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Maria Uzor

Innocence And Worldliness

    The singer and producer from acclaimed dance-punk duo Sink Ya Teeth channels elements of Flying Lotus, EBM, and Drum n bass on her first official solo outing; and boy does it feel like emerging, blinking, from a cave into the sun. Uzor wrote and recorded the EP in her living room last Winter, fuelled on a diet of Octavia E. Butler, Sun Ra, early techno, and dub reggae.

    ‘Innocence and Worldliness’ EP is a micro-world of hyper digital electro-soul, wrapped in metallically sensual vocals, and beamed in from outer space.

    RIYL: Beatrice Dillon / Massive Attack / Grace Jones

    With "Two" Sink Ya Teeth want to beckon in another Summer of Love. Where their self-titled debut album, released in June 2018, channelled the carefree vibes of New York’s Danceteria and Paradise Garage circa 1983, the follow-up continues in this vein but delves deeper into their world. A world where melancholia and deep house make perfect bedfellows. Of late 70s post-punk and euphoric disco. Of rubbery staccato bass-lines and vocals that swing between sweet menace and deadpan indifference.


    A1. Sweetness
    A2. Somewhere Else
    A3. The Hot House
    A4. Stella
    A5. Breathe
    B1. The Rapture
    B2. Shutdown
    B3. The Vaccine
    B4. On The One
    B5. Blue Room

    Sink Ya Teeth

    Sink Ya Teeth

      "Sink Ya Teeth’s sound arrives fully formed—a melding of post-punks like ESG and The Raincoats with the early machine patters of Chicago house.” - Pitchfork.

      From the off, the self-titled debut album from Sink Ya Teeth drips with a cool menace. Weaving threads from post-punk, Chicago house and 80s/90s electronic music, the duo have produced an album of slick home-made pop that makes you wish it was the weekend again.

      Maria Uzor and Gemma Cullingford partnered up two years ago in their hometown of Norwich to form Sink ya Teeth.The pair’s “…drifting, danceable music that runs a gratifying line between groove and gloom” (The Quietus) has seen them tour with dance-punk band !!!, and perform with Moon Duo, Confidence Man and Goat Girl. They are about to join A Certain Ratio on their UK dates this Spring /Summer.

      The album was written, recorded and produced in their living rooms and is a synth-pop distillation of their world; often minimal, frequently playful, but always with bass and groove.


      1. Freak 4 The Kick
      2. If You See Me
      3. Substitutes
      4. Petrol Blue
      5. Friends
      6. Complicated
      7. Glass
      8. Pushin'
      9. Control
      10. The Law

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