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Beautifully produced and rich in scope – ‘Iechyd Da’ is Bill Ryder-Jones’ most ambitious record to date. At times joyous and grand, at others intimate and heartbreaking, the past few years spent producing other artists have provided that gentle nudge to expand into new territory, from kids choirs and tender strings to dramatically re-contextualised disco samples.

Making this album has been a process that has been endlessly rewarding for Ryder-Jones, both creatively and personally, as he finally accepts that he’s made an album that has bettered one he’s been trying to top for a decade. “It's been incredible making this,” he says. “Despite all the life stuff that's happened, it has brought me immense happiness. I've always railed against it when people ask if making a record is cathartic but I’d have to admit that this one really was. Over the years my music has lost a bit of its hope I reckon. It were important for me to make a record that had more hope in it. Even by my standards the last few years have been rocky, but I’ve chosen to soundtrack it with more positive music, you know? I love this album. I haven't been this proud of a record since A Bad Wind Blows in My Heart.”


Barry says: Ryder-Jones presents possibly his most upbeat offering yet, still wading in similar waters to 2018's brilliant 'Yawn' but with a sense of brightness and tethered melancholy that we've not heard from him before. Shimmering acoustic guitars, wandering psychedlia and soaring melodies coalesce into a beautifully rich and wonderfully immersive whole.


Side A
I Know That It’s Like This (Baby)
A Bad Wind Blows In My Heart Pt. 3
If Tomorrow Starts Without Me
We Don’t Need Them
I Hold Something In My Hand
This Can’t Go On
Side B
1. …And The Sea…
2. Nothing To Be Done
3. It’s Today Again
4. Christinha
5. How Beautiful I Am
6. Thankfully For Anthony
7. Nos Da

Dinked Edition Bonus 7”:
Bedbound Melodies (Big Softies)
When Will I Get Used To This? (Big Softies)

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