mixed by Grammy winning Danish producer Frederik Thaae (K Flay, Jada, Crown The Empire).

    Marking a new chapter in Kate’s illustrious career, the album’s lyrical scope is both deeply personal and achingly relatable, whilst its orchestral arrangements and melodies draw from Kate’s experience in the world of musical theatre.

    Kate Nash is a BRIT Award-winning singer-songwriter, musician and actress known for her fearless approach to music and unapologetic storytelling. A platinum selling artist with a career spanning over a decade, she has garnered critical acclaim for her chart-topping hits and electrifying live performances. From her debut album ‘Made of Bricks’, to her latest releases, Kate’s artistry continues to resonate with audiences and has earned her a dedicated fanbase. She also captivated audiences as Rhonda in Netflix’s Emmy-nominated GLOW.


    Side A
    Millions Of Heartbeats

    Side B
    My Bile
    Those Feelings
    Space Odyssey 2001


    Pottymouth - 2024 Reissue

      Along with Bikini Kill, Bratmobile spearheaded the riot grrrl revolution of the early 1990s, battling the long-standing dominance of men within the punk rock community to help empower a new generation of female musicians and fans - Comprised of singer Allison Wolfe, guitarist Erin Smith, and drummer Molly Neuman, Bratmobile made their debut at 1991's International Pop Underground convention; after a handful of singles--with members spread out between California, Washington, and Maryland, recording was a logistical nightmare--the trio finally released Pottymouth in 1993


      1. Love Thing
      2. Throway
      3. Stab
      4. P.R.D.C.T.
      5. Cherry Bomb
      6. Some Special
      7. Fuck Yr. Fans
      8. Polaroid Baby
      9. Panik
      10. Bitch Theme
      11. Richard
      12. Cool Schmool
      13. Juswanna
      14. Untitled
      15. Kiss And Ride
      16. No You Don't
      17. Queenie

      Delta 5

      Singles & Sessions 1979-1981 - 2024 Repress

        Part of the Leeds UK art/music scene in the late 70s that launched the Gang Of Four and the Mekons, Delta 5 were signed to Rough Trade after only a few months in existence, and released their first single recording "Mind Your Own Business" in 1979. No less an authority than legendary BBC Radio DJ John Peel received an advance copy of the single and played it twice that same night. He then requested that the band do a session for him and the band was officially on its way. Relentless gigging with the Gang Of Four, Echo And The Bunnymen, B52s, Specials, Teardrop Explodes, and U2 put the band on the map worldwide. They continued touring and recording until various members departed in late 1981, when they recorded one last single and then broke up for good in 1982.


        Side 1
        1. Mind Your Own Business
        2. Now That You've Gone
        3. Anticipation
        4. You
        5. Try
        6. Colour
        7. Delta 5
        8. Make Up

        Side 2
        1. Triangle
        2. Innocenti
        3. Train Song
        4. Final Scene
        5. Singing The Praises
        6. Shadow
        7. Circuit
        8. Journey

        Kleenex / Liliput

        First Songs

          Legendary Swiss punk band from the late 70s - "You can't dispute Liliput's status as pioneers of feminist art-punk - Along with fellow travelers like the Slits and the Raincoats, this (mostly) female Swiss group took advantage of punk's anything-goes attitude and created jittery, spirited pop that was both in step with the times and completely singular The early material is a riot of exuberant energy, taking stylistic cues from peers like Gang of Four and Wire-- propulsive bass, skittering pop rhythms, slashing guitars-- and adding distinctive overlapping vocal patterns, which are sung, shrieked, and hiccupped in three languages and made- up dadaistic slang. More than 20 years on, it still sounds fresh." - Lisa Gidley


          1. Ain't You
          2. Beri-Beri
          3. Madness
          4. Krimi
          5. 1978
          6. Nighttoad
          7. Hedi's Head
          8. U
          9. You
          10. Nice
          11. DC-10
          12. Die Matrosen
          13. Split
          14. Hitch Hike
          15. Eisiger Wind
          16. Igel Turk
          17. Wig- Wam
          18. Thmlerdoll
          19. Tisko
          20. Turn The Table
          21. Dolly Dollar
          22. I Had A Dream
          23. When The Cat's Away

          Kate Nash

          Back At School / Space Odyssey 2001 (Demo) (RSD24 EDITION)



            Jad Fair

            100 Songs (A Master Class In Songwriting)

              There are plenty of performers who rock critics describe by using the label "primitive," but few if any can hold a candle to the greatest American rock primitive Jad Fair - With his wildly influential band Half Japanese or as a solo performer, Fair has constructed a prolific and extremely interesting career.

