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Dinosaur Jr.

Where You Been - National Album Day 2023 Edition

    Formed in 1984, Dinosaur Jr carved a singular path through the latter half of the 1980s and early 1990s, issuing a number of highly influential albums in the process before finding a home with Sire Records. ‘Where You Been’, their fifth record, emerged in 1993, at the height of enthusiasm for grunge and the alternative American rock scene the band had long been part of.

    Produced by a new line-up of the group (longtime drummer Murph and new bassist Mike Johnson completing the three-piece), the album became the band’s most successful up to that point, reaching #50 in the US (where it sold over a quarter of a million copies) and #10 in the UK album charts, and spawning the hit single ‘Start Choppin’.

    Released to unanimously positive reviews, and containing many tracks that would become staples and fan favourites, ‘Where You Been’ continued Dinosaur Jr’s global ascent, being issued simultaneously across the US, Europe, Australasia, Asia and South America.


    Side A:
    1. Out There
    2. Start Choppin’
    3. What Else Is New
    4. On The Way
    5. Not The Same
    Side B:
    1. Get Me
    2. Drawerings
    3. Hide
    4. Goin’ Home
    5. I Ain’t Sayin

    Dinosaur Jr.

    Bug - 2023 Reissue

      Bug is the third studio album originally released in 1988. It was the last Dinosaur Jr. album with original bassist Lou Barlow until Beyond in 2007. NME critic Jack Barron deemed Bug "the most comprehensive rock statement of the year so far" in a 1988 review for the magazine, noting Dinosaur Jr.'s predominantly "torpid" approach and commenting that the music "trepidates everyday reality away", while rating the album "8.999999" on a ten-point scale. In a retrospective review of Bug for AllMusic, Stephen Thomas Erlewine described "Freak Scene" as the album's "masterpiece" and opined, "Although the majority of the album is firmly situated in the sprawling, noisy metallic fusion of hard rock and avant noise, Bug also demonstrates that J Mascis has a talent for winding folk-rock". While finding its songs "quite uneven", Erlewine concluded that the album nonetheless constitutes "a major step forward for Mascis". Writing for Drowned in Sound in 2005, Mike Diver said of Bug, "The songwriting has increased tenfold since You're Living All Over Me ... really, if you like music – be it grunge, indie, punk, whatever – you will love this. Period. Go spend some money already." Keith Cameron of Mojo wrote, "Bug marks the emergence of Mascis writing by rote. When applied to such an outlandishly great song as 'Freak Scene' his skills still blazed, however, and as formulaic exercises in discordant alienation go, Bug is better than most.


      1. Freak Scene
      2. No Bones
      3. They Always Come
      4. Yeah We Know
      5. Let It Ride
      6. Pond Song
      7. Budge
      8. The Post
      9. Don't
      10. Keep The Glove 

      Dinosaur Jr.

      Beyond - 2022 Reissue

        Celebrating the 15th anniversary since its original release, Dinosaur Jr. is reissuing “Beyond” on limited edition coloured vinyl with a special edition white vinyl 7”.

        With J Mascis on guitar & lead vocals, Lou Barlow on bass and vocals, and Murph on drums, the 2007 album was the first from original lineup Dinosaur Jr. since 1988’s “Bug," kicking off a Dinosaur Jr. reunion which has lasted longer than the band’s original run.

        "Less a theme park of the past and more of an actual trip there… Beyond is nostalgic for everything but the band's own glory days. If anything, it's an exercise in making their entire twenty-year output sound contemporary again.” - Zach Baron for Pitchfork.

        "very existence of this new album is a surprise, but the real shock is that Beyond is a flat-out great record, a startling return to form for J Mascis as a guitarist and songwriter and Dinosaur Jr. as a band… Beyond isn't merely a worthy album from a reunited band, it's simply a great record by any standard.” - Stephen Thomas Erlewine for Allmusic Guide

        "There is something almost eerie about how exactly the Dinosaur Jr of 2007 sound like the Dinosaur Jr of 1988: on occasion, listening to Beyond feels discombobulating, like meeting an old school friend 20 years on…" - Alex Petridis for The Guardian


        SIDE A:
        1. Almost Ready
        2. Crumble
        3. Pick Me Up
        4. Back To Your Heart
        SIDE B:
        5. This Is All I Came To Do
        6. Been There All The Time
        7. It’s Me
        8. We’re Not Alone

        BONUS 7“
        SIDE A:
        1. What If I Knew
        SIDE B:
        1. Yer Son

        Dinosaur Jr


          • RECORDED LIVE ON MTV’S 120 MINUTES , MARCH 7 TH 1993.

          Captured at the height of their powers during the heyday of the grunge movement that they inspired, J Mascis and Dinosaur Jr perform tracks from their back catalogue live on MTV’s 120 Minutes show .

          Loud and heavy as ever, the band turn in an inspired performance, which has since become a legendary favourite among fans.

          Never officially released until now, and produced in association with MTV and the band, ‘Seventytwohundredseconds’ is the latest in our ongoing extensive exploration of Dinosaur Jr’s brilli ant Sire Records period. A must - hear glimpse of one of the treasures from the rich seam of American alternative rock and grunge artists who reinvigorated guitar - orientated music in the late 1980s and 1990s.


          Side A
          1. Severed Lips
          2. Budge
          3. Get Me
          Side B
          1. Thumb
          2. Raisans

          Dinosaur Jr.

          Sweep It Into Space

            Here is Sweep It Into Space, the fifth new studio album cut by Dinosaur Jr.. during the 13th year of their rebirth. Originally scheduled for issue in mid 2020, this record’s temporal trajectory was thwarted by the coming of the Plague. But it would take more than a mere Plague to tamp down the exquisite fury of this trio when they are fully dialed-in. And Sweep It Into Space is a masterpiece of zoned dialing.

            Recorded, as usual, at Amherst’s Biquiteen, the sessions for Sweep It Into Space began in the late Autumn of 2019, following a West Coast/ South East tour. The only extra musician used this time with Kurt Vile. Indeed, Sweep It Into Space is a very cool album. As is typical, Lou Barlow writes and sings two of the album’s dozen tunes and Murph’s pure-Flinstonian drumming drives the record like a go cart from Hell. Lou’s songs here are as elegant as always. But there are very few moments where you wouldn’t know you were hearing Dinosaur Jr. in blindfolded needle drop.

            They have a signature sound as sure as the Stooges or Sonic Youth or Discharge ever did. They continue to expand their personal universe with Sweep It Into Space, without ever losing their central core.

            STAFF COMMENTS

            Barry says: There's something unmistakeable about the Dinosaur Jr sound. Not only do the melodic guitars and major-key melodies scream DJR, but Mascis' vocals bring back every memory of hazy summers spent listening to 'Green Mind' as a young teenager. 'Sweep It Into Space' has every bit of the charm and groove of their early years but with a maturity and musicianship that can only come from a band at this stage of their career.

            TRACK LISTING

            SIDE A:
            1. I Ain’t
            2. I Met The Stones
            3. To Be Waiting
            4. I Ran Away
            5. Garden
            6. Hide Another Round

            SIDE B:
            7. And Me
            8. I Expect It Always
            9. Take It Back
            10. N Say
            11. Walking To You
            12. You Wonder

            Dinosaur Jr

            Give A Glimpse Of What Yer Not


            With all the insanity that is stalking the Earth in 2016, it’s nice to have something to rely on. Who’d’ve dared to think it’d be Dinosaur Jr.? There’s no doubt about it - this is the record that the fans have been waiting for since the original line up reformed.

            The songs on ‘Give A Glimpse Of What Yer Not’ were recorded over the past year or so, again at Amherst’s Bisquiteen Studio (located in a secret nook of J’s basement). The sound is great and roaring with J’s various bleeding ear psychedelic guitar touches oozing their way into the smudge-pop modelling, while Murph’s drums pound like Fred Flintstone’s feet and Lou’s bass weaves back and forth between proggy melodicism and post-core thug-hunch.

            STAFF COMMENTS

            Barry says: As you would expect from Dinosaur Jr, this is an anthemic grunge tour-de force. Hard-hitting drums and distortion abound all topped with Mascis' snarling but perfectly tuned vocals. Rousing chord progressions are rife here, but not the only thing on offer,'Be A Part' shows a bit of single-note twiddling before breaking out into a melancholic minor-key chord fare. 'Knocked Around' could be the soundtrack to a particularly heartwrenching college-party romantic failure montage. A brilliant return to form for Dinosaur Jr, as exciting, dynamic and emotive as ever. Highly recommended.

            TRACK LISTING

            1. Goin' Down
            2. Tiny
            3. Be A Part
            4. I Told Everyone
            5. Love Is..
            6. Good To Know
            7. I Walk For Miles
            8. Lost All Day
            9. Knocked Around
            10 Mirror
            11. Left/Right

            Dinosaur Jr


              This 1988 LP is the final recording by the original line-up, and it opens with one of the greatest songs ever written! "Freak Scene" was massive in Manchester (just like everywhere else, I guess) in 1988 and the video for this perfect track was shot in John Robb's garden in West Didsbury! It's worth the price of the album alone. The rest of the tracks although perhaps never quite scaling those unbelievable heights, are some of Dinosaur's best work, fantastic song after fantastic song. J. Mascis had single-handedly resurrected the guitar as a freewheeling transcendental instrument, hurrah!!!! It was just a shame that the band hated each other, and this was to be their last as this line-up, but there can be no better way to go out than this. A true stone-wall CLASSIC!!!!

              TRACK LISTING

              Freak Scene
              No Bones
              They Always Come
              Yeah We Know
              Let It Ride
              Pond Song
              The Post

              Dinosaur Jr


                Coming out of Massachusetts in 1985, this album brought the young, socially inadequate and self-absorbed J.Mascis dimly into focus. Dysfunction always rocks and J's solution / release was to build a wall of noise, with unbelievably loud guitars which were sometimes hazy, sometimes sprawling. The results were mesmerising. Like an East Coast version of The Meat Puppets, there was loser folk mumblings mixed with lo-fi hardcore mixed with psych-metal mixed with nervy U.K new-wave and even Goth! Add Neil Young guitar sprawls and bingo: this is music you've never heard in your life before. This debut is ramshackle and hotch-potch in places, but beneath the noise there's plenty of clever songs mixing pretty melody with brutal power.

                TRACK LISTING

                Forget The Swan
                Cats In A Bowl
                The Leper
                Does It Float
                Severed Lips
                Mountain Man

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