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Explosions In The Sky

Those Who Tell The Truth Shall Die, Those Who Tell The Truth Shall Live Forever - 2023 Reissue

    Originally released at the tail end of summer in 2001, Explosions In The Sky’s second album, Those Who Tell the Truth Shall Die, Those Who Tell the Truth Shall Live Forever was a visceral, speaker-destroying escalation from the modest minimalism of their debut, How Strange, Innocence.

    Remastered with subtle grace by Bob Weston at Chicago Mastering Service, Those Who Tell the Truth Shall Die, Those Who Tell the Truth Shall Live Forever – Anniversary Edition is beautifully packaged with restored original full-color artwork and heavyweight full-color inner sleeve. Exquisitely pressed onto colored vinyl for the first time ever, this is Those Who Tell the Truth at the absolute peak of its ineffable power.


    1. Greet Death (7:19)
    2. Yasmin The Light (7:04)
    3. The Moon Is Down (10:03)
    4. Have You Passed Through This Night? (7:19)
    5. A Poor Man’s Memory (6:05)
    6. With Tired Eyes, Tired Minds, Tired Souls, We Slept (12:05)

    Explosions In The Sky

    The Earth Is Not A Cold Dead Place - 2023 Reissue

      Originally released in the fall of 2003, The Earth Is Not A Cold Dead Place was a watershed moment for Explosions In The Sky, and a landmark album for underground and experimental music. Its iconic sound would become a touchstone in film and television as it inspired a generational sea change towards introspective art rock in lieu of traditional orchestral scores.

      Artfully remastered by Bob Weston at Chicago Mastering Service, The Earth Is Not A Cold Dead Place Anniversary Edition is packaged in a stunning triple gatefold with restored and expanded original artwork, housed in a heavyweight slipcase. Exquisitely pressed onto colored vinyl for the first time ever, this is the soundtrack to our everyday lives in full panoramic wonder.


      1. First Breath After Coma (9:34)
      2. The Only Moment We Were Alone (10:14)
      3. Six Days At The Bottom Of The Ocean (8:43)
      4. Memorial (8:50)
      5. Your Hand In Mine (8:17)

      Explosions In The Sky


        End, the enigmatic seventh album by Explosions in the Sky, was inspired by darkness, but became a loud, dramatic, wild rumination on life and death.

        “Our starting point was the concept of an ending—death, or the end of a friendship or relationship. Every song comes from a story, or an idea one of us has had that we’ve all expanded on and made its own world. Maybe it’s our nature, but we kept feeling that the album title was ultimately open to a lot more interpretation—the end of a thing or a time can mean a stop, but it can also mean a beginning, and what happens after one thing ends might pale in comparison to what it becomes next,” says the band about the album.

        End is perhaps the “grandest” Explosions in the Sky album – melding the quiet restraint and crushing feel of their early releases with the sonic texturing and ornate experimentation of their later releases, and their increasingly deep film and television scoring catalog, influenced by personal tastes stretching from classical to soul to experimental ambient music.

        The title “End” furthers a story arc reflected in the album titles that started with the “innocence” of their first album (How Strange, Innocence), progressed through the idealism and romanticism of their second and third albums (Those Who Tell the Truth Shall Die, Those Who Tell the Truth Shall Live Forever and The Earth is Not a Cold Dead Place), followed by the introspection (All of a Sudden I Miss Everyone and Take Care Take Care Take Care) and big-picture focus (The Wilderness) of their most recent albums.

        End is the band’s seventh, but not final, studio album


        Barry says: It's always going to be a big thing for me when EITS release an LP (massive fan), and while their soundtrack-adjacent 'Big Bend' LP from 2021 was high up my album charts for the year, it's been a while since a full studio album has affected me the way 'Those Who Tell The Truth..' or 'The Rescue' did. I can say with some confidence that 'End' might be my favourite thing they've done for a couple decades now.


