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Following the release of his Projector EP earlier this month, Daniel Avery has enlisted revered London producer Four Tet aka Kieran Hebden for a remix of "Quick Eternity", taken from the former’s long-awaited second album "Song For Alpha".

Hebden flips the warm, undulating synths and crystalline percussion of Avery’s original in his own inimitable style, building shimmering, skittering flourishes before a pneumatic final half.


Sil says: Like climbing a mountain and descending it by flying on a paraglide. That is Four Tet's vision of this monster track by man of the moment Daniel Avery. Killer build up, breathless climax, gorgeous finale.

Finally one of the most requested, eagerly anticipated and generally exciting LPs of the year has finally landed. That's right, ambient maverick, electronic legend, jungle revivalist and abstract jazzer Four Tet is back with his first full length (longer than two conceptual suites) LP of brand new material in four years. Leaving the archival "0181" to one side, Kieran's last two LP outings were the extended and mind expanding ethno-lectronica of "Morning / Evening" and the dislocated, narcotic and blunted jungle of "Beautiful Rewind". Much to the delight of the KH traditionalists out there (cough...Barry) there's nary a spinback in sight on the blissful "New Energy", the producer opting instead to stroll calmly through the ambient pads, twinkling sequences and sublime textures which kept us company from "Everything Ecstatic" through to "There Is Love In You". Float away on the chilled waters of "Alap", nod along to the harp-led downbeat of "Two Thousand And Seventeen" and smile along to the soft focus stylings and pastoral glitch of "LA Trance". The B-side brings the "Ringer" style hypno-rhythm and "Love In You" beauty of "Lush", before darting off into the skitterish BOC beat space of the jazz flecked "Scientists". Boasting subtle breakbeats, cinematic swells and pulsating electronics, not to mention a bewitching kalimba refrain, "You Are Loved" sees out the first disc in sublime fashion.
Onto the second platter and "SW9 9SL" (a nod to Four Tet's Brixton Academy all nighters) is a streamlined club banger decorated by shuffling percussion, rumbling bass and a massive, hands aloft breakdown. "10 Midi" offers a moment of calm after that dancefloor burner and leads nicely into the harpy downbeat of "Memories". Referencing the mantra like vocals of "Morning/ Evening" and "There Is Love...", "Daughter" is a gossamer blend of reversed vocals, cascading melodies and soothing bass - the perfect companion to the astral, ethno-techno of "Planet". Pulsating space sounds, scattered vocals and trilling kora dip in and out of the spectral arps, riding a sturdy 4/4 thump into the furthest reaches of our galaxy. All that remains is to buy yourself a copy, sit comfortably by the speakers and rest easy in the knowledge Four Tet's done it again.


Barry says: Combing the brilliant off-kilter jazztronic excursions of early years with the more downbeat, dancefloor-orientated kinetic outings of late (not that late) has worked a treat. Properly beautiful.

Four Tet

Morning / Evening

The one and only Kieran Hebden returns under his Four Tet moniker with his first long player proper since 2013's "Beautiful Rewind", and it's predictably brilliant. Abandoning such trivial conventions as track titles and track lengths, KH dives straight into the deep end of the conceptual waters with a pair of 20 minute compositions, known simply as "Morning Side" and "Evening Side". The former continues Kieran's recent flirtation with the dancefloor, although replaces the junglist leanings of "Beautiful Rewind" with a textured, organic house beat. Achingly beautiful synthlines weave around the beat, transporting us back to 2008's "Ringer", before a heartbreaking sample of hindi vocals and strings overcomes our senses and raises our spirits. As the track evolves, Four Tet gently expands our horizons with a building shimmer of synth melodies, drones and fx until we finally collapse into the lush electronics the side finishes with. The "Evening Side" continues where we left off, although the transcendent mood of the A-side is replaced by a low key calm as blinking electronics play us a lullaby in the moonlight. As we drift into dreams, the cascading keys tumble around us like shooting stars, inviting another hindi vocal along for the ride. As a whole, "Morning / Evening" almost works as a retrospective, collating the genius of distinct periods of the Four Tet ouvre into one coherent whole.


LP Info: Repress!!!

So, you've read the music blogs and have driven your flatmates up the wall with "Love Cry" on repeat for the last two months, now here comes the highly anticipated new album from Kieran Hebden; but does it live up to the enormous amount of hype? Luckily, yes, it does! What we have here is someone laying down a palette of sounds and a template of how music will evolve in the 21st century. Rather than simply a set of songs, Hebden showcases new technology and instrumentation in a way that makes you feel like everything before it was simply inferior. Who needs guitars when you have 24-bit polyphonic texture generators? Why not make the vocal part synthesize with the keyboards and create a rhythmic pulse? Hebden is always one step ahead of the game. Four Tet's soundscapes scream of future industry, glistening hi-technology, new ideas and optimism; offering reassurance in a world that could sometimes be feared or mistrusted with the rate of its technological advances. Here, the new is welcomed with a smile and hug, 'it's going to be fine...', you can almost hear Hebden whisper in your ear through a barrage of digital frequencies. And I believe him. From slow ballads, future pop anthems to the more club friendly, forward thinking dance music he is famed for, "There Is Love In You" sets out a whole new vision of making music which in time will be referenced as a classic.


