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Daniel Johnston

Yip Jump Music - 2024 Reissue

    Daniel Johnston had previously written hundreds of songs but "Yip Jump Music" marked his first deliberate album. The foreboding circumstance and crude tools proved to be a test of Daniel's expressive resource. Over the tape hiss his voice could be heard – sometimes alone – or using a see-and-say toy, a chord organ, or an out-of-tune ukulele. It became an example of soul-baring heartfelt music-making that accomplished musicians and celebrities would later love. Kurt Cobain listed "Yip Jump Music" as #35 of his top 50 albums. Digitally re-mastered, with new packaging, a fold out poster, lyrics sheet and drawing.

    Daniel Johnston

    Alive In New York City

      Daniel Johnston’s ‘Alive in New York City’: A full performance captured before a live audience in New York City, the city of Daniel Johnston’s dreams. Daniel is at the height of his performing powers, with his solo voice in full poignant bloom. A real time-capsule, each song is a gem rendered in full color by an artist dedicated to his craft. This LP captures him at an unusually happy point in his life, sharing the deepest parts of himself with his audience. We are given a rare glimpse into Daniel’s heart, where the physical rendering he gives over to his lyrics transcends the music and works as a beacon into the tender mind of a genius - grappling with how to love himself and find his place in the world. This 2000 concert recorded and live-mixed by Kramer in NYC happened on a very special night and Shimmy-Disc is proud to present it to the world, along with 18 minutes of bonus material comprised of some of the rarest audio treasures from the Daniel Johnston Archives - a series of “Telephone Demos” created by Daniel specifically for sending to friends over his phone. These little teleplays from Daniel’s pre-”1990” days have never been heard before, so his fans will go wild with joy over this newly discovered and precious cargo from the mind of this one-of-a-kind and irreplaceable Artist.


      Frito Lay (Sweetheart)
      Frustrated Artist
      The Spook
      Love Will See You Through
      Silly Love
      Live And Let Die
      You’ve Got To Hide Your Love
      Casper The Friendly Ghost
      Memory Of Love
      Bloody Rainbow
      Super Love
      Interview (Excerpt)

      Daniel Johnston

      Fear Yourself - 2023 Reissue

        Our review from 2003:

        The eccentric genius that is Daniel Johnston returns with the help of Sparklehorse's Mark Linkous, which in turn has made this one of his most accessible albums to date potentially appealing to fans of the Mercury Rev / Flaming Lips style sound.


        1. Now
        2. Syrup Of Tears
        3. Mountain Top
        4. Love Enchanted
        5. Must
        6. Fish
        7. The Power Of Love
        8. Forever Your Love
        9. Love Not Dead
        10. You Hurt Me
        11. Wish
        12. Living It For The Moment

        Daniel Johnston

        Rejected Unknown - 2023 Reissue

          Rejected Unknown is a 2001 album released by the acclaimed musician, Daniel Johnston. This is the first time the record has been pressed to vinyl in over 20 years. "The main themes on Rejected Unknown are the themes Johnston has explored throughout much of his career: hopeless longing, unrequited love, and as might be gathered from the album's title, fear of rejection. This fear probably took on very real terms for Johnston as he was finally dropped from Atlantic Records after being held for years in contractual limbo. Rejected Unknown is unmistakably Johnston's album; he sings and plays piano and guitar, and even adds some percussion to the oddly quirky pop songs."


          1. Impossible Love
          2. Funeral Girl
          3. Dream Scream
          4. Love Forever
          5. Cathy Cline
          6. Davinare
          7. Party
          8. The Spook
          9. Girl Of My Dreams
          10. Billions / Rock
          11. Thrill
          12. Favorite Darling Girl
          13. Some Time Spent In Heaven
          14. Wedding Ring Bells Blue
          15. I Lose

          Daniel Johnston

          Songs Of Pain - 2023 Reissue

            Songs of Pain, the debut album from the late Daniel Johnston, is being released on vinyl for the first time this March. Originally recorded on homemade cassette in 1981 and later released as a standardised version by Stress Records in 1988, Songs of Pain was recorded between 1980 and 1981 in Johnston’s parents’ basement in West Virginia.