        1 Ten Billion People
        2 Moving On
        3 Loved Ones
        4 Peace Or Quiet
        5 All Mountains
        6 The Fight
        7 It's Never Going To Stop

        Explosions In The Sky

        Big Bend (An Original Soundtrack For Public Television)

          Following nearly two years of global touring in support of their adventurous and acclaimed album, The Wilderness (2016), Explosions In The Sky paused on the future to reflect on the past. Celebrating their 20th year as a band with a pair of remastered reissues of early beloved classics – How Strange, Innocence (2000) and The Rescue (2005) – they embarked on a memorable series of anniversary concerts in 2019. It was around then that Explosions In The Sky was approached to craft the score to a new documentary about a place with which, as native Texans, they were very familiar: Big Bend National Park.

          That documentary, Big Bend: The Wild Frontier of Texas, premiered on PBS in the United States as well as on a variety of networks in other countries in early 2021. The hour-long film intimately follows the lives of native animals amid expansive aerial views of the iconic desert landscape that makes up one of the grandest natural wonders in the world. The band set these sights to an inspired, melodic, and meaningful blend of acoustic guitar, slide guitar, strings, piano, bells, and drums that feels as alive and diverse--and vast and lonely--as the place it depicts.

          Big Bend (An Original Soundtrack for Public Television) takes that mesmerizing score and recontextualizes it as a standalone album. Those brief cues have been expanded and transformed into a thoughtful, gorgeous full-length album that recalls some of the band’s most magical and memorable moments from their storied history.

          Big Bend: The Wild Frontier of Texas is a film that explores the past and present of the vast, complicated landscape that still holds countless mysteries yet to be uncovered. In Big Bend (An Original Soundtrack for Public Television), Explosions In The Sky pursue a similar approach to their own past and present, and find inspiration in all that has yet to be discovered.


          Barry says: I'm a BIG EITS fan, and one of my favourite soundtracks of all time was their Prince Avalanche OST, so it's with no small joy I get to add this one to the collection. It's a beautifully majestic and uplifting set of acoustic / post-rock vignettes, rich in texture and wonderfully brought together.


          1. Chisos (4:11)
          2. Climbing Bear (3:19)
          3. Woodpecker (2:05)
          4. Spring (2:38)
          5. Flying (3:03)
          6. Camouflage (2:29)
          7. Swimming (1:05)
          8. Stories In Stone (2:36)
          9. Summer (3:14)
          10. Nightfall (2:22)
          11. Owl Hunting (2:15)
          12. Sunrise (3:30)
          13. Big Horns (2:11)
          14. Autumn (2:41)
          15. Cubs (1:54)
          16. Pallid Bats (2:56)
          17. Rains Legacy (2:28)
          18. Bird Family (2:10)
          19. Winter (3:17)
          20. Human History (6:08)

          Explosions In The Sky

          How Strange, Innocence (Anniversary Edition)

            Remastered, repackaged reissue celebrating the 20th anniversary of Explosions In The Sky. First time ever available on vinyl at retail stores. First time on vinyl since 2004. Packaged in a full-color heavyweight triple gatefold jacket w/ matte varnish, full color heavyweight insert, and custom vinyl etching.

            The members of Explosions In The Sky played their first show, at the University of Texas’ student radio station, on July 4, 1999, under the short-lived moniker, Breaker Morant. A year later, they recorded their first album, How Strange, Innocence, over the course of two days, and made 300 CD-R copies to sell at shows and give to friends in their hometown of Austin, TX. In 2001, they signed to Temporary Residence Ltd., and released their breakthrough second album, Those Who Tell The Truth Shall Die, Those Who Tell The Truth Shall Live Forever, leaving the legend of How Strange, Innocence to proliferate on file-sharing and tape trading sites in a pre-iTunes and YouTube era. Following their third album, The Earth Is Not A Cold Dead Place, the band released a single vinyl pressing of How Strange, Innocence as the debut release on a friend’s short-lived local imprint, Ruined Potential Records. Sold exclusively on a 2004 North American tour, the sole pressing of 300 sold out immediately, quickly becoming an urban legend for fans. Now, in honor of the band’s 20th anniversary, we are delighted to bring this treasured document of Explosions In The Sky’s humble beginnings back into the world. How Strange, Innocence – Anniversary Edition has been beautifully remastered by Heba Kadry – with vinyl lacquers cut by Bob Weston – and packaged in an incredible full-color, heavyweight triple-gatefold jacket with matte varnish, heavyweight full-color insert, and custom vinyl etching containing the charming story of How Strange, Innocence in the band’s own words. This is the definitive sound, look, and feel of the album that started one of the most inspiring and unique careers in modern underground music.

