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Close Lobsters

Janice Long Session 15.07.86

    Even before the release of the debut single from off-kilter Scottish indie-pop legends Close Lobsters, the late, lamented Janice Long got them in for their first outing at the BBC’s Maida Vale Studios. They recorded a session featuring four staples from their blistering live set at the time – which was peak-hour C86.

    Two of the songs included here in early versions ended up re-recorded as A-sides of singles, paving the way to a close shave with stardom via their incredible debut album ‘Foxheads Stalk This Land’, released a year later.


    Never Seen Before
    Pathetic Trivia
    Heaven … Rains [Going To Heaven To See If It Rains]
    Nothing Really Matters

    Close Lobsters

    John Peel Session 04.01.88

      A year and a half after their first BBC session, Close Lobsters returned to Maida Vale at the behest of John Peel. What emerged was a stunning session including three songs destined for their next single ‘What Is There To Smile About?’ – among them the Lobsters classic, ‘Loopholes’ – plus a cover with near-legendary status among fans: their version of ‘Mirror Breaks’ by anarcho-punk outfit The Mob.


      What Is There To Smile About?
      From This Day On
      Mirror Breaks

      Close Lobsters

      Session EPs

        This limited edition 3x10" collection features the two Precious Recordings Sessions EPs along with a Radio Clyde Session EP which is exclusive to this bundle.


        John Peel Session
        1. Loopholes 02:44
        2. From This Day On 04:42
        3. What Is There To Smile About? 02:47
        4. Mirror Breaks 03:46

        Janice Long Session

        1. Never Seen Before 02:55
        2. Pathetic Trivia 02:38
        3. Heaven … Rains [Going To Heaven To See If It Rains] 03:06
        4. Nothing Really Matters 03:04

        Radio Clyde Session
        5. Lovely Little Swan 03:48
        6. Le Grande Ennui [Knee Trembler] 04:37
        7. Nature Thing 03:59
        8. Say Hello, Wave Goodbye 04:25

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