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Cleo Sol


    Heaven is the follow up to Cleo Sol's second album, Mother, which was released in 2021. In celebration of its two-year anniversary, she tweeted: "Two years since we released mother into the world, thank you for embracing me, and seeing me, writing my truth is sometimes difficult, but it’s freeing, and having you support me pushes me to be brave."

    Thought to be the primary vocalist for the mysterious collective SAULT, Cleo Sol primarily collaborates with producer Inflo. Earlier this year, during London Fashion Week, she joined Alicia Keys as a special guests alongside Little Simz, and performed Simz's track, "Woman".


    1. Self
    2. Airplane
    3. Go Baby
    4. Heaven
    5. Old Friends
    6. Miss Romantic
    7. Golden Child (Jealous)
    8. Nothing On Me
    9. Love Will Lead You

    Cleo Sol


      The fourth Cleo Sol masterpiece and the second album of 2024. Gold is another spiritual and soulful masterclass full of love, courage and optimism.


      1. There Will Be No Crying
      2. Reason
      3. Things Will Get Better
      4. Only Love
      5. Please Don’t End It All
      6. Lost Angel
      7. Desire
      8. In Your Own Home
      9. Life Will Be
      10. Gold

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