Riz Ortolani

Warriors Of The Year 2072

Image of Riz Ortolani - Warriors Of The Year 2072
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Death Waltz

About this item

Lucio Fulci directed this dystopian sci-fi epic in 1984. In 2072 the world is ruled by TV networks. Two of these networks are locked in a bitter rating battle and in finding more ways to outdo each other one of them decides to host a Roman centurion style battle to the death featuring convicted murderers fighting each other on motorcycles (wait is this a documentary?) As you would expect from Fulci it’s outrageous, silly, super entertaining and full of over the top violence. The score was composed by Maestro Riz Ortolani and here he delivers one of his most bombastic, striking (and fun) scores. Loaded with killer synth lines, chunky riffs and pounding synthetic drums.


A1. Roma Imperial Rock (Titoli)
A2. I Guerrieri Dell'Anno 2072 (Love Theme)
A3. Roma Imperial Rock
A4. I Guerrieri Dell'Anno 2072 (Rock Fanfare)
A5. I Guerrieri Dell'Anno 2072 (Future Rome)
A6. The Fighter Centurions
B1. I Guerrieri Dell'Anno 2072 (Tension & Mystery)
B2. Roma Imperial Rock
B3. I Guerrieri Dell'Anno 2072 (Warrior's Action)
B4. I Guerrieri Dell'Anno 2072 (Labyrinth Of Death)
B5. The Fighter Centurions
B6. I Guerrieri Dell'Anno 2072 (More Tension)
B7. Roma Imperial Rock 

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