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Oceans Of The Moon

Oceans Of The Moon

    “A dusty plain, a red sky, sand in your teeth - ‘I don’t feel so great’ - a post-apocalyptic hooptie jeep-jammer. ‘Why is everything in ruins? There must be others like us out here somewhere…’

    “This fine sizzling grease pit of cyber punk comes to us from psychic veteran Rick Pelletier (of Six Finger Satellite, Landed, La Machine), always bringing an interesting, bent and lurid account of visions to wax for the hungry ear bone. This time around the equipment scavenged is guitar, drums, synth and vocals. The beat goes full lotus climbing out of the goo, like men with sap gloves slapping the hulls of the remaining clubs, keeping the peace during live actions, gorgeous nauseating synthesized harmonies blowing through the ceiling vents, frickle-fried guitar belly slish and vocals delivered over the P.A. at Barter Town (sometimes from the workers in the pit, in unison).

    “Picture a bucket of molten metal with gobs of scalp sizzling and sinking away-dance music for the infected. Be sure to double up on your dose before driving around on this one so you can wipe the chum smear off your wind screen.” - John Dwyer.


    1. Hope Will Pass
    2. Baby Chiffon
    3. Sully
    4. I'm On A Roll
    5. Borderline
    6. Bill Fill
    7. Shazzamatazz
    8. Blowin My Mind

    Exit Group

    Adverse Habitat

      From the dank warehouse recesses that brought us Useless Eaters and Dry Erase, Castle Face introduces Exit Group—sharply futuristic post-punk with a pissed-off lean, antisocial lyrics spit over an abnormally locked-in guitar / bass / drums triangle, wound up tighter than a Swiss watch. Post-everything sample tweakery and chromedipped guitar tonality lend a darkly robotic sheen, abraded riffs pop up everywhere but where you think they should be, clanging and clanking inhumanly around elaborate Rube Goldberg patterns, tessellating under flickering municipal neon. Adverse Habitat is bone-dry furious, turning on a dime just to slap the drink out of your hand. 


      1. Collage 1
      2. Cruel Fog
      3. Plastic Coffin
      4. The Butcher
      5. Chained Up Against The Ritual Clique
      6. Constant Punishment
      7. Collage 2
      8. Soft Option
      9. Negative
      10. Automatic Heart Attack
      11. Subtle Persuasion
      12. Collage 3
      13. Stuck Like A Brick

      Once And Future Band

      Once And Future Band

        In the vapor trail of “How Does It Make You Feel,” the first track on this self-titled full length, one can smell the burnt ozone of a seventies-full-orchestra-nebula-pop-odyssey, the flakes floating down and landing like snow, giving grave-chills … the ash of a masterpiece pop song. Once And Future Band: this incredibly accomplished cabal of total prog wizards has circled the earth, but then, these are the accomplished gentlemen of many former pursuits (the formidable Drunk Horse among them) and all of them comets themselves.

        The very mid-’70s vibe at work here surpasses pastiche, and crests that lovely anachronistic conceptual peak: a fully realized and meticulously arranged psych record, meant to be listened to from top to bottom, with the lights down low and in a comfy chair perhaps, or while gazing out the window of your life pod. The Dark Side of the Moon feel, with shades of early Yes’s technicality, a dash of Steely Dan’s vocal prowess and effortless sheen, and some seriously outsized hooks that call to mind the mighty ELO, Le Orme and, yes, even the unsinkable Queen powered on Brian May’s tape echo jet fuel and sequined power cells. This is a head record in the classic sense but utter fealty to The Dark One insures both being trapped and infected by the pop-parasite. That it is largely self-produced (with tracking / engineering on three of the songs by Phil Manley at El Studio) makes it all the more jaw dropping. Making prog cool again, again, and then slightly more complicatedly, again.

        Mountains And Rainbows


          Last summer, John Dwyer came back from an Oh Sees tour talking about a fantastic band he’d played with in Detroit called Mountains and Rainbows. What followed him home was a double-LP’s worth of shopworn weirdness and a delightfully loose attitude that must have something to do with the ecstasy of a Midwestern summer. These backyard freaks jam into the twilight, led by a vocal quaver belted to the cheap seats, a groove and a grin and a heaping spoonful of “damn, aren’t you glad we came out tonight?” Vibrant and confusing like the insane-o cover artwork that appears to be constructed of many layers of fluorescent duct tape.

