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Duca indeitro. Bianco returnez. Indovina Key chiiiiiiii? Guillaume Des Bois benvenuto Mambo fratello. Cherrystones tut u la laggenda. Grunt discoso. Finale con Banzi. Vecchio e nuovo. Duca presenta !!


DB7 004

Duca Bianco adds another sureshot to his tally this week courtesy of edit comrades Dane//Close whose sterling work on the Common Edits imprint has always entertained us Piccadilly masses. So, what do we have here? Well, the A-side boasts and extension and exploration of the unlikely groove behind Aussie punk troupe X, and their angsty "I Don't Wanna Go Out". The vocals make the cut, but it's the rhythm section who take all the limelight here. Over on the flip it's the ace "Bolass'd" doing the damage, scuzzing, scuffing and totally refucking the great Austrian synth B-side "Love Can Destroy" by Cosmetics. Slow as syrup, tacky as fly paper and fully demented for your next basement romp.

Kito Jempere

DB7 003

Saint Petersburg disco spinner, deep house don and advanced level digger Kito Jempere joins the ranks of the Duca Bianco mafia, shunning the fancy handshake and instead securing his entry with two top notch edits of exceptional obscurity. On the A-side, "FKA Lany" chugs along like a peak time power ballad, with a killer synth riff replacing any guitar histrionics. Armed with a bassline which walks slowly downstairs, plenty of fx use and a big emotive female vocal, this is primed for end of night deployment. Over on the flip, "Drakon" shakes asiatic melodies, pop-fusion and Fairlight stylings into a killer bit of 80s pop - in other words, well Balearic!

Calling all glue sniffers and mirror kissers, Duca Bianco unleash their first 12" featuring freak-beat, fucked up and scuzzy DJ edits by Smagghe & Cross, Tom Bolas, Hanoben & ADSX and Schmoltz, a fine collection of kerazies I'm sure you'll agree. 
Kicking us off are post punk loving electronic heroes Smagge & Cross with the weird, warped and fuzzy wave of "Drug Of A Nation", an unorthodox anthem critiquing the perils of square-eyed subserviance. Well whacked out but still a sing-a-long, this is gonna hit hard with adventurous floors. Next up, Tom Bolas reaches deep into the bag to hits us with a fast paced and fucked up cover of AWB's "Pick Up The Pieces" topped with a robotised schlager vocal and the occasional scream - insane and irresistible I reckon. Over on the flip, Hanoben and ADSX rock us with a VHS saturated space disco hit, extended and upended for the underground, while Schmoltz comes through with an end of night / afternoon groover for the Balearic crowd in the form of "Starnight". Jazzy acoustic guitar, Stevie styled chorus and plenty of feels - 5 sandals out of 5.


Patrick says: More wavy weirdshit from the Duca Bianco camp here as Smagghe & Cross, Tom Bolas, Hanoben / ADSX and Schmoltz offer post punk, daft disco, cosmic and Balearic rerubs respectively.

Bahnsteig 23 offshoot Duca Bianco deliver not one but two 7" smashers this week, as Berlin digger Tom Bolas follows hot on Cherrystones' heels. As with Bahnsteig 23, the vibe is obscure, unconventional and impossible to resist. Tom's outing begins with Kangham funk, a slow and syrupy bit of Korean synth pop, uncovered from the 80s and reworked with the thick and slick bass groove at the forefront. Optimistic pop vocals and a slightly weird chord progression? Sounds undeniably Balearic to me. On the flipside Tom treats us to Senopati Punk, a bright and sparkling foreign language (I'm guessing South East Asia, but could be waaaaay off) version of Mick n Keef's "Under My Thumb" in a similar vein to Devo's "Satisfaction".

Hot on the heels of his recent Hawkwind remixes Cherrystones lands to launch the new Duca Bianco imprint, which seems to come from the same underground haunt as Bahnsteig 23. Smashing a bottle against the hull, Gareth christens the label with the stripped back psych funk groove of "Blood, Campari & Sand", an A-side example of piano, bass and percussion put together perfectly. Thigns take a turn for the trippy on the B-side as "Meta Weta" drops into a 90bpm wormhole, pulling dusty flute samples, pitched down vocals and some sort of pneumatic found sound into its bass heavy blob-zone. 

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