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Girl In Red

I'm Doing It Again Baby!

    Norwegian artist girl in red started sharing her home-recorded songs as a teenager in 2017. Noted for her candid lyrics about the frustrations of everyday life and relationships, she emerged with catchy, guitar-based indie pop on early tracks, including her viral debut, "I Wanna Be Your Girlfriend," and 2018's "We Fell in Love in October." In 2021, she released her first full-length and studio effort, if i could make it go quiet, hitting number two in Norway and charting on the Billboard 200. A sequel to her earlier October-themed anthem, "October Passed Me By," arrived in 2022.

    Four Plugs

    Wrong Treatment / Biking Girl

      Originally released in 1979 on their own Disposable Records, this record was the brainchild of John Irvine in the UK. The record was pressed in a tiny edition, was played on John Peel several times and vanished without a trace. An excellent example of the UK DIY scene of the time later popularized on the Messthetics compilation series. It ranks number 12 in the top 100 DIY singles list that ran in Ugly Things issue #78. We’ve repressed it in an edition of 400 on red, purple, double mint green and olive green vinyl.

      Girl In Red

      We Fell In Love In October

        This truly limited edition We Fell in Love in October vinyl is the first physical existence of the song. It marks the 2 year anniversary and contains the original demo as the b-side.

        "The 22-year-old pop songwriter captures the onslaught of young-adult emotion, longing for a state of being where noise and confusion are replaced by certainty and clarity" - PITCHFORK


        1. We Fell In Love In October
        2. We Fell In Love In October (Original Demo)

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