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Shir Khan Presents Black Jukebox 36

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After last year's release on Shall Not Fade, Paul Rudder & Kresy are back - this time on Exploited for the infamous Black Jukebox Series.

‘Along With You’ bounces along with plenty of feel-good energy, channeling ‘90s spirit with its thicl bassline pump and an earworm of a sugar-sweet vocal. Well-chosen vox cuts create an infectious rhythm in between the full vocal sections while soft synth arps tickle the surface of the track and epic snare rolls inject more energy in the breakdown and at key moments. Guaranteed to get massive reactions. Kresy’s ‘Continuum Mix’ takes things into a lighter direction with gorgeous, sunny piano chords chiming in unison with a driving, uplifting bassline and pretty synth flourishes.

‘Her Dream Road’ pushes the EP into almost ambient house territory with its swirling pads and deep atmospheres, but the energetic percussion and warm bassline throb and melody give it plenty of dancefloor energy. Kresy’s ‘Mellonized Remix’ pumps it up with plump organ bass, dreamy acid licks, soaring arpeggios, continual automation and epic pad progressions that make for an absolutely huge rework that’s full of life, atmosphere and colour. 


Matt says: Shir Khan rides again! Nearly 15 years old and still providing the holiday house hits for the terraces, beach bars and nightclubs across the globe. Seriously strong offering from this well established firm.


A1. Paul Rudder & Kresy - Along With You
A2. Paul Rudder & Kresy - Along With You (Kresy Continuum Mix)
B1. Paul Rudder - Her Dream Road
B2. Paul Rudder - Her Dream Road (Kresy Mellonized Mix)

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