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Sega Bodega


    With his first two records Salvador (2020) and Romeo (2021), Sega Bodega introduced a reinvention of dance music driven by a kind of dream-logic which addled the mind but made sense to the body.

    His third longplayer, Dennis, arrived following an experience of mania. During a turbulent time in his personal life, the toll it took manifested itself in spikes of euphoria, sleepless nights and surrender to impulse. The difference between ‘reality’ and this mind-altered state felt paper-thin. Dennis is a translation of how this feels.

    His irreplicable sound has been woven into the production of pop disruptors including Eartheater; Caroline Polachek; and Shygirl, on her Mercury Prize-nominated record Nymph; and more recently, Björk, on her and Rosalía’s collaborative single “Oral”.


    1. Coma Dennis
    2. Adulter8
    3. Elk Skin
    4. Kepko
    5. Dirt
    6. Set Me Free, I'm An Animal
    7. Deer Teeth
    8. True
    9. Tears & Sighs
    10. Humiliation Doesn't Leave A Mark
    11. Coma Salv


    Our Brand Could Be Yr Life

      Sometimes you have to move backwards to move forwards. Just ask punk cultural commentators BODEGA, whose new album sees them carve a new future from fuzz-soaked, consumerism-skewering shards of their past.

      ‘Our Brand Could Be YR Life’ is BODEGA's first album release through Chrysalis Records. “It’s something we’ve been wanting to do for years,” guitarist and vocalist Ben Hozie explains of ‘Our Brand Could Be Yr Life’ – a collection of catchy indie-rock ruminations on the slow-creep of corporate-think into youth culture, first written eight years ago.

      ‘Our Brand Could Be YR Life’'s 15 tracks explore indie-rock subgenres, self-critique and everything in between. "I think it’s our best- sounding record to date,” says Hozie, "I t’s got dance-punk. There's some shoegaze on there. There's slacker rock on there. There's psychedelic rock on there. R.E.M, too. We wanted to be another band in a long stream of missionaries, proselytising a certain type of rock subculture.” 


      Barry says: It's been a couple years since Bodega's last LP, and 'Our Brand...' shows that the Brooklyn band have honed their propulsive, soaring garage-adjacent rock and with it brought in a wealth of perfectly integrated influences. Brilliantly produced and beautifully performed, it's definitely the most exciting of their releases to date.


      Side A
      1. Dedicated To The Dedicated
      2. G.N.D. Deity
      3. Bodega Bait
      4. Tarkovski
      5. Major Amberson
      6. Stain Gaze
      7. Webster Hall
      Side B
      1. ATM
      2. Set The Controls For The Heart Of The Drum
      3. Protean
      4. Born Into By What Consumes
      5. Cultural Consumer I
      6. Cultural Consumer II
      7. Cultural Consumer III
      8. City Is Taken

      Ben Quad

      I'm Scared That's All There Is

        Ben Quad is a tightly-wound emo outfit with just the right balance of delicate vulnerability, careening guitar-driven energy, and melodic ingenuity. Despite tongue-in-cheek proclamations of being “emo butt-rock,” the Oklahoma City-based quartet take their songcraft seriously, and the result is a vibrant chemical blend of winning sensitivity, a charming dash of goofiness, and propulsively hooky, cleverly-written gems. With the release of their debut full length, I’m Scared That’s All There Is, the band established themselves as a band to watch. Brooklyn Vegan has raved “mix of sincerity, hooks, and adrenaline is always a winning formula when it’s done well, and Ben Quad do it very, very well.”


        1. Blood For The Blood God
        2. We're Gonna Be Here For A While
        3. Unclench Your Jaw
        4. You Gotta Learn To Listen, Lou
        5. It's A Kinkade!
        6. When All Other Lights Go Out
        7. Joan Of Hill 

        Free Throw

        Those Days Are Gone - 2024 Reissue

          After four albums and a decade of hard work, including countless performances worldwide, the members — Cory Castro, Lawrence Warner, Justin Castro, Jake Hughes, and Kevin Garcia — have a fresh perspective on life. The band is through obsessing over what comes next and romanticizing the moments that have already passed. Instead, Free Throw is making music about the present and how seeking balance in our lives is far more meaningful work than the endless pursuit of whatever you deem to be 'enough.'

          Those Days Are Gone was the band’s debut, and still most popular, album. Out of press for years, the title is now back in steady rotation.


          1. Such Luck
          2. Two Beers In
          3. Good Job, Champ
          4. Tongue Tied
          5. Pallet Town
          6. An Hour Pissed
          7. Kim Tastie
          8. How I Got My Shrunken Head
          9. Let’s Get Invisible
          10. What Day Is It, October?
          11. Hey Ken, Someone Methodically Mushed The Donuts

          JPEGMAFIA & Danny Brown

          Scaring The Hoes

            SCARING THE HOES is the debut collaborative project from JPEGMAFIA and Danny Brown. Released in March 2023 after being teased for over a year, the record arrived to wide critical acclaim.

            STAFF COMMENTS

            Liam says: With absolutely batshit use of samples and production from JPEGMAFIA, Scaring The Hoes is one of the most inventive experimental hip-hop records in years - with Danny Brown's lyricism as sharp and funny as ever. A dream collaboration, the chemistry between Brown and Peggy is unbridled and makes us wish the two of them could make music together forever!

