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Clara La San

Made Mistakes

    On debut album 'Made Mistakes', visionary singer, writer and producer Clara La San creates a uniquely mesmerising and atmospheric space within alternative R&B, centred around a core of confident vulnerability.


    1. Another Night
    2. Don't Worry About It
    3. Things You Didn’t Know
    4. Runnin
    5. Talking To You
    6. All I Wanna Do
    7. Far Away
    8. Upset With Ya
    9. Solo
    10. Made Me Feel

    Clara! hits AD93 with a 6 track LP ft. productions from the SKY H1, Pearson Sound & Low Jack.

    '"Pulso" is about sexual desire, my desire. Me as the subject, not only the object of it. I sing my pleasure and daydreams, because it's my body and my imagination, so I know what I like to feel."

    Sonically inspired by reggaeton, a genre that is personally nostalgic and reminiscent of times spent at parties listening to the imported genre as a teenager in her home country, Spain. Clara! works with producers who don’t usually dabble in the genre - SKY H1, Pearson Sound and Low Jack - in order to mix their own, unique universes with it. 

    It's another unwavering statement of intent from the anything-but-the-mainstream-goes, AD 93. 


    Matt says: Hauntingly alluring soundscapes, neck-snapping tight beats and seductive Spanish vocals equal another winner from the AD93 camp.


    Lluvia De Sal (Feat. El Manantial)
    Elle ( Feat. Kabaeushé)
    Te Llevo
    Pulso Gotas
    Pulso Charcos



      The latest collection by Cascadian resident loscil aka Scott Morgan is a stunning meditation on light, shade, and decay, sourced from a single three-minute composition performed by a 22-piece string orchestra in Budapest.

      The subsequent recording was lathe-cut on to a 7-inch, then “scratched and abused to add texture and color,” from which the entirety of Clara was sampled, shape-shifted, and sculpted. Despite their limited palette, the compositions summon a sense of the infinite, swelling and swimming through luminous depths. Certain tracks percolate over narcoleptic metronomes while others slowdive in shimmering shadowplay, sounding at times like some noir music of the spheres.

      Although Morgan's compositional premise for Clara was quite defined, the resultant work is wonderfully opaque and spatial, equal parts lush and lurking, traced in fine-grained gradients and radiant silences. The album's title comes from the Latin for ‘bright': a fitting muse for this masterpiece of celestial electric currents and interstitial ether, where “shadows are amplified and bright spots dimmed.”


      Barry says: I love a bit of Loscil. 'Sketches From New Brighton' and 'Plume' get a heavy workout on my home stereo, and 'Clara' is sure to go the same way. It's a beautifully rewarding and rich collection of textural washes and shifting soundscapes, perfectly in line with the rest of Loscil's impressive canon, but standing entirely on its own. Beautiful stuff as ever.


      2. Lumina
      3. Lucida
      4. Stella
      5. Vespera
      6. Sol
      7. Aura
      8. Flamma
      9. Orta
      10. Clara 

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