Filthydirty (Evil Blizzard)

The Rise And Fall Of Blasphemouth

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Debut solo album by Filthydirty of Evil Blizzard. ‘Sinister, eerie and loud as f***. Full of dubbed up tunes and harsh metal sounds but still instantly memorable. One of the albums of the year.” LOUDER THAN WAR. Produced during the downtime of lockdown #1, this is the debut solo release by Filthydirty, one of Evil Blizzard’s many bassists. Following the band’s sell out show at the prestigious Preston Guild Hall following their critically acclaimed album ‘The Worst Show On Earth’, the band had a year off ‘to recover’, only to re-emerge with perfect timing into the realms of Covid. During this time Filthydirty turned his head to some unused tracks written for Blizzard and these ‘decomposed and rotted into something even more horrible’ and emerged as a fully formed solo album. Keeping the morbid humour and proto-metal sound of Blizzard, this album sees the boundaries pushed further into even darker places, but always with Filthydirty’s love of ABBA keeping a hand on the reins of melody


1: Disease (4.57)
2: All My Friends (4.20)
3: All Of This For Nothing (4.56)
4: Don’t Trust Me, I Don’t Trust You (4.22)
5: Straight To Hell (5.56)
6: It Wasn’t Me, It Was A Ghost (4.02)
7: One Last Chance In The Last Chance Saloon (4.16)
8: Monolith (4.16)

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