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Beverly Glenn-Copeland

Primal Prayer

    First released in 2004 under the pseudonym ‘Phynix’, Primal Prayer’s 8 tracks are a wildly creative fusion of jazz, world, dance and classical influences. Sonically the album is almost without comparison, a life-affirming acknowledgement of the many paths we humans walk to enable us to open our hearts and lives to each other.

    The black double vinyl includes a personal note from Romy (The xx) on the back sleeve, and it features ‘La Vita’, as sampled by Romy in her single ‘Enjoy Your Life’ earlier this year.

    Primal Prayer is part of a series of reissues and special releases of Glenn-Copeland’s catalogue, including most recently Beverly Copeland and Beverly Glenn-Copeland. Previous releases include a reissue of his career-defining record Keyboard Fantasies, and a reworked version of the album including reimaginations from the likes of Bon Iver, Arca and Blood Orange, plus an anthology and live album. Both originally released in the 70’s these two out of print works have become widely sought after by collectors. Revered as modern jazz-folk masterpieces, they have been remastered and re-cut for release by Guy Davie.

    Glenn-Copeland began his musical career in the 1960s, when he studied classical singing at Montreal's McGill University and performed at Expo 67. A pair of self-titled, multi-genre albums released in the early '70s showcased his powerful voice and songwriting talent. In 1986, while living in rural Ontario, Glenn-Copeland taught himself to use digital synthesis and recorded the album that would ultimately alter the entire course of his career. At the time, he self-released Keyboard Fantasies via a 200-copy cassette run, selling just a handful while the rest waited in storage. In 2015, a Japanese record collector emailed Glenn-Copeland about selling the remainder; a new generation had unearthed his art. The music spread globally, and a few years later, in his 70s, Glenn-Copeland embarked on his first European tour to share his songs with live audiences, a journey captured in Posy Dixon's 2019 documentary Keyboard Fantasies.


    Matt says: A singular, unparalleled, post-millennium classic; a cauldron of influences guided by operatic vocal and lush, cinematic soundscapes. There's both a spiritual and funky element constantly battling for attention. Immersive and elegant it's a masterpiece of world fusion.


    1. La Vita
    2. Back To Bachland
    3. Heaven In Your Heart
    4. On The Road
    5. This Side Of Grace
    6. Primal Prayer
    7. Between The Veils
    8. A Song And Many Moons
    9. In The Image
    10. A Little Talk

    Beverly Glenn-Copeland

    The Ones Ahead

      ‘The Ones Ahead’ is Beverly-Glenn Copeland's first new album in 20 years. For decades, the Pennsylvania-born, Canada-based singer, songwriter, and composer has illuminated questions of human interconnectedness with his sincere, searching voice and nimble melodicism. His new album, The Ones Ahead - his first collection of new music in nearly two decades - deepens his explorations into the ways all of us must carry each other forward into the next world. The songs on The Ones Ahead draw inspiration from a wealth of traditions, from American jazz to Irish fiddle songs to West African percussion. The spirited, polyrhythmic "Africa Calling" opens The Ones Ahead, a song without lyrics that honours Glenn-Copeland's West African heritage.

      The Ones Ahead dexterously weaves together poignant themes: the need for love and mutual care in the face of destruction and uncertainty, the power people have when they reach out for each other, the ways that the wisdom of past generations can guide us along the path forward. The Ones Ahead cultivates a vibrant hope for this world and what it must become to survive. A new chapter in an expansive and unique body of work, Glenn-Copeland's latest album offers flowering wisdom for the world to come, needed now more urgently than ever.


      Barry says: Beverly Glenn-Copeland's new LP is a beacon of hope and positivity, with deep grooves and his warming vocals mixing together seamlessly, resulting in a gloriously melodic mix of gospel, soul and traditional west african music. It's a heady and exciting listen, and one that surprises as much as it soothes.


