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Aaaaaahh YEAHHH! I'm always stoked when a Duca Biano lands in my lap, and the 9th release on the label (5th in 12" form) feels extra right! Boasting an A-list cast of Franz 'Slow Motion' Scala, Italo hero Hysteric, crate-digging beat-making madman Cherrystones and lesser known, but equally ace Beatfoot and DJ Dollpin. 

It falls to Franz to start the party, setting phasers to stun with a mid tempo burner full of synth power, snapping snares and a spoken female vocal full of mystery and drama. Turn your eye shadow up to about 85% opacity and glide into your favourite Sci Fi club scene. It's another absolute essential from Australia's reigning Italo champ Hysteric on the A2, who turns out a playful synthpop stomper called "Pleides". Digi-marimbas, fanfares and a golden groove bathes in Yello, before some jazzy guitar lends a little extra texture to the chorus. 

At this point, I think the garies Matt and I took earlier must be kicking in, coz "Osdorp Discoteca" has me sweating and slamming my body round the shop like I'm lost in a warehouse somewhere outside Stoke in 1991. Proggy and powerful, this is a total acid smash. Speaking of acid, Cherrystones has absolutely soaked the B2 in LSD, transforming whatever the OG is into a fever dream of backmasked vocals, odd dancehall riddims, psych and synthery. 


A1. Franz Scala - Sweet Carillon
A2. Hysteric - Pleides
B1. Beatfoot & DJ Dollpin - Osdorp Discoteca
B2. Cherrystones - Gom Reg Raga

BOOM-SHAKALAKA! Tom Bolas rejoins the Duca Bianco family with a four track of frazzled and fun cosmic campers smack bang up my strasse! Locking into a zero g groove from the first beat, TB introduces us to the Deutsch space program on the A1, slicing and dicing his way through the cosmic funk grooves, sparlking synth riffs and sci ri rap of "Tanz Ohne Planeten". Next up we get a spangled bit of Italo in the CBS / West Coast electro tradition, all pummeling sequences, snapping perx and a strange and deranged vocoder vocal taken to the next level via an oddball new wave breakdown. Turning the record over we're in wonked out synth disco mode via the orgasmic, erotic and wonderfully OTT "Fick Mich", which is exactly the kind of silly and superb stuff Psychmagik packed "Magik Cykles" with. Last but not least we're taken on an intercontinental trip via the sophisticated city pop of "Shinjuku Strut", an estranged Japanese cousin of Roxy or Blue Nile. TOP MARKS!


A1. Tanz Ohne Planeten
A2. Guestlist Of Love
B1. Fick Mich
B2. Shinjuku Strut

Kito Jempere

DB7 003

Saint Petersburg disco spinner, deep house don and advanced level digger Kito Jempere joins the ranks of the Duca Bianco mafia, shunning the fancy handshake and instead securing his entry with two top notch edits of exceptional obscurity. On the A-side, "FKA Lany" chugs along like a peak time power ballad, with a killer synth riff replacing any guitar histrionics. Armed with a bassline which walks slowly downstairs, plenty of fx use and a big emotive female vocal, this is primed for end of night deployment. Over on the flip, "Drakon" shakes asiatic melodies, pop-fusion and Fairlight stylings into a killer bit of 80s pop - in other words, well Balearic!


1. FKA Lany
2. Drakon

Hot on the heels of his recent Hawkwind remixes Cherrystones lands to launch the new Duca Bianco imprint, which seems to come from the same underground haunt as Bahnsteig 23. Smashing a bottle against the hull, Gareth christens the label with the stripped back psych funk groove of "Blood, Campari & Sand", an A-side example of piano, bass and percussion put together perfectly. Thigns take a turn for the trippy on the B-side as "Meta Weta" drops into a 90bpm wormhole, pulling dusty flute samples, pitched down vocals and some sort of pneumatic found sound into its bass heavy blob-zone. 


A1. Blood, Campari & Sand
B1. Meta Weta

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