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Duca Bianco stroll back into the club, ready to make you move to those outsider sounds all over again with this all star selection! We get off to a fucking fantastic start as Casinoboy pitches down and cuts up Paul Young sleaze-a-thon "Sex" to create a misty mid-tempo version which the same top poppers energy as that extended version of West End Girls - essential Balearic dancefloor cut here. Next up we have the completely cryptic "Unknown" by, well, Unknown, which hits us with a chugging one note bassline, garbled German vocals, tough machine drums and all sorts of siren abuse - think a lost NDW cut re-shaped by Benedikt Frey. Shifting gears for darkroom throb to trainline disco, Rune Lindbaek sweeps in with the galloping bassline, cosmic sequences and frothy vocals of weirdo-disco peak timer "Ratsastic Empress" before Khidja close the set with a feature length freak-fest called "Chuncho". Taking one low slung and hypnotic bassline, a subtle rhythm and some ethereal vocals, the Romanian duo cook up a tripped out bit of techno-disco for that point in the sesh where your mind and body are in separate rooms.


A1. Casinoboy - On My Mind
A2. Unknown
B1. Rune Lindbaek - Ratsastic Empress
B2. Khidja - Chuncho

Audiosex and Hanoben stepped out together on Discos Capablanca back in 2018 with the on-point acidities of Phone Sex, and now they're teaming up once again for this killer clutch of edit tackle for the always interesting Duca Bianco label. Rather than the well-mined stocks of disco and funk that usually get dusted down by edit scavenegers, these two have turned to synth pop and German new wave sounds, coming up with four deep cover, deliciously dishevelled pieces which align perfectly with the brand of acidic club music they make themselves. 'Elvira's Katzenfisch' is a prime case in point - a broad, sweeping slice of synthwave which sounds like it might slide off the reel to reel at any moment, while 'Frank's Einsamkeit' swells into a searing 303 burner for the darkest dungeon dancefloors.


Patrick says: If you'd taken more research chemicals than intended and hallucinated a lost De Palma Sci Fi, these four cuts would be the club scene soundtrack.


A1. Sina's Freund
A2. Werner's Spiel
B1. Elvira's Katzenfisch
B2. Frank's Einsamkeit

Kito Jempere

DB7 003

Saint Petersburg disco spinner, deep house don and advanced level digger Kito Jempere joins the ranks of the Duca Bianco mafia, shunning the fancy handshake and instead securing his entry with two top notch edits of exceptional obscurity. On the A-side, "FKA Lany" chugs along like a peak time power ballad, with a killer synth riff replacing any guitar histrionics. Armed with a bassline which walks slowly downstairs, plenty of fx use and a big emotive female vocal, this is primed for end of night deployment. Over on the flip, "Drakon" shakes asiatic melodies, pop-fusion and Fairlight stylings into a killer bit of 80s pop - in other words, well Balearic!


1. FKA Lany
2. Drakon

Hot on the heels of his recent Hawkwind remixes Cherrystones lands to launch the new Duca Bianco imprint, which seems to come from the same underground haunt as Bahnsteig 23. Smashing a bottle against the hull, Gareth christens the label with the stripped back psych funk groove of "Blood, Campari & Sand", an A-side example of piano, bass and percussion put together perfectly. Thigns take a turn for the trippy on the B-side as "Meta Weta" drops into a 90bpm wormhole, pulling dusty flute samples, pitched down vocals and some sort of pneumatic found sound into its bass heavy blob-zone. 


A1. Blood, Campari & Sand
B1. Meta Weta

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