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Vidiconia (RSD21 EDITION)



    Brand new EP from Bibio featuring four beautiful haunting ambient pieces, reminiscent of his acclaimed Phantom Brickworks album.


    Hand Cranked - Vinyl Reissue

      Warp Records will reissue Bibio’s Hand Cranked album on vinyl for the first time. The album was originally released in 2006 by Mush and was one of the releases that caught the ear of the Warp label before signing Bibio for Ambivalence Avenue in 2009. That record will also be restocked on vinyl to coincide with this release. Hand Cranked, his second release, saw him delve further into the sounds he crafted on his debut, Fi, with a focus on saturated guitars, found sound and field recordings and an affinity for the pastoral inspiration of his Northern England surroundings.

      Hand Cranked stepped it up a level though, bringing in Bibio's unique take on folk and blending it with electronic loops; a sound that he would continue to help refine throughout his career. This fourteen track collection saw Bibio bring an increased confidence to his music, highlighting his virtuosic guitar playing and shedding light on his more whimsical pop inclinations that he's explored on releases since then. Available on vinyl for the first time since its original release over 10 years ago, Hand Cranked makes for a perfect lazy Sunday listening, a nostalgic drive through the country or simply a peak into an artist beginning to discover the full breadth of his talent.


      A1 The Cranking House
      A2 Cherry Go Round
      A3 Quantock
      A4 Black Country Blue
      A5 Marram
      A6 Aberriw
      A7 Zoopraxiphone
      A8 Dyfi

      B1 Ffwrnais
      B2 Woodington
      B3 Above The Rooftops
      B4 Snowbow
      B5 Maroon Lagoon
      B6 Overgrown


      Sleep On The Wing

        Bibio returns, just over a year on from his latest album Ribbons, with a new ten track EP titled Sleep On The Wing. The release follows a pattern Bibio has established in his work; releasing a follow up EP after an album exploring similar sonic ground. This release draws on a familiar range of influences from traditional folk, peaceful atmospheric soundscapes and field recordings from the natural world. Stephen Wilkinson (Bibio) once again demonstrates the breadth of his musicality, embracing a wide range of self-played instruments including the strings which gave Ribbons much of its flavour and features some new accouplements for good measure.

        Pieced together over the course of last year, with a few exceptions stretching back into Bibio’s older repertoire, the Sleep On The Wing EP is a largely instrumental collection that exhibits deep atmospheric melodies as observations on rural escapism, reflection and melancholia. Recorded in Bibio’s home studio in the UK midlands countryside, the writing process for this latest EP starts in a similar place to most of his previous works, growing from a guitar riff into a richly textured soundscape one instrument at a time.

        The sleeve artwork by notable illustrator Chris Wormell was developed by Bibio and Chris and lino-printed by Chris. Speaking about how the artwork happened, he explains: “It was an idea that came into my mind when thinking about the title. The bird - a swift - is a bird that apparently can sleep during flight and spends more of its life in flight than any other bird. It really is a creature of the air, the skies are its habitat. I wanted to have artwork that sees the world from the swift’s perspective. It was important to me that the landscape looked typically British, because the British rural landscape has been a never ending source of wonder for me, and the feeling that I try to induce in some of my music very much comes from this desire to really be at the heart of its unique qualities.”

        As on Ribbons, the surrounding nature seeps into the studio and underlies the essence of his music as it unfurls. This new work offers an in-depth study into the instrumentation and feelings surrounding this past year, imbued with revisited works which seem as poignant as they did when they were first composed over a decade ago.


        01. Sleep On The Wing
        02. A Couple Swim
        03. Lightspout Hollow
        04. Oakmoss
        05. Miss Blennerhassett
        06. The Milky Way Over Ratlinghope
        07. Awpockes
        08. Crocus
        09. Otter Shadows
        10. Watching Thus, The Heron Is All Pool


        WXAXRXP Session

          No. 2 in this essential series for Warp fans old and new. Star signing Bibio's idiosyncratic of pastoral electronic folk, peppered with hip-hop production and soulful vocals made a huge impact when he first came on the scene ten years ago.

          These four tracks, plucked from the artist's expansive discography, highlight the delicate and organic side to this producer beautifully, redolent of rolling green hills and the indelible English countryside, given a modern spin and electric hum. There's no one quite like Bibio, yet his vibrations and inflections are so joyous and accessible to all.

          "Lovers Carvings", surely the EPs highlight sets this tone perfectly - a song based on vocal harmonies that's make Fleet Foxes takes note, delicately picked guitar lines and a gentle percussive thrust carrying it ever forward and into the hearts and minds of its listeners. 