              He writes and records songs that display an uncomplicated emotional directness, unselfconscious charm and warmth, and a genial simplicity that is beyond words. From Jad: "I set a goal for myself to release 100 albums in a year's time. I was able to pass that mark. I released over 150 albums. This album is a "best of" compilation of the songs recorded that year. It's 100 songs chosen from 160 albums."

              TRACK LISTING

              Disc 1
              Side 1

              1. Worm Boy
              2. Star
              3. We Have To
              4. Our Now Is Forever
              5. We Made Ourselves A Promise
              6. Not The Same No More
              7. The Love Club
              8. Rising Star
              9. Garbage Man
              10. Zombies Walk The Earth
              11. Too Late
              12. Together We Will
              13. Witch
              14. It Is Them
              15. Choose Your Own Future
              16. Embrace Love
              17. June Or July
              18. All Around Us
              19. Sunshine Happiness
              20. No Secret
              21. Day In The Sun
              22. Whenever
              23. Ghost Of Frankenstein
              24. Apple, Pear And Peach
              25. Curses

              Side 2

              1. Love Love
              2. So Far So Good
              3. The House
              4. Wonderful
              5. Son Of A Gun
              6. Stupid Kicks
              7. Perfectly Dreadful
              8. Them
              9. Coffee
              10. Run Away Home
              11. Even Smaller
              12. You And Me
              13. Vicious Circle
              14. Hear The Call
              15. Our Eyes
              16. Time For Love
              17. The Laughing Monster
              18. Invigorate Your Life
              19. Got It Made
              20. Stayed At Home
              21. The Invasion
              22. Honey Bear
              23. Open The Door
              24. On My Palm
              25. Not Too Late

              Disc 2
              Side 1

              1. Night Of The Devil Bat
              2. Slime
              3. Safety Net
              4. Chase Away
              5. Only One
              6. Afraid Of Nothing
              7. Life In The Suburbs
              8. It's Wonderful
              9. Mission Accomplished
              10. True Love Is Here
              11. Spinning Around
              12. Your Wish
              13. The Moth Man
              14. Make The Pieces Fit
              15. What Else Is New?
              16. It's Alive
              17. One Thing Only
              18. The Welcome Mat
              19. Sunshine
              20. Out There
              21. No One Knows For Sure
              22. Our Way
              23. Listen To The Birds
              24. What Can We Do?
              25. Viva Love

              Side 2
              1. Alright
              2. Two Of A Kind
              3. Pale Green Pants
              4. The Word Yes
              5. The Vampires Are Back
              6. The Biggest Big
              7. In Its Net
              8. Over Our Heads
              9. Without A Clue
              10. Haunted Home
              11. He Has His Nerve
              12. The Knack
              13. The Junk Pile
              14. Probably Alright
              15. Shrunken Head
              16. Haunted Hill
              17. How It's Done
              18. In The Eyes
              19. Invading Our Planet
              20. Why?
              21. Better Good Times
              22. Right From The Start
              23. Flashing Lights
              24. Magic
              25. It's Alright

              The Cribs

              Vs The Moths College Sessions 2001

                Originally intended to be a demo they were planning to send to KRS in 2001 that
                was never sent. 20+ years later they shared it and we loved it! Companion piece to their current reissue series. You will not want to miss this piece of history!

                TRACK LISTING

                1. Happy In Town
                2. Diclomax
                3. Melmac

                The Decemberists

                Her Majesty The Decemberists - Reissue

                  For all intents and purposes, “Her Majesty. . .” could best be described as the charming older brother to the band’s previous outing. And, while being recognizably related to its sibling predecessor, it is an altogether different beast. Present and accounted for are the Victorian literary tropes, the rakish mariners, and the Dickensian downtrodden that slouched their way across the lazer imprinted surface of “Castaways and Cutouts”; in “Her Majesty the Decemberists,” a new cast of characters is introduced as well, giving further depth to the richly bizarre songcraft of the band’s bespectacled leading player, Colin Meloy: an aristocratic Jewess, slumming it blindfolded among the exotic avenues of a Chinese bazaar, the coifed and coked-up bon vivants of greater Los Angeles, the writer Myla Goldberg, and a pair of affectionate soldiers, celebrating their comradery among the mortar blasts and trench mud of World War I Belgium. Musically, the band travels.

                  TRACK LISTING

                  Shanty For The Arethusa
                  Billy Liar
                  Los Angeles, I’m Yours
                  The Gymnast, High Above The Ground
                  The Bachelor And The Bride
                  Song For Myla Goldberg
                  The Soldiering Life
                  Red Right Ankle
                  The Chimbley Sweep
                  I Was Meant For The Stage
                  As I Rise

                  Big Joanie

                  The Kluster Rooms Sessions

                    Big Joanie - This is the first demo version of Cut Your Hair we recorded. At this time we were thinking about potentially recording an album but weren't sure what to do. Thanks to Chris for giving us the time and space to consider our music in preparation for recording our debut album. Charmpit - Our bassist attended one workshop and then helped record Bad Attitude xoxo Without people looking at their individual and collective resources, and then inviting others to share in them, CHARMPIT would not have existed and thrived. Viva anarchism & solidarity forever, folx!