2xLP includes MP3 Download Code.

Four Tet

Pink - Vinyl Edition

All eight tracks on "Pink" were originally released on a series of 12"s through Kieran Hebden’s Text label in 2011 and 2012. Later made available on a Japanese CD and download, the record is now finally being released on a full vinyl abum. The album opens with "Locked", which mixes shards of synths and gamelan flutes with a dubstep style bassline wobble. Post-dubstep? Future-jazz? Global-bass? We don't care, we just love it. "Lion" is 4/4 but smudged and shoulder-dropped, its swinging hats forcing the hips to wiggle and the radioactive atmospherics giving it that dark, UK edge. "Jupiters" contrasts blissed-out digital arpeggios with hard-as-nails rumbling UKG beats. "Ocras" is a nagging, incessant late night club number - druggy and disorientating, its repetition and driving nature make for a hypnotic ride. As the title hints at "128 Harps" features plucked harp, which adds melody to the bruising bass rumble and hefty syncopated rhythm. Next up is upbeat, straight-ahead funky house cut "Pyramid", followed by Kraut-inspired, beatless synthesizer jam "Peace For Earth". Last but not least is "Pinnacles", Hebden's incredible jazz house cut based on a spiritual and funky sample from the one and only Buster Williams. The track moves effortlessly along an extended house backing track before opening out into spinetingling jazz piano work.

Roots Manuva

Facety 2:11 / Like A Drum - Four Tet / Machinedrum Mixes

Rodney Smith is arguably the greatest rapper ever to emerge from British shores and after two years locked in the studio brewing up brand new music, he returns now with 'Facety 2:11', a stunning single produced by fellow UK maverick Four Tet, aka Keiran Hebden. 'Facety' is patois slang for someone being rude - a barefaced cheek referenced by the insistent, cockney rhyming lyrical snip - ‘boat race’ - that makes up the chorus. Hebden builds a rhythm track that bumps and rolls like batucada-meets-footwork, providing neck-snap beats for Smith's easy-on-the-ear flow to mesh with. A dancefloor slayer!

Another of electronic music’s most exciting voices, NYC producer Machinedrum, provides the beat for the B-Side, 'Like a Drum'. Ditching his usual drum & bass style, Machinedrum provides a laid-back, almost downbeat, backing track - jazz-tinted and cinematic, with added electronica bass boom bap...

The 12" also includes instrumental versions of both mixes, making this a must for Four Tet and Machinedrum heads as well as Roots Manuva fans. 

In Smith's inimitable words, the single is "a wee spring warmer in voodoo coptic dialect shape shifting: the remit the same as ever in awakening one’s inner, modern-day Sun Ra, ODB and Kate Bush on an overdrive of doing because we can't help ourselves…"

Various Artists

Continuum (Jamie XX / Four Tet / Koreless / John Talabot)


    Limited to 750 copies.


    Ltd 7" Info: 7" & DVD

    Four Tet + Terror Danjah

    Killer / Nasty

    Four Tet launches another covert mission from his special ops centre at Text HQ, this time enlisting Terror Danjah to lend a hand in an all out bass assault. On the A-side, "Killer", does exactly what it says on the tin, establishing a tough and rough 2 step rhythm with some chops and drops from Joe Gibbs' "Chapter Three". The twist in the tail is that Kieran fires up his array of modular synths and adds first a rollocking sequence, and then a massive, system smashing synth line. Respect. B-side cut "Nasty" begins life as the very opposite, with gorgeous dreamy pads and twinkling samples topping the skippy beat. It's only after a minute that you realise what the title is getting at, when the guys load the DJ Hype bass patch, and unleash a barrage of weaponised bass on our asses. This EP sees Four Tet continuing right from where "Kool FM" left off, bringing the producers' own take on jungle to the peak time of a dancefloor near you soon. 

    With the minimum of fuss, one of the UK's (perhaps the World's) foremost electronic musicians releases his tenth LP. No press agency, no media campaign, just a casual tweet and it's here. This immediacy is carried through into the music on offer. The track lengths are shorter than we've become used to, with Hebden getting straight down to the nitty gritty and distilling his complex melodies and rhythms into their most potent form; no ambient preamble or sprawling kosmiche on this one. Instead, Four Tet continues the journey through club music he began on "There Is Love In You" and "Pink", now taking the fire escape out the main room into a strip lit car park. "Beautiful Rewind" acts as part pirate radio jungle assault and part post club come down bliss. Hebden feeds the jungle chatter, polyrhythms and bass wobble through his own experimental and dense production to create an immersive yet raw experience like listening to Rooms 1 and 2 at the same time from the depths of a K-Hole. Album opener "Gong" and recent single "Kool FM" and the murderous "Aerial" and "Buchla" are bold and aggresive, while "Unicorn", "Your Body Feels" and "Ba Teaches Yoga" could sit comfortably with the fragility and beauty found on "There Is Love In You". Always wishing to push forward, Hebden has delivered some of the old, alongside a generous helping of new, casting his net wider and pulling varied influences together to form a complete and unique LP.