          Barry says: While Bibio has been moving more towards an effervescent distillation of disco and indie-electronics, this session for Warp includes some of his most airy, beautiful pieces, and needs to be heard by anyone with a passing interest in his music. If you don't like this, you don't like Bibio.


          A1. Haikuesque
          A2. Petals
          B1. All The Flowers
          B2. Lovers Carvings

          Mark Pritchard / Bibio / Clark

          A Badman Sound / Heath Town / Inf Inf Inf Inf


            Record Store Day rave 12” from Warp mainstays Mark Pritchard, Bibio and Clark.

            Mark Pritchard kicks off the 12 with throwback jungle anthem ‘A Badman Sound’; the classic Amen break gets laced with rave stabs and intermittent dub sirens.

            ‘Heath Town’ is the opposite of what you’d expect from Bibio. In particular, the second half takes stylistic cues from ‘A Badman Sound’ and features the popular, euphoric James Brown-produced ‘Yeah Woo’ sample.

            Clark winds down with ‘Inf Inf Inf Inf’, a more ambient sound that brings in broken beats and is reminiscent of early Aphex Twin.

            2016 is an exciting year for all three artists:

            In May, Mark Pritchard is releasing his first album under his own name.

            In April, Bibio releases his fifth album on Warp, A Mineral Love.

            And after releasing his most successful album yet in late 2014, Clark returns with ‘The Last Panthers’ record, inspired by his score of the Sky Arts drama series of the same name.

            For fans of: Aphex Twin, Autechre, Special Request, Om Unit

            Vinyl 12" in 3mm spine sleeve with centre holes (in Warp house bag).

            Limited to 500 copies.

            TRACK LISTING

            Mark Pritchard – A Badman Sound
            Bibio – Heath Town
            Clark – Inf Inf Inf Inf


            Mind Bokeh

              The anticipated follow up to Bibio's celebrated first album for Warp in 2009, "Ambivalence Avenue". "Mind Bokeh" has exceeded our expectations with its full on, neon-lit pop whilst not compromising on any of the vintage, textured production that makes up Bibio’s trademark sound. In fact, "Mind Bokeh" could be considered the night-time counterpart to "Ambivalence Avenue"'s more pastoral, sun-flecked tones. You know that party you have where the music is pulled in wildly different directions, but comes together as a whole? This is the meandering trip "Mind Bokeh" takes us on, encompassing everything from  "Ambivalence Avenue" style wonky-hop and DJ Shadowesque beats, via dreamy Crosby, Stills and Nas-influenced psych-pop and energetic, shouty indie-punk to introspective electronica and jubilant African highlife. Off the beaten track and back again, it's a journey you're sure to enjoy. 

              TRACK LISTING

              CD Tracklisting:
              1. Excuses
              2. Pretentious
              3. Anything New
              4. Wake Up!
              5. Light Seep
              6. Take Off Your Shirt
              7. Artists' Valley
              8. K Is For Kelson
              9. Mind Bokeh
              10. More Excuses
              11. Feminine Eye
              12. Saint Christopher

              Vinyl Tracklisting:
              A1. Excuses
              A2. Pretentious
              A3. Anything New
              B1. Wake Up!
              B2. Light Seep
              B3. Take Off Your Shirt
              C1. Artists' Valley
              C2. K Is For Kelson
              C3. Mind Bokeh
              D1. More Excuses
              D2. Feminine Eye
              D3. Saint Christopher


              The Apple And The Tooth

                Acclaimed producer and instrumentalist Bibio (aka Stephen Wilkinson) follows the album "Ambivalence Avenue" with "The Apple And The Tooth". The album is a new release that is good enough to be a stand alone set, featuring four brand new Bibio tracks. It also forms a companion piece to "Ambivalence Avenue", featuring eight reworkings of tracks from that album - some haunting, some vibrant, all impressive - by artists renowned (Clark, Wax Stag aka Friendly Fires' visual collaborator Rob Lee), new (Lone, Leatherette, The Gentleman Losers) and very familiar (Bibio himself). Featuring a similar woozy folk-meets-wonky-hop-meets-electronica vibe to his previous outing, "The Apple And The Tooth" is another essential birra Bibio.

                1. The Apple And The Tooth
                2. Rotten Rudd
                3. Bones & Skulls
                4. Steal The Lamp
                5. S'vive (Clark Remix)
                6. Sugarette (Wax Stag Remix)
                7. Dwrcan (Eskmo Remix)
                8. Lovers' Carvings (Leatherette Remix)
                9. Haikuesque (The Gentleman Losers' Whispers In The Rain Mix)
                10. All The Flowers (Line Remix)
                11. Fire Ant (Keaver & Brause Remix)
                12. Palm Of Your Wave (Bibio Remix)

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