            TRACK LISTING

            1. Lean Beef Patty
            2. Steppa Pig
            3. SCARING THE HOES
            4. Garbage Pale Kids
            5. Fentanyl Tester
            6. Burfict!
            7. Shut Yo Bitch Ass Up / Muddy Waters
            8. Orange Juice Jones
            9. Kingdom Hearts Key (ft. Redveil)
            10. God Loves You
            11. Run The Jewels
            12. Jack Harlow Combo Meal
            13. HOE (Heaven On Earth)
            14. Where Ya Get Ya Coke From? 

            Home Is Where

            The Whaler

              Home Is Where make anxiety-riddled but cathartic rock songs about the apocalypse. the whaler—the Palm Coast, Florida quartet’s ambitious and exhilarating sophomore full-length—is a concept record about getting used to things getting worse. Across 10 interconnected but self-contained songs, the album captures the desensitization and disorientation of tragedy becoming mundane. the whaler, produced by Jack Shirley (Joyce Manor, Deafheaven) at Atomic Garden in Oakland, CA, marks an unmistakable new chapter for frontwoman Brandon MacDonald’s songwriting, subverting the expectations left by her band’s 2021 debut LP I Became Birds for something equally resonant, but darker and more expansive. While the whaler paints a bleak picture of a world in an endless state of collapse–of ruined utopias and desperate people faking normalcy–there’s a humanity-affirming undercurrent throughout that screams to break free.

              TRACK LISTING

              1. Skin Meadow
              2. Lily Pad Pupils
              3. Yes! Yes! A Thousand Times Yes!
              4. Whaling For Sport
              5. Everyday Feels Like 9/11
              6. 9/12
              7. Daytona 500
              8. Chris Farley
              9. Nursing Home Riot
              10. Floral Organs 

              Penelope Scott

              The Junkyard 2

                The Junkyard 2 came into fruition when it was released in May of last year, as an intimate collection of what she considered her best material. Scott has been taking piano lessons since she was eight years old growing up in California, and that instrumental talent is one of the most striking elements on the record. The songs reckoned with touchy subjects -- emotional labor, insecurity, healthcare -- with razor-sharp wit and care. Even if it was recorded poorly, the brilliance of the writing and performance still resonated. After that, she realized she had to do better, and so she unveiled Public Void in September. She ditched the piano, played with software, and gave her music a texture that was bolder, weirder, and catchier. Together, the two projects and Scott’s other singles have combined to amass 150 million on-demand U.S. streams, according to MRC data. The landscape of TikTok is cluttered, and hits are ephemeral, but Scott’s strike a unique chord and her image is constantly growing. When asked if she considers that music will be her full time job, she pauses, reluctant to think too far ahead. “I think, for the near future, yes,” she ultimately answers. “I’m definitely not leaving college for it. But the next couple of years are locked in.”

                TRACK LISTING

                1. Sweet Hibiscus Tea
                2. American Healthcare
                3. Lavender
                4. Baxter 3rd Is Under Fucking Siege
                5. Mommy Fwiend
                6. You Should Know
                7. Hammerhead
                8. Lukewarm
                9. Montreal
                10. Phones

                Sega Bodega

                Salvador: Heaven Edition

                  Sega Bodega's debut album "Salvador" was an instant success for the then unheard of producer. Reaching the top of many end-of-year lists the vinyl version has become highly sought whilst the LP continues to stream in the millions.

                  For the vinyl junkies and his army of fans, this new, "Heaven Edition" should be a prized trophy. A red / black splatter with bonus track "Heaven Fall" which was originally debuted at Sega’s St Pancras Old Church String Ensemble residency back in 2019 and revisited in 2021’s ‘Salvador: The Final Act’ online live show.

                  Born in Ireland, raised in Glasgow and now based in London, producer, performer and labelhead Sega Bodega - aka Salvador Navarrete - has built a reputation as being one of the UK’s most innovative and precocious creative minds. Inspired as much by his close network of peers as his love of cinematic soundscapes, he has made impacts spanning across music, fashion and film, soundtracking some of the most important cultural moments in recent years, as well as building a catalogue of prolific and critically acclaimed solo releases that traverse genre, style and composition.

                  File between: Burial, Doon Kanda, Sophie, Earl Sweatshirt & Mac Miller.

                  STAFF COMMENTS

                  Matt says: A hallucinatory blend of woozy, cough-syrup soundscapes, auto-tuned, self-deprecating & highly intimate benzo-raps and a drizzly, peering-thru-a-window outlook which should resonate with anyone feeling the blues this Winter. Throw in some speaker-busting, fresh as you like beats and you've a mutant R&B hit on your hands!

                  TRACK LISTING

                  1. 2 Strong
                  2. Masochism
                  3. Raising Hell
                  4. U Got The Fever
                  5. Heaven Knows
                  6. Salv Goes To Hollywood
                  7. Knox (Interlude)
                  8. Smell Of The Rubber
                  9. U Suck
                  10. Calvin
                  11. Kuvasz In Snow
                  12. Heaven Fell

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