Dinosaur Jr.

Dinosaur - 2023 Reissue

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Baked Goods Records

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Dinosaur is the debut studio album by Dinosaur Jr. It was originally released in 1985 on Homestead Records. The album exhibits a folkier side of the band than on future releases but some of the tracks on the album showed off a much heavier, more hardcore punk-based side to the band in songs such as "Does it Float", "Mountain Man" and "Bulbs of Passion." "Bulbs of Passion" was not featured on the original LP (it was a b-side to the "Repulsion" single). On later reissues as on this one "Bulbs of Passion" is the first track at J Mascis' request. "Yeah, I asked for that," J recalls, "because [that song] gave our new direction - it felt like we were our own sound." Also featured is a 1987 live performance of "Does It Float" as a bonus track to close out the album.


1. Bulbs Of Passion
2. Forget The Swan
3. Cats In A Bowl
4. The Leper
5. Does It Float
6. Pointless
7. Repulsion
8. Gargoyle
9. Severed Lips
10. Mountain Man
11. Quest
12. Does It Float (Live)

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