      Africa Calling
      Harbour (Song For Elizabeth)
      Love Takes All
      People Of The Loon
      Stand Anthem
      The Ones Ahead
      Prince Caspian's Dream
      Lakeland Angel
      No Other

      Beverly Glenn-Copeland

      Beverly Copeland - 2023 Reissue

        Long out of print debut recording from Beverly Glenn Copeland. A modern jazz-folk masterpiece originally recorded for CBC and released as a private promo only pressing, remastered and re-cut for this release by Guy Davie, featuring "Don't Despair" and "Durocher".


        Don't Despair
        Untitled (Make The Answer “Yes”)
        Song From Beads
        Nothing Beautiful
        Good Morning Blues
        Swords Of Gold
        Don't Despair (Jazz Version)

        Beverly Glenn-Copeland

        Beverly Glenn-Copeland - 2023 Reissue

          Long out of print Second 70's recording from Beverly Glenn Copeland and widely sought after by collectors classic album - remastered and re-cut for this release by Guy Davie, featuring "Color of Anyhow" and "Erzili".


          Colour Of Anyhow
          Ghost House
          Complainin' Blues
          Swords Of Gold
          Song From Beads
          Cumberland Passing
          My Old Rag Or The Hysterical Virgin

          Beverly Glenn-Copeland

          Keyboard Fantasies Reimagined

            Earlier this year, Transgressive reissued American-Canadian composer and activist Beverly Glenn-Copeland’s 1986 masterpiece, Keyboard Fantasies, marking the 35th anniversary of its original release. Today, he announces, Keyboard Fantasies Reimagined - a collection of songs from the now legendary album, re-worked and re-imagined by a collection of creative kindred spirits.

            The remix album and reissue of the original work follows the Autumn 2020 release of Glenn’s album, Transmissions: The Music of Beverly Glenn-Copeland. Transmissions was a career-spanning album that includes compositions from his early works including selections from Keyboard Fantasies. It also included both new and archival unreleased tracks and live versions. This collection marked the first new release from Glenn-Copeland since 2004. The New York Times called it a “life-spanning mixtape that moves from the mournful torch songs of his youth to joyously soulful odes to survival.”

            TRACK LISTING

            Ever New (Reworked By Bon Iver & Flock Of Dimes)
            Fastest Star (Julia Holter Remix)
            Let Us Dance (Arca Remix)
            Old (New) Melody
            Ever New (Kelsey Lu’s Transportation)
            Sunset Village (Blood Orange Remix)
            Ever New (Reworked By Joseph Shabason & Thom Gill)
            Ghost House (Performed By Jeremy Dutcher)

            Beverly Glenn-Copeland

            At Last! EP (RSD21 EDITION)



              Released in 1980 on Beverly Glenn-Copeland's own label and featuring his long-time collaborator Doug Riley At Last! took it's name because it took so long for Glenn to get back in the studio and release new music (his previous recordings were in 1970)! The ultra-rare EP reveals Glenn in deep funk, soul and rock modes. Part of an ongoing reissue campaign celebrating the diverse output of this legendary musician and transgender activist. Pressed on black vinyl. Beverly Glenn-Copeland -At Last! 

              TRACK LISTING

              1. Montreal Main (The Buddha In The Palm) 2. Onward And Upward 3. Where There's Love 4. Journeyman

              Beverly Glenn-Copeland

              Keyboard Fantasies - 2021 Reissue

                35th anniversary reissue of legendary Canadian/American singer, composer and transgender activist Beverly Glenn-Copeland’s beloved seminal work.

                An ahead-of-it’s-time synth exploration which somehow combines the essence of new-age minimalism, early Detroit techno and the warmth of traditional songwriting.

                His third album, Keyboard Fantasies was originally self-released on cassette in 1986. Initially over-looked by mainstream media, it caught the ear of a Japanese collector who contacted the artist in 2015 and asked for copies to sell. These sold out instantly and led to more copies being distributed… and multiple offers from record labels.

                Features stunning alternative cover artwork + liner notes by Robyn.

                Only the second time the album has been repressed (and previous repress was very limited), LP edition is housed in a gