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Shir Khan continues his flurry of activity with another release in as many weeks. Obviously preparing us for a Summer of shoulder-swinging debauchery, the Black Jukebox pumps out another set of terrace friendly twonkers for the masses, with Freiboitar and Hurlee taking charge of proceedings for number 23 in the set. "Blew My Mind" and "What's Up" are Freiboitar's offerings; both pumpin', new funky house numbers with intricate sample choppage and wonderful, speaker-teasing mixing and mastering. Shir Khan should be sponsored by Funktion1 as those warm low-mids symbolic of the speaker brand are almost purpose built for Shir Khan vinyl play. Hurlee's trax take up side B with "On The Floor" utilizing Arthur Adam's "You Got The Floor" and transforming it into a loopy and fuzzy deep house gem. Finally "Disco Love" revisits another joyful moment of disco and funky house history, adding its own interpretation on a hook that's familiar to anyone that's spent more than a fleeting moment on the dancefloor. Strongest Shir Khan for a while this one pop pickers - don't be late to the party!


Shir Khan Presents Black Jukebox 22

Shop workers Matt and Syl have always had a soft spot for this label. No nonsense party starting house music for the terraces which I guess has fallen out of fashion with the Manchester set currently looking for darker and more leftfield sounds. That doesn't mean we're gonna ignore these classic moments of dancefloor goodness though. Why should we? Musical trends come and go but dancing is here to stay. TURF are two Dutch friends who've previously released on Apparel. You know what to expect by now, elbows-out house beats, plenty of filter action and disco hooks transformed into peaking house grooves. All mixed, mastered and pressed to make the tweaters tweak and the subs to rumble. PS - Sounds much better on a Funktion1! (fuck this Void shit! - sorry! - Matt).

Exploited deliver this massive double mix CD from current hot favourite, Berlin's Shir Khan. It's a ghetto pop muzik mash-up taking us from new rave to fidgit house, from post-cash pop to glitch and Euro-crunk, via baile funk and acid-disko to hiptronica and no wave. It includes tracks by Justice, Tepr, Munk, SMD, Mocky, Shit Robot, Diskokaine, Crookers, Yuksek, Sinden & Count, Captain Comatose, Edu K, Duke Dumont and many MANY more. Already gaining five star reviews from the likes of Mixmag, this is an essential set for fans of 2Many DJs, Optimo etc

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