                    TRACK LISTING

                    1. Cut Your Hair (Kluster Rooms Sessions)
                    2. Bad Attitude (Kluster Rooms Sessions)

                    This album finds Corin Tucker, Peter Buck, Scott McCaughey, Kurt Bloch, and new drummer Linda Pitmon flexing their muscles both sonically and thematically: the music contains more surprises and sophistication, while the lyrics take on the current state of our planet and our people.

                    The album title and title track come from another name for Eugene, OR, Tuckers home city, and evolved, in her words,into “a sort of manifesto about the kind of place we are at as a country but also as a region. Just taking stock of where were at and feeling like I cant believe we let things get this bad.

                    TRACK LISTING

                    Emerald Valley
                    November Man
                    Only Lovers Are Broken
                    The Elliott
                    One Flew East
                    Break Me
                    Last Chance County
                    Hey Lacey

                    Horse Feathers


                      Horse Feathers feels like a secret you don’t really want to share. Over twelve years and five albums, a passionate fan base has experienced this band as a precious commodity that they want to keep close to their hearts.

                      On Appreciation, out May 4 on Kill Rock Stars, the signifiers of the band are there: Justin Ringle’s warm tenor and taut lyrics that speak of work, love, and other struggles. But on this album less of the song dynamics are achieved with strings and more with an exciting new rhythm section steeped in Northern Soul, creating a sound that leaps into the spotlight. Diehard fans are going to have to make room in the club house for a lot more people with this album, the Horse Feathers secret is officially out.

                      TRACK LISTING

                      Without Applause
                      Born In Love
                      Best To Leave
                      Broken Beak
                      Mean To Pry
                      Faultline Wail
                      The Hex
                      On The Rise

                      Cindy Wilson


                        After 40 years as one-third of the creative core of the B-52s, Cindy Wilson steps out with her own solo album, Change.

                        A collaboration between Wilson and friends and Athens musicians Ryan Monahan, Lemuel Hayes, Suny Lyons, and Marie Davon, Change marks a signifi cant departure from Wilsons other band. With echoes of Air, Bjork, Tame Impala, and Gary Numan, the band refers to its infecti ons brand of new-wave electro-pop as Turbo Chill. Rather than shouti ng in a rock voice, on “Change” Wilson gets to experiment with more emoti onal, subtle vocalizati ons, crooning and whispering over swirls of subtle psychedelia, Quincy Jones-era strings, and pulsing synths.

                        TRACK LISTING

                        People Are Asking
                        Stand Back Time
                        No One Can Tell You
                        Things I’d Like To Say
                        On The Inside

                        Filthy Friends


                          Invitation is the debut album by Filthy Friends, the new supergroup from Corin Tucker (Sleater-Kinney), Peter Buck (R.E.M.), Kurt Bloch (The Fastbacks), Scott McCaughey (Young Fresh Fellows, The Minus 5) and Bill Rieflin (King Crimson).

                          The 12-song collection works through a flurry of different moods and styles, genre exercises and joyous experiments. The intricate guitar knots and blasts of bubblegum pop of Buck's beloved Television are all over the herky-jerky "Windmill." A mashup of '60s downer vibes and rootsy rumblings makes up the marvelous "Second Life" whereas "Come Back Shelley" is all swagger and glitz in the style of a lost glam rock 45. There aint nothing this band cant do with the wet clay of rock music and what they sculpt out of it is pure art.

                          Peter Buck knew he wanted to be in a band with Corin Tucker from the first time he saw Sleater-Kinney play to an empty room in 1997. "It was the day that Princess Diana died," the former R.E.M. guitarist says. "I remember thinking, 'Where did these people come from?' It was a totally unique take on what punk rock was." He told Rolling Stone.

                          TRACK LISTING

                          Faded Afternoon
                          Any Kind Of Crowd
                          Second Life
                          The Arrival
                          Come Back Shelley
                          No Forgotten Son
                          You And Your King

                          Two Ton Boa


                            The band, led by bassist and classically trained vocalist Sherry Fraser, crafts songs with just as many sonic nooks-n-crannies and trapdoor surprises as the oft-cited "Funhouse" references associated with the band's particular dark, infectious pop. This is their long awaited debut full length.

                            Mecca Normal

                            The Family Swan

                              New album from this Canadian duo. All the songs were written over a year ago, the band then took them out on tour to refine the songs and get them exactly how they wanted before recording them with Unwound's live sound engineer and Swearing At Motorists frontman Dave Doughman.

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