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Fat Dog

All The Same

    Fat Dog’s second single, ‘All The Same’, b/w exclusive b-side, ‘Land Before Time’.

    Bill Ryder-Jones

    Iechyd Da

      Beautifully produced and rich in scope – ‘Iechyd Da’ is Bill Ryder-Jones’ most ambitious record to date. At times joyous and grand, at others intimate and heartbreaking, the past few years spent producing other artists have provided that gentle nudge to expand into new territory, from kids choirs and tender strings to dramatically re-contextualised disco samples.

      Making this album has been a process that has been endlessly rewarding for Ryder-Jones, both creatively and personally, as he finally accepts that he’s made an album that has bettered one he’s been trying to top for a decade. “It's been incredible making this,” he says. “Despite all the life stuff that's happened, it has brought me immense happiness. I've always railed against it when people ask if making a record is cathartic but I’d have to admit that this one really was. Over the years my music has lost a bit of its hope I reckon. It were important for me to make a record that had more hope in it. Even by my standards the last few years have been rocky, but I’ve chosen to soundtrack it with more positive music, you know? I love this album. I haven't been this proud of a record since A Bad Wind Blows in My Heart.”


      Barry says: Ryder-Jones presents possibly his most upbeat offering yet, still wading in similar waters to 2018's brilliant 'Yawn' but with a sense of brightness and tethered melancholy that we've not heard from him before. Shimmering acoustic guitars, wandering psychedlia and soaring melodies coalesce into a beautifully rich and wonderfully immersive whole.


      Side A
      I Know That It’s Like This (Baby)
      A Bad Wind Blows In My Heart Pt. 3
      If Tomorrow Starts Without Me
      We Don’t Need Them
      I Hold Something In My Hand
      This Can’t Go On
      Side B
      1. …And The Sea…
      2. Nothing To Be Done
      3. It’s Today Again
      4. Christinha
      5. How Beautiful I Am
      6. Thankfully For Anthony
      7. Nos Da

      Dinked Edition Bonus 7”:
      Bedbound Melodies (Big Softies)
      When Will I Get Used To This? (Big Softies)



        Georgia announces her return with her incredible new album Euphoric; co-produced by Rostam (Haim, Carly Rae Jepsen, Clairo), it marks the first time that Georgia has worked with another producer on her own material. The result is her dynamite third studio LP, featuring ten songs that vibrate with energy.

        Euphoric follows Georgia’s club-coercing last record, the universally adored and critically acclaimed Seeking Thrills which well and truly cemented her as one of the UK’s premier producers and songwriters. Since then, Georgia has collaborated with the likes of Mura Masa, Gorillaz, Shygirl, Baby Tate, Dan Carey and David Jackson, most recently writing with Years and Years’ Olly Alexander and on Shania Twain’s #1 album Queen Of Me. All of this experience has been poured into her forthcoming album.

        Georgia has also shared the first single from the record, “It’s Euphoric”, complete with a vibrant and compelling video directed by Fa & Fon. Powered by a gentle ecstasy, the song opens with a grounding bassline which Georgia toys with through her playful vocal rhythms (“I wasn’t saying much/ It was on the tip of my tongue”). “It’s Euphoric” was the first track that Rostam and Georgia wrote together and it went on to dictate the entirety of the album’s colourful soundscape.

        Having written her last two albums within a three-metre radius of her bedroom, it was important for Georgia to find a new physical and emotional space in which to write: “I wanted an adventure! Being a self-produced musician, it’s easy to get stuck on one thing or in one place.” As fate would have it, esteemed producer Rostam DM’d Georgia after hearing her on the Mura Masa track “Live Like We’re Dancing”, and she swiftly was on a flight out to LA.

        After 10 years of being her own main collaborator, a crucial part of the writing process was learning to relinquish control. And for Georgia, this record is a surrender, “To my issues, to my past, to my flaws and to the healing process” and through it she was able to guide herself to a new healthy form of unconstrained liberation. Euphoric see Georgia stepping out from behind the recording desk and establishing herself as a unique left-field pop artist. It’s the sound of life and of living in the now rather than escaping it.


        Barry says: It's been a long, agonising wait for the new Georgia LP after her brilliant debut 'Seeking Thrills' (which still gets played at least once a week round these parts), but the stunning 'Euphoric' takes all of the thumping percussion and silken synth-lines from that spellbinding collection and knocks it up a notch. Perfectly composed, and a more than worthy step up from her already brilliant canon.


        1. It’s Euphoric
        2. Give It Up For Love
        3. Some Things You’ll Never Know
        4. Mountain Song
        5. All Night
        6. Live Like We’re Dancing Part II
        7. The Dream
        8. Keep On
        9. Friends Will Never Let You Go
        10. So What

        James Yorkston, Nina Persson & The Secondhand Orchestra

        The Great White Sea Eagle

          James Yorkston, Nina Persson and The Second Hand Orchestra release The Great White Sea Eagle, the follow up to James Yorkston and The Second Hand Orchestra’s The Wide, Wide River - a Guardian Top 10 Folk Album of 2021.

          The record didn’t start life as a follow up; in early 2021, Yorkston began visiting his studio in Cellardyke, Fife and for the first time, starting writing songs on the piano as opposed to his usual guitar as he gazed upon the sea outside his window.

          After sending the first five or six songs to Karl-Jonas Winqvist (the ringleader/conductor of TSHO), they began to discuss working on the music together. With Yorkston’s shift from guitar to piano, they thought about what other changes they could make to their process which led to the involvement of a guest singer and the legendary Nina Persson (The Cardigans) was brought into the fold.

          They followed the same methodology as The Wide, Wide River – apart from James, Nina and KJ, none of The Second Hand Orchestra had heard the music prior to entering the studio – and the arrangements were made up on the spot. Yorkston summarises: “Everyone who was playing in The Second Hand Orchestra, in their own way they are all unique and colourful players. There was no-one there who didn’t know what to do. I would bring them the songs, we would start one - I would play it, and second time round people would start singing and playing, and by the time we had done it three or four times we would hit record and we would be ready to go. And the thing that they all had was the ability to give each other space and to come up with their parts based on what other people were playing naturally was a very quick process, and they were all so open, nobody was egotistical. Everything was just happy. I love the wildness in it.”


          Barry says: It's the second cracking Dinked release for the week and sees The Cardigans' Nina Persson team up with the endlessly talented James Yorkston and The Secondhand Orchestra for a beautiful LP brimming with brittle guitars and twinkling piano, all topped with those instantly recognisable vocal talents. A very welcome meeting of minds.


          Side A
          Sam & Jeanie McGreagor
          An Upturned Crab
          Keeping Up With The Grandchildren, Yeah
          The Heavy Lyric Police
          A Sweetness In You
          A Forestful Of Rougues
          Side B
          Peter Paulo Van Der Heyden
          Hold Out For Love
          The Harmony
          The Great White Sea Eagle
          A Hollow Skeleton Lifts A Heavy Wing

          Tirzah releases "Highgrade". A full reworking of the ten tracks on her acclaimed second album "Colourgrade". Containing remixes from the likes of Arca, Actress, Lafawndah, Loraine James and Speakers Corner Quartet. Moving through orchestral jazz, deconstructed r'n'b and minimal electronica, "Highgrade", like all Tirzah’s music is not easily definable by genre, and all the better for it.

          Personal favourites include the mutant jazz delivered by Speakers Corner Quartet's remix of "Hive Mind" (check the cello work especially!) and the reversed psychedelic lullaby of "Sleeping", remixed here by Anja Ngozi. Actress' twist on "Sink In" is also worth of a special mention - the moody downtechno wizard imbuing the track with a kind of glowing-through-the-drizzle aesthetic that's perfect for half-falling asleep on long, inner city bus journeys.

          Tirzah says on Highgrade: 'The pieces can live another life and come together as a collection of hybrids. So very grateful to all the artists. Thanking them all for the music.'


          SIDE A:
          1 Hive Mind (Speakers Corner Quartet Remix) 
          2 Crepuscular Rays (Lafawndah Remix) 
          3 Sleeping (Anja Ngozi Remix) 
          SIDE B:
          4 Colourgrade (Arca Vortex Remix) 
          5 Tectonic (Fauzia Remix) 
          SIDE C:
          6 Sink In (Actress Remix) 
          7 Hips (Loraine James Remix) 
          SIDE D:
          8 Recipe (Wu-lu Remix) 
          9 '22222 ('Send Me' Rework)' (Still House Plants) 
          10 Beating (Tone Remix) 

          George FitzGerald

          Stellar Drifting

            Stellar Drifting is 10 tracks of widescreen, futuristic electronic music. With features from the likes of SOAK, London Grammar and Domino’s own Panda Bear, Stellar Drifting is George’s most ambitious project to date. George keeps his roots deep within the electronic music scene, bringing in pop melodies, club rhythms and other UK dance music elements whilst pushing the boundaries of his sound.

            Thematically the record incorporates intergalactic utopian narratives; escapism, outer space and utopian vision of the future feature. The term ‘stellar drift’ refers to the movement of stars - far from being static and eternal, space is constantly in motion, and celestial bodies are changing over time. The album title hints at an otherworldly serenity that might be found within this continual flux.

            The visual elements for Stellar Drifting have been created by designer, David Rudnick in collaboration with digital developer, Chris Shier. 

            Melody's Echo Chamber

            Emotional Eternal

              Emotional Eternal, the third studio album from Melody’s Echo Chamber, is a deeply human collection of songs full of prolonged moments of sonic transcendency – a record that clearly exhibits its maturity but still regards the world with a childlike wonder. Having swapped Paris for the clean air of the Alps, Melody hopes the record “has that uplifting quality. I made some big and impactful decisions and changes to my life. It took me to where it is peaceful, and I think the record reflects this.”

              STAFF COMMENTS

              Barry says: Melody's Echo Chamber lies in the sweet spot between tropical, psychedelic pop (think the recent Pop Psychedelique Comp) and jangling indie, both anthemic and dreamy. A Brilliant and hugely melodic juxtaposition of thoughtful groove and major-key jubilance.


              All Day Gentle Hold !

                The new Porches record, ‘All Day Gentle Hold !’, via Domino, is a celebratory collection of songs. It’s charged up and chaotic, and described by the artist Aaron Maine as “the most energetic, off-thecuff moments, collaged together into the most captivating songs [he] could make.”

                ‘All Day Gentle Hold !’ was meant to be released as a short, punchy collection of songs that embraced Maine’s rock roots with live drums, two guitars, a keyboard, and a drum machine. As he fully embraced the guitar as his main instrument and returned to a minimal band arrangement, Maine found a new way of working, one that pared down the maximalism of previous album ‘Ricky Music’ to a more focused sonic palette.

                After years of experimentation, this record was an effort to create the music Maine makes most naturally, not through the lens of a producer, but as a songwriter and performer reaching out to an audience he could no longer see or feel.

                TRACK LISTING

                I Miss That
                Swimming Big
                In A Fashion
                Grab The Phone
                Comedown Song (Gunk)


                Fantasy Island

                  On their vibrant and eclectic ninth studio album Clinic, the band who wore surgical masks before it was a matter of urgency, are taking you to Fantasy Island, where you will find yourself transported to tropical climes.

                  In Hartley’s words: “Clinic look to a brighter future, [Fantasy Island] it’s a very positive album, it's more about what you can make happen rather than being defeatist.”

                  Their last album, 2019’s Wheeltappers and Shunters, found the band satirising British culture and wallowing in sleazy Seventies nostalgia. Fantasy Island was recorded in an old studio on Merseyside during the summer of 2019, with good vibrations seeping into the grooves. This time they are embracing “the idea of looking at the future and the different ways it can unfold”, with their most electronic and pop record to date. “It’s a more global, international and outward looking record,” says Hartley. “Clear blue horizons. The brave new world!”

                  The album was mixed last year by Claudius Mittendorfer, who has worked with Parquet Courts, Neon Indian and many pop greats.

                  STAFF COMMENTS

                  Barry says: Clinic take their trademark post-punk psychedelic groove into new territories with their latest outing, 'Fantasy Island'. Part outsider electronica, part woozy psychedelic groove and entirely wonderful, it's a perfect listen for the times we live in.

                  TRACK LISTING

                  1. The Lamplighter
                  2. Fine Dining
                  3. Take A Chance
                  4. Refractions (In The Rain)
                  5. Dreams Can Come True
                  6. Miracles
                  7. On The Other Side…
                  8. Fantasy Island
                  9. I Can’t Stand The Rain
                  10. Feelings
                  11. Hocus Pocus
                  12. Grand Finale

                  “Colourgrade” is the latest album from Tirzah, the British-based avant garde performer who has recently been signed to Domino following some well received 12”s on Greco-Roman.

                  The album explores recovery, gratitude and new beginnings, presenting a singer having discovered the type of love that is shared between a mother and a child for the first time, whilst simultaneously working as an artist. Capturing both the great and the scary, the exhaustion and the recovery, Colourgrade is a listless amble through the innermost feelings, an intoxicating presentation of a full time mother and artist.

                  As always, a Tirzah record is a family affair. That doesn’t just mean grandmum and granddad, but the extended CURL crew that includes long term collaborators, Mica Levi and Coby Sey, the younger brother of producer Kwes who mixes on “Colourgrade.” It’s this natural, collaborative energy that keeps Tirzah’s music fresh and progressive.

                  If you’re into Bjork, FKA Twigs, James Ferraro, Portishead or Anika; this might be up your street. It’s a pretty varied list I appreciate, but the kind of DIY use of electronics, the lo-fi production and the dreamy aesthetic lend itself to the aforementioned acts. Check it out, there’s nowt much like it on the market at the moment! 

                  STAFF COMMENTS

                  Barry says: Tirzah's brilliant Colourgrade follows on from the Mica Levi produced 'Devotion' and continues the impressive skewed-pop footprint, but with developments in production style and pure danceability. It's a brilliantly unique sound, fusing R&B, jazz and pop music into one brilliantly wonky, hugely enjoyable end result.

                  TRACK LISTING

                  Hive Mind (feat. Coby Sey)
                  Crepuscular Rays
                  Send Me
                  Sink In


                  Fever Dreams

                    Conor O'Brien is pleased to announce Villagers' fifth studio album Fever Dreams which will be released on August 20th via Domino. Escapism is a very necessary pursuit right now, and Fever Dreams follows it to mesmerising effect. It works like all the best records - it becomes a mode of transport; it picks you up from where you are and sets you down elsewhere.

                    O’Brien says on the gestation of Fever Dreams: “I had an urge to write something that was as generous to the listener as it was to myself. Sometimes the most delirious states can produce the most ecstatic, euphoric and escapist dreams.”

                    These are songs with the strange, melted shapes and the magical ambivalence of dreams. The intent of the songs is both mysterious and as clear as a bell. With Fever Dreams, there is a sense of a deepening mastery and an expanding reach by O’Brien. Inspiration for the album was found in many places and came in from all angles, from night swimming on a Dutch island to Flann O’Brien, Audre Lorde, David Lynch, L. S. Lowry via the library music of Piero Umiliani and Alessandro Alessandroni and jazz from Duke Ellington and Alice Coltrane.

                    Written over the course of two years, the main bodies of the songs were recorded in a series of full-band studio sessions in late 2019 and early 2020. During the long, slow pandemic days, O’Brien refined them in his tiny home studio in Dublin, and the album was then mixed by David Wrench (Frank Ocean, The xx, FKA Twigs).

                    TRACK LISTING

                    Side A
                    01 Something Bigger
                    02 The First Day
                    03 Song In Seven
                    04 So Simpatico
                    05 Momentarily

                    Side B
                    01 Circles In The Firing Line
                    02 Restless Endeavour
                    03 Full Faith In Providence
                    04 Fever Dreams
                    05 Deep In My Heart

                    Presented as the sister record to 2014’s “Asleep Versions”, “Piano Versions” is a collection of ambient piano cover versions. The songs on the EP, originally by Roger & Brian Eno, Thom Yorke, Luke Abbott and James Yorkston, are presented in a completely new context to their initial form. On these versions, Hopkins used his upright piano as the centrepiece of the EP, whilst recording the ambient, environmental elements around it.

                    TRACK LISTING

                    Dawn Chorus
                    Modern Driveway

                    Singularity begins and ends on the same note: a universe beginning, expanding, and contracting towards the same infinitesimal point. Where Immunity – his hypnotic breakthrough LP – charted the dark alternative reality of an epic night out, Singularity explores the dissonance between dystopian urbanity and the green forest. It is a journey that returns to where it began – from the opening note of foreboding to the final sound of acceptance.

                    Shaped by his experiences with meditation and trance states, the album flows seamlessly from rugged techno to transcendent choral music, from solo acoustic piano to psychedelic ambient. Its epic musical palette is visceral and emotionally honest: with a destructive opener full of industrial electronics and sonic claustrophobia and a redemptive, pure end on solo piano.

                    Exploring the connectivity of the mind, sonics and the natural world, Singularity reflects the different psychological states Hopkins experienced while writing and recording. It is a transformative trip of defiance from his initial sense of frustration at the state of the contemporary world to the ultimate conclusion that a true sense of peace and belonging can only come from nature.

                    Singularity is intended to be listened to in one sitting, as a complete body of work.

                    STAFF COMMENTS

                    Barry says: From crackling side-chained throbs, euphoric trance crescendoes and crepuscular reverbed piano bliss, this is a beautiful mix of his early Balearic influenced 90's output and the more recent fractured classical abstractions of 'Insides', through to the seminal 'Immunity' drive. Superb, as expected.

                    TRACK LISTING

                    Emerald Rush
                    Neon Pattern Drum
                    Everything Connected
                    Feel First Life
                    C O S M
                    Echo Dissolve
                    Luminous Beings

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