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Evil Blizzard

Rotting In The Belly Of The Whale

    Preston’s unholiest sons Evil Blizzard return with their most furious, compelling and diverse album to date, released on their own Crackedankles label, (which has recently branched out into releasing the likes of Hotwax, Thank, Bad Guys and TV Face.) Following the critical and commercial success of their last album ‘The Worst Show On Earth’ the band took a year off after that tour to recoup. And then got back together in March 2020, just in time for… another enforced year off. They did, however, release ‘The Very Best Of Evil Blizzard’ on vinyl, which was completely blank. And sold out in less than a day.

    The new album, their fifth, was written during and post lockdown and ‘reflects the claustrophobia, fear and paranoia of those days’ according to guitarist (not bassist!) Filthydirty. ‘The band has changed. One of our 4 bassists Kav left and we were joined by Fleshcrawl (aka Mr. Dibs, Hawkwind’s vocalist and bassist for over 12 years). Kav was inimitable as a musician, so it never crossed our minds to try and ‘replace’ him, so when Fleshcrawl scurried in he brought a whole new range of sounds and toys to the sandpit. Also, we’d run out of sonic space to play with, having just the basses, and everything had got a bit stale - so I switched to lead guitar which brought a whole new range of possibilities.

    'The new album is much more representational of the band’s record collections: it retains the ‘Sabbath-meets PiL-meets Killing Joke’ sound found on the band’s earlier albums, but now encompasses dub, goth and electronica in its 8 tracks, with clear nods in the general direction of Sonic Youth, Jane’s Addiction, Leftfield and The Mission. As opposed to all previous albums which were recorded live in one or two takes, this album took over three months with the band meticulously de-structuring songs ‘that sounded too much like pop songs’ resulting in an album that is uncomfortable yet still accessible.


    Barry says: The North West's own Evil Blizzard return for their new LP, adding a load of guitar and marginally less bass! There are elements of electronica in here and nods to classic synth music, there are precise cuts and meticulously produced interludes but it is all the better for it, this is a band who've found their sound.

    Filthydirty (Evil Blizzard)

    The Rise And Fall Of Blasphemouth

      Debut solo album by Filthydirty of Evil Blizzard. ‘Sinister, eerie and loud as f***. Full of dubbed up tunes and harsh metal sounds but still instantly memorable. One of the albums of the year.” LOUDER THAN WAR. Produced during the downtime of lockdown #1, this is the debut solo release by Filthydirty, one of Evil Blizzard’s many bassists. Following the band’s sell out show at the prestigious Preston Guild Hall following their critically acclaimed album ‘The Worst Show On Earth’, the band had a year off ‘to recover’, only to re-emerge with perfect timing into the realms of Covid. During this time Filthydirty turned his head to some unused tracks written for Blizzard and these ‘decomposed and rotted into something even more horrible’ and emerged as a fully formed solo album. Keeping the morbid humour and proto-metal sound of Blizzard, this album sees the boundaries pushed further into even darker places, but always with Filthydirty’s love of ABBA keeping a hand on the reins of melody


      1: Disease (4.57)
      2: All My Friends (4.20)
      3: All Of This For Nothing (4.56)
      4: Don’t Trust Me, I Don’t Trust You (4.22)
      5: Straight To Hell (5.56)
      6: It Wasn’t Me, It Was A Ghost (4.02)
      7: One Last Chance In The Last Chance Saloon (4.16)
      8: Monolith (4.16)

      Preston’s 4 bassed behemoth Evil Blizzard follow up the tremendous success of last year’s ‘The Worst Show On Earth’ album with the release of a double live album. Recorded live at their headline slot at Sonic Rock Solstice festival in 2018, the album features a frenzied, furious and frantic hour long set released as a limited edition of 500 white premium grade vinyl in full gatefold sleeve, complete with DL code. Due to public demand, the album is also being released on CD, again strictly limited to 500 copies. 


      Barry says: Evil Blizzard are one of the most dynamic and heavy-hitting live bands on the circuit at the moments, and this live set from last year shows us why. Hammering percussion and heavy AF guitars perfectly bracket the snarling vox and off-kilter progressive psychedelic weirdness.


      1 .Sacrifice
      2. Hello
      3. Unleash The Misery
      4. Sleep
      5. Like A God
      6. Fast Forward Rewind
      7. Tell Me
      8. Slimy Creatures
      9. Are You Evil?
      10. Knock Knock Knock

      Evil Blizzard

      The Worst Show On Earth

        When Evil Blizzard emerged from the bowels of Lancashire with their debut album 5 years ago it is fair to say they caused a stir. Put on the front cover of The Guardian, and championed by Mark E. Smith (who gave the band the money to record their debut album out of his own pocket) their gruesome mix of four bass players blending Psyche, Krautrock, Post Punk and an unmistakable image saw them launched onto magazines and websites world-wide. Their new album 'The Worst Show On Earth' (on their own newly-founded Crackedankles Records label) presents a logical progression from the previous two, a third stepping stone on the journey into their peculiar sonic dream- or nightmare? -scape.

        Heavy, grinding, yet commercially viable, this release sees the band truly shake off the ‘gimmick’ tag of the past and stride forward into new musical dimensions. Yes, there’s still 4 basses. But also piano, cello, samples and a general disregard for the basic concept of a ‘pop song,’ with 2 tracks hitting the 10 minute mark. The introduction of keyboards into their live onslaught (you have seen them live, right? Right?!?) has developed their sound to incorporate techno and industrial elements, with recent single ‘Fast Forward Rewind’ hitting the nation’s airwaves aided by its freak show video shot illegally in an abandoned Victorian music hall.

        The album title came from a less than impressed reviewer. The band, ever self-deprecating, take great pleasure in antagonising their crowd to the point that their dedicated following greet live performances with booing rather than applause. One fan, who has the band logo tattooed on his arm, made his own ‘I Hate Evil Blizzard’ t-shirts. ‘People pay money to hate us. Win/Win.’ 


        1) Hello
        2) Fast Forward Rewind
        3) Unleash The Misery
        4) Those We Left Behind
        5) Like A God
        6) Tell Me
        7) Pull God From The Sky
        8) The Worst Show On Earth (* Extended Version - CD/download Only)

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