            TRACK LISTING

            1. A Song For Our Fathers (5:44)
            2. Snow And Lights (8:18)
            3. Magic Hours (8:33)
            4. Look Into The Air (5:25)
            5. Glittering Blackness (5:28)
            6. Time Stops (9:55)
            7. Remember Me As A Time Of Day (5:18)

            Explosions In The Sky

            The Rescue (Anniversary Edition)

              Remastered, repackaged reissue celebrating the 20th anniversary of Explosions In The Sky. First time ever available on vinyl. Packaged in a full-color jacket w/matte varnish, full-color heavyweight inner sleeve, and full-color LP labels.

              The Rescue is commonly referred to as Explosions In The Sky’s “secret album,” mostly due to the fact that since its initial limited mail-order only CD release in 2005, it has never been made commercially available on any format, in any store, anywhere in the world. In 2005 – after having toured the world for over a year straight in support of The Earth Is Not A Cold Place, and scoring the major motion picture, Friday Night Lights – Explosions In The Sky took the year off to physically, emotionally, and creatively recharge. It was during this period that they decided to try making an entire album in a method that was totally foreign to them: Quickly, and loosely. They came up with the idea to compose, rehearse, record, and mix an entirely new song each day for eight days in a row. They kept the rules simple and strict: the song had to be crafted from start to finish in one day, and could not be revisited once that day was done. The band would produce, record, and mix everything themselves in their own homes, without outside assistance or interference. With such rigid parameters, the expectations were kept suitably low. The quality of the album that bloomed was startlingly high. The songs had a lightness and unruliness that starkly contrasted their catalog, while maintaining the same emotional resonance that had already become a trademark of their music. The Rescue – Anniversary Edition has been beautifully remastered from the original 24-bit stereo mixes by Heba Kadry at Timeless Mastering. The vinyl lacquers have been cut by Bob Weston at Chicago Mastering Service. The record was pressed onto audiophile-quality 100% virgin vinyl at Record Technology Inc., and is packaged in a full-color jacket with a full-color heavyweight inner sleeve featuring the hand-written story of The Rescue, as told by the band upon its completion in 2005. This is the long-overdue, definitive presentation of a rare but requisite piece of Explosions In The Sky’s remarkable history.

              TRACK LISTING

              1. Day One (4:36)
              2. Day Two (3:44)
              3. Day Three (4:35)
              4. Day Four (3:00)
              5. Day Five (4:36)
              6. Day Six (5:19)
              7. Day Seven (4:26)
              8. Day Eight (2:33)

              Explosions In The Sky

              All Of A Sudden I Miss Everyone

                Recorded by John Congleton at Pachyderm Studios in rural Minnesota, this album is a massive leap forward, showcasing a broader instrumental range and their most focused, efficient songwriting. It's also within arm's length of matching the overwhelming glory of their legendary live shows, trading in the crystalline production of "The Earth Is Not a Cold Dead Place" for a paint-peeling intensity that blurs the lines between studio and live performance.

                STAFF COMMENTS

                Barry says: Eschewing the trademark sound that they established to some degree on their last album proper, Explosions In The Sky have instead opted for a more hard-edged sound, saturated and overdriven to a place that was only hinted at on previous outings. There are still build-ups, mellow sections, floating bass and shining beauty, but this time there is a more pronounced disparity between light and dark, perhaps further enhancing the golden beams within. A wonderful edition to their established canon, and with hindsight, a formative release in their great future.

