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Cleo Sol


    Heaven is the follow up to Cleo Sol's second album, Mother, which was released in 2021. In celebration of its two-year anniversary, she tweeted: "Two years since we released mother into the world, thank you for embracing me, and seeing me, writing my truth is sometimes difficult, but it’s freeing, and having you support me pushes me to be brave."

    Thought to be the primary vocalist for the mysterious collective SAULT, Cleo Sol primarily collaborates with producer Inflo. Earlier this year, during London Fashion Week, she joined Alicia Keys as a special guests alongside Little Simz, and performed Simz's track, "Woman".


    1. Self
    2. Airplane
    3. Go Baby
    4. Heaven
    5. Old Friends
    6. Miss Romantic
    7. Golden Child (Jealous)
    8. Nothing On Me
    9. Love Will Lead You

    Cleo Sol


      The fourth Cleo Sol masterpiece and the second album of 2024. Gold is another spiritual and soulful masterclass full of love, courage and optimism.


      1. There Will Be No Crying
      2. Reason
      3. Things Will Get Better
      4. Only Love
      5. Please Don’t End It All
      6. Lost Angel
      7. Desire
      8. In Your Own Home
      9. Life Will Be
      10. Gold


      UNTITLED (God)


        1. I Am Free
        2. God Is Love
        3. Love Will Free Your Mind
        4. Guide My Steps
        5. I Surrender
        6. Champions
        7. Rafael’s Prayer
        8. Spirit High
        9. Love Is All I Know
        10. Dear Lord
        11. Safe Within Your Hands
        12. Never Feel Fear
        13. We Are Gods
        14. Faith
        15. God Is On Your Side
        16. Luminous
        17. Free
        18. Colour Blind
        19. My Light
        20. God In Disguise
        21. Life We Rent But Love Is Rent Free


        1. Spirit Call
        2. The Lord’s With Me
        3. Valley Of The Ocean
        4. God Is In Control
        5. Power
        6. Stronger
        7. Fields
        8. Soul Inside My Beautiful Imagination
        9. Warrior 


        1. Glory
        2. Fear No One
        3. Morning Sun
        4. Together
        5. Higher
        6. Jack’s Gift
        7. Fight For Love
        8. Envious
        9. River
        10. In The Air
        11. The Circle


        Today & Tomorrow


          1. In The Beginning
          2. Run
          3. Heal The World
          4. Lion
          5. The Jungle
          6. The Plan
          7. Money
          8. The Return
          9. The Greatest Smile
          10. Above The Sky

          Little Simz

          NO THANK YOU

            2021’s “Sometimes I Might Be Introvert” catapulted Simz into the big leagues, crashing into the top 5 of the albums charts, collecting Mercury Music Prize, Mobo, Ivor Novello and Brit Award wins and earning her the biggest live audiences yet in the UK and Europe.

            “NO THANK YOU” is yet another delicious left field turn for 29-year old Simbiatu Ajikawo. Sleek, succinct and utterly propulsive, it’s Simz’ defiantly punk rock, two fingered salute to conformity and fame, and all the expectations and restrictions that come with. Recorded with her regular collaborator Inflo, this is Simz at her most free, daring and spontaneous. In her own words: 'emotion is energy in motion. honour your truth and feelings. eradicate fear. boundaries are important.’

            STAFF COMMENTS

            Millie says: Returning strong with big orchestral interludes and quickfire rap from Little Simz in her new album ‘NO THANK YOU’. The album alludes to challenges faced releasing music with a tone of self-reflection but this album feels stronger than ever, with her talent shining through each track on the album despite the obstacles and healing that took place. “Gorilla” was a track that really grew on me, it reminds me of her incredible stage presence during her live performances; of being at ease like she’s always been destined to be there. It feels layered with polished production with that large Simz energy and intangible confidence. Another standout for me has to be “Heart on Fire”, you can feel the atmosphere building like a rising in your chest, it’s evident that this soulful music comes from the heart. Paired alongside the backing choir vocals, it only accentuates her unmissable dynamic sound that Simbi always nails.

            TRACK LISTING

            1. Angel
            2. Gorilla
            3. Silhouette
            4. No Merci
            5. X
            6. Heart On Fire
            7. Broken
            8. Sideways
            9. Who Even Cares
            10. Control

            The mysteriously intriguing group, no; veiled cult-adored collective Sault return with album number six. Although we know now that the band are headed by Dean Cover aka Inflo, and count Cleo Sol, Michael Kiwanuka and Little Simz as collaborators / infrequent members; there's still very little info on the rest of the band.

            We don't care though, and delving into "Air" we find the longer, double LP format as captivating as ever. Beginning with choral and orchestral interludes, it's a majestic introduction for a group that have already captured our hearts across the previous five excursions and are unhurried to deliver their latest message. Said pieces unravel into a sumptuous decadence, occupying much of side A before the first utterances of vocal slowly draw in. It's a luxurious and relaxed opening side which hints at the confidence possessed by all involved. There's no need to just jump right in with a opening radio single - we're of course gonna listen from start to finish!

            But the mystery does, indeed, continue. The orchestral instrumental and choral work continues throughout - "Air" is a divine piece of enchanted garden ambience and ambrosial relaxation. There's no lyrics, no guitars, no drums. It's as if Inflo told the rest of the band to have a break whilst he enlists a full orchestra for the project.

            I'm not complaining, and talk about keeping us on our toes. It's a heavenly piece of music, make no mistake; but if you were expecting them to continue their political musings, heart-worn love songs and incendiary punk-funk fun; then you'll have to resort to previous albums I'm afraid. Instead, we get strings aplenty (including some phenomenal harp work), female vocal choir and smatterings of romantic brass.

            Will the public dig it? I hope so. It's adventurous, almost to the point of giving-no-fucks. But thankfully, as I keep reiterating; the music (I'd call it more of a score actually), is nothing short of breathtaking. Is Inflo looking to switch career and become a film score composer? Maybe he has been all along... Like I say, the mystery continues... 

            TRACK LISTING

            1 - Reality
            2 - Air
            3 - Heart
            4 - Solar
            5 - Time Is Precious
            6 - June 55
            7 - Luos Higher

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