          Careening from the mellow chugger vibe on “How You Spend Your Time” to the tightly wound twitch of “Dying To Meet You,” Mountains and Rainbows stretch their legs deep into the strange, with a dark oddness lurking in the corners of tunes like weirdo highlight “With Beefheart.” Particles is a great addition to a little journey of one’s own, perhaps, and just in time for the sunlit afternoons to come.

          Zig Zags

          Running Out Of Red

            Los Angeles-based bonehead savants Zig Zags are no-nonsense ’80s style thrash with a magpie eye for deepfried pop culture detritus. These guys give so few fucks while they are out ripping faces that it’s tough to say much about them that hasn’t been said before—they shred so that we may raise beers in non-ironic salute to their Voivod worship, to a world in which young heshers subscribe to New Wave of British Heavy Metal and practice early Slayer solos while watching daytime TV, to waking and baking as you watch the world burn. Running Out of Red is the soundtrack to getting high and driving around in your shitty car in your small town, occasionally getting laid…occasionally getting laid out at the local liquor store by an older dude. Gang vocals: check. 1-2 pit beat: on lock. Shredder solid state guitar heroics: ripping, and so should you, the bong is packed and I think there’s still pizza in the fridge. I can smell your pants from here, dude.

            TRACK LISTING

            1. They Came For Us
            2. No Brains No Balls
            3. The Sadist
            4. Total Recall
            5. Lizard
            6. Sin Eaters
            7. Giving Up The Ghost
            8. Can?t Afford The Basics
            9. My Lighter
            10. Meat Man
            11. Afraid Of The Dark
            12. Night Of The Knife


            Bangers Vs Fuckers (Reissue)

              Feeling listless? Falling asleep behind the wheel? Need a soundtrack for your backyard Fight Club (with the lucky possibility of a muddy mid-fight kiss)? We have just the thing: a fully re-spruced version of the Coachwhips’ classic LP, Bangers Vs. Fuckers.

              If you’re unfamiliar, this record may be the loudest thing ever put to tape. Weasel Walter’s mastering job is more of an act of terrorism than anything else but it perfectly captures the intensity of seeing them live in, say, your bathroom. This record right here is Coachwhips at their bloody-nosed best, way past in the red, shoving white-hot heart-attack anthems like “You Gonna Get It,” “Evil Son” and “Thee Alarm” straight through your reptilian brain and into the sweaty crowd behind you. Essential listening for anyone with a pulse and a chip on their shoulder. Remastered and recut at 45 RPM for maximum blunt force. We found the artwork all beat up but we nursed it back to health. It’s never been louder, clearer or more fun than this!

              TRACK LISTING

              1. You Gonna Get It
              2. Extinguish Me
              3. I Knew Her, She Knew Me
              4. Purse Peeking
              5. Dancefloor, Bathroom
              6. I Drank What?
              7. Evil Son
              8. Thee Alarm
              9. Recline, Recline
              10. Harlow?s Muscle Of Love
              11. Goodnight, Goodbuy

              The first two volumes of singles and B-sides from Thee Oh Sees. Twenty-four songs, including the track “Tidal Wave” (featured in TV’s Breaking Bad), that run the gamut from very mellow stuff with strings to completely fried burners.

              TRACK LISTING

              1. Carol Anne
              2. Inquiry Perpetrated
              3. Mincing Around The Frocks
              4. Kingsmeat
              5. The Freak Was Clean
              6. Kids In Cars
              7. Bloody Water
              8. Hey Buddy (Aaron Aites Cover)
              9. Comas (Aaron Aites Cover)
              10. I Agree
              11. Grave Blockers
              12. Tidal Wave
              13. Heart Sweats
              14. Contraption (Demo)
              15. Friends Defined
              16. Blood In Your Ear
              17. Schwag Rifles
              18. The Drag (Ty Segall Cover)
              19. 7484
              20. Castiatic Tackle (Demo)
              21. She Said To Me
              22. Where People Do Drugs
              23. In The Shadow Of Giants
              24. Ichor

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