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Danyb (of best-selling Busted Edits fame) returns with the next intergalactic instalment of Jupiter Dance...

Spring-boarding from the JUPITER DANCE radio show, which takes a regular tour through the lesser known avenues of Synth Pop, Space Disco & Italo

Here we have another three worked up renditions of awesome international obscurities
Yugoslavian synth pop a'la League Unlimited Orchestra from the early 80's shares a side with some wigged out Italian synth-pop Prog-Rock. While the A reworks and overdubs a Japanese locomotive synth shinkansen for strobe-lit commutes... 

After smashing systems all over the globe with his all conquering Busted Edits, DanyB launches his latest venture, Jupiter Dance, the vinyl incarnation of the excellent radio show. As befits an audio tour through the lesser known avenues of synth pop, space disco and Italo, "Jupiter Dance 001" offers three worked up renditions of awesome 80's obscurities from the Deutsch New Wave, French synth scientists & New Age meditators. We're in well wonky cosmic territories on the A-side, locked into the undulating bass synths and snapping electroid rhythm of "Enough! Go!". Awash with squiggling synth parts, clattering industrial idents and snatches of sampled noise, this NDW dancer finds the middle ground between the zero-grav techno of Levon and Powder and the synth-punk of Spliff or Pyrolator - top! Beaming onto the B-side and "Synth Race" is a sequencer-led stomper, complete with garbled 'robotic-termite' noises, proggy lead lines and astral flutters - A-grade robo-chug! Last but not least, "Fown" slips a turbocharged CPU through a guru's robes and watches in amazement as a new age noodler transforms into a transcendental dancefloor beast.


Patrick says: Best known in the good ship Picc as the man who introduced us to Burnin' Beat, DanyB swaps the soulful sound of Afro-disco for the European stomp of synth pop here, injecting some extra juice into a trio of NDW, French cosmic and New Age jams. Massive!

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