Coyote / Rolo McGinty


Image of Coyote / Rolo McGinty - Marijuana
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Is It Balearic

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A case of things turning full circle if ever there was one, as Rolo McGinty of The Woodentops fame - the indie stars who discovered raving and then featured on the very first Balearic Beats collection - teams up with Coyote for a one sided 12" for Is It Balearic. Well, if this isn't, then nothing is! The title should be a clue to its sentiments, paying homage to the laughing herb that is 'Marijuana' and in particular, partaking in its delights in the shade on a hot day. McGinty delivers a deep, resonant vocal and some very cool acoustic strumming, while the Coyote boys do the slow motion beat shuffling. Anthemic glory.


Matt says: Coyote, Rolo McGinty and Is It Balearic? pay tribute to the world's greatest weed with hammock-rocking sensibilities. Infact, listening to this after a few bong tokes, I could see myself falling out of my hammock altogether and onto the sands in a giggling mess.



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