                TRACK LISTING

                1. "The Birth And Death Of The Day" 
                2. "Welcome, Ghosts" 
                3. "It's Natural To Be Afraid" 
                4. "What Do You Go Home To?" 
                5. "Catastrophe And The Cure" 
                6. "So Long, Lonesome"

                Explosions In The Sky

                The Earth Is Not A Cold Dead Place

                  A Post-rock staple. Intertwining delayed guitar melodies weave around eac-other, adding layers of simple melodies before bursting into euphoric instrumental bliss. Lengthy solo passages do more to exacerbate the eventual burst of action, heightening the impact and soothing the soul. An absolute unmissable classic.

                  TRACK LISTING

                  1. "First Breath After Coma" 9:33
                  2. "The Only Moment We Were Alone" 10:14
                  3. "Six Days At The Bottom Of The Ocean" 8:43
                  4. "Memorial" 8:50
                  5. "Your Hand In Mine" 8:16

                  The Wilderness is the band’s sixth album, and first non-soundtrack effort since 2011’s ‘Take Care, Take Care, Take Care’. Arguably the most progressive instrumental rock album since EITS’ 2003 breakthrough ‘The Earth Is Not A Cold Dead Place’, The Wilderness is a bold, experimental work combining the singular song craft that has sold hundreds of thousands of albums and tickets with the cinematic sensibility that has elevated the band to the level of regard and demand its members enjoy as film composers (Lone Survivor, Manglehorn, Prince Avalanche, Friday Night Lights).

                  The first Explosions In The Sky album not produced entirely by the band, The Wilderness features long time collaborator (and Grammy-winning producer) John Congleton in a co-producer role for the first time. The band's most ambitious songs to date branch into unexpected new dimensions accordingly - Exhibit A being “Disintegration Anxiety,” currently streaming on all platforms and available as an instant grat download with all pre-orders. With its cacophonous opening washes that ultimately resolve into a locked groove, “Disintegration Anxiety” marks the rock solid midpoint of an aggressively modern and forward-thinking work. 

                  STAFF COMMENTS

                  Barry says: Expanding upon their trademark sound, much like fellow Texans This Will Destroy You ; Explosions In The Sky have encompassed, to great effect, elements of drone and electronica into their (still unmistakeable) post-rock sound. Distorted beats, crunchy snares, and dusty arpeggios atop soaring guitars and crackly synths. A vast departure for the band, but without endangering what makes them tick, The Wilderness is bold, brave, and brilliant.

                  TRACK LISTING

                  1. Wilderness
                  2. The Ecstatics
                  3. Tangle Formations
                  4. Logic Of A Dream
                  5. Disintegration Anxiety
                  6. Losing The Light
                  7. Infinite Orbit
                  8. Colors In Space
                  9. Landing Cliffs

                  Explosions In The Sky & Steve Jablonsky

                  Lone Survivor - Original Motion Picture Soundtrack

                    The Lone Survivor Original Motion Picture Soundtrack is a collection of tracks by composers Steve Jablonsky and Explosions In The Sky. Jablonsky is the composer behind many blockbuster movies, such as the Transformers franchise, A Nightmare on Elm Street and Chicken Run. He has also won 5 BMI Film Music Awards and 3 BMI TV Music Awards with Danny Elfman for the theme track and excerpts featured in ‘Desperate Housewives. In 2013 alone he composed the scores for Gangster Squad’, ‘Enders Game’ and Pain & Gain with Jablonsky already signed up for the new, unnamed Transformers sequel. Texan rockers Explosions In The Sky have released 6 studio albums as well as having their music included in a number of films such as This Means War, The Kite Runner and Friday
                    Night Lights.

                    Explosions In The Sky

                    Those Who Tell The Truth Shall Die - 2022 Repress

                      The debut album from this band that's made up of four soft spoken Texas lads. Steeped in sentimental melodies and dreamy soundscapes, each song lifts you in the air and carries you away, layers of chiming guitars become layers of metallic annihilation in the blink of an eye. Total silence to total violence, enjoy the ride!!!!

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