    To coincide with its ten year anniversary, Domino reissue Four Tet’s seminal album, ‘Rounds’. This reissue features the album as well as a live set from Copenhagen recorded near the time of the original release.

    Kieran Hebden, aka Four Tet, had this to say of ‘Rounds’ when it was originally released: “I used to be cynical about people saying that their music was a reflection of what was going on in their lives. But when I listen back and think about it, I realise that I am doing it myself and that ‘Rounds’ is totally me. I like a sense of melancholy and I like pop music. This record has a 2am lonely feeling, because that was largely when it was made, on my own, in my little flat.

    Taking subtle, child-like piano motifs and juxtaposing them with loose, often seemingly abstract beats, he slowly builds tracks into beautiful, melodic daytime lullabies. Beautiful.


    2xCD Info: Double CD edition featuring the bonus live set.

    ‘Straight & Arrow’ is the new single from one of the hottest names in electronic music, FaltyDL aka Drew Lustman. The track combines post-dubstep style treated vocal melancholia with a rather jaunty, skippy jazz-house shuffle making for a great listen. First up on the remix tip we have ballroom house don MikeQ and collaborator Divoli S'vere, who serve up a bumpy hand clapped rework laced with the classic NY house "Ha" sample. Flip it for Kieran Hebden's essential remix as Four Tet. As ever Hebden gives us the perfect balance of headphone / home listening and dancefloor vibes, lacing an organic, percussive house rhythm with dark, tumbling Detroitian keyboard line and a sub punch so hefty I thought a double decker bus was passing the shop as I listened to the track.

    Burial & Four Tet

    Moth / Wolf Cub *ONE PER PERSON*

    Yes YES! It's finally here. The ultimate collaboration between the elusive Burial and the genius of Four Tet. "Moth" - a 4/4, almost-deep-house / tech bumper but with THAT Burial sound. How does he programme his drums?! Someone please tell me! A gorgeous low-filtered piano riff holds the track together with atmospheric effects setting the scene (lonely dark night in south London) plus you can clearly hear Four Tet's use of layered sonics. Halfway the aural delight it peaks with Burial's beautifully dark, pitch-stretched, time-mangled female vocals taking me off into heaven... Ahh. With "Wolfcub" the pair treat us to a blissful jazz-breaks trip with clinky clonky wooden piano sounds, a heavy 2-step break and deep orchestral sounds to underlay. Very nice stuff indeed. A dream collaboration, like strawberries and chocolate.


    12" Info: Ultra-limited repress! WE HAVE ANOTHER 10 COPIES!!

    Known primarily for his homemade excursions to the far reaches of the musical map, Kieran Hebden is a DJ on a different kind of trip, the gratifying results of which can be seen all over this exemplary DJ Kicks compilation (the 26th in this now legendary series). Inspired by his eight hour sets at The End and in Ibiza with Timo Maas, Kieran says he has rediscovered the thrill of filling a floor: 'Playing for people who just want to dance is an exciting thing for someone who's into experimental music'. As you might expect with Four Tet, however, nothing is ever that straightforward, and his DJ Kicks collection is a mind blowing experience, taking in just about as many genres as there are tracks. Old school hip hop, French prog-rock, conscious soul, electronic experimentation, minimal techno, early 2-step garage, cosmic jazz, African thumb piano music and much more besides share space here.


    CD Info: 21 track mix CD. Includes bonus tracks by Curtis Mayfield, Autechre, Sterolab, Akufen, Animal Collective, Model 500, Cabaret Voltaire and more, plus special Four Tet DJ Kicks track "Pockets".

    "Everything Ecstatic" is the hugely anticipated fourth album from Four Tet, setting the standard once again for what is possible in electronic music. Following the excellent "Rounds" this new and invigorating rhythmic Four Tet music will appeal to fans of electronica, folktronica, hiptronica, indie, dance and rock alike.


    LP Info: Limited vinyl is a three-sided affair, the fourth side being etched.

    Four Tet


    Brilliant third LP from Kieran Hebden's Four Tet, his best so far! Taking subtle, child-like piano motifs and juxtaposing them with loose, often seemingly abstract beats, he slowly builds tracks into beautiful, melodic daytime lullabies. Beautiful.

    Four Tet


    "Pause" is the second solo album from Fridge mainman and electronic wonderkid Kieran Hebden. Think a breezing nu-folk implosion over blissful beat syncopation and you're not even half way there.

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