            TRACK LISTING

            1. Grievances
            2. A Little Story
            3. Joy Without Pleasure
            4. Never Relaxed
            5. Brainwash
            6. Pot Head
            7. Wicked World
            8. Lazy
            9. I Save Cigarette Butts
            10. Like A Monkey In A Zoo
            11. Wicked Will
            12. An Idiot's End
            13. Wild West Virginia
            14. Since I Lost My Tooth
            15. Urge
            16. Living Life
            17. Tuna Ketchup
            18. Premarital Sex
            19. Don't Act Nice
            20. Hate Song
            21. Lead Belly Was An Outlaw
            22. I Love You (I'd Like To Read You Some Poetry)
            23. Why Don't You Love Me True
            24. I'm A Rambling Kinda Guy
            25. Sleepy Lagoon
            26. Natalie Queen Of Weirton
            27. Golly Gee
            28. You Need A Reason

            Daniel Johnston

            Hi, How Are You - 2022 Reissue

              Remastered for vinyl and re-released by Daniel's own label Eternal Yip Eye Music. This is a limited pressing.

              ‘Hi, How Are You’ is best known for its artwork - from a mural in Austin and on to a T-shirt worn by Kurt Cobain.

              ‘Yip/Jump Music’ was amongst Kurt Cobain’s most beloved albums of all time.

              TRACK LISTING

              1. Poor You
              2. Big Business Monkey
              3. Walking The Cow
              4. I Picture Myself With A Guitar
              5. Despair Came Knocking
              6. I Am A Baby (In My Universe)
              7. Nervous Love
              8. I'll Never Marry
              9. Get Yourself Together
              10. Running Water
              11. Desperate Man Blues
              12. Hey Joe
              13. She Called Pest Control
              14. Keep Punching Joe
              15. No More Pushing Joe Around

              Daniel Johnston

              The End Is Never Really Over (INC. XL SIZE T-SHIRT)

                THIS IS A RECORD STORE DAY 2020 RELEASE.
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                'Artistic Vice' and '1990' - 'Captain America FOLK' T-Shirt - 16 page art book - 'Jeremiah The Frog' pin badge - Stickers ñ 'Artistic Vice' and '1990' - 'Captain America FOLK' T-Shirt - 16 page art book - 'Jeremiah The Frog' pin badge - Stickers

                Built To Spill

                Built To Spill Plays The Songs Of Daniel Johnston

                  In 2017 Built To Spill was invited to play a few shows as Daniel Johnston's back up band This is what those rehearsals sounded like. 11 tracks of Johnston's fractured pop presented through the eyes of Built To Spill.

                  TRACK LISTING

                  SIDE A

                  1. Bloody Rainbow
                  2. Tell Me Now
                  3. Honey I Sure Miss You
                  4. Good Morning You
                  5. Heart, Mind And Soul

                  SIDE B

                  1. Life In Vain
                  2. Mountain Top
                  3. Queenie The Dog
                  4. Impossible Love
                  5. Fake Records Of Rock & Roll
                  6. Fish

                  Daniel Johnston / Various

                  Space Ducks: Soundtrack

                    To celebrate the release of his first ever cartoon book, Daniel Johnston has put together a soundtrack as an accompaniment - his first new album since 2009.

                    The soundtrack includes seven unreleased tracks by Daniel, as well as new tracks from Unknown Mortal Orchestra, Jake Bugg and Die Mason Die, amongst others.

                    Includes a booklet with a 24 page excerpt of Daniel’s cartoon.

                    Daniel Johnston And His Hyperjink Tricycle

                    Alien Mind Control

                      The casual studio atmosphere naturally created when friends get together to record has brought out the best in Daniel. These four tracks, each fronted by Daniel, represent some of his most striking and compelling work in a long time. Included is a new version of the popular track "Long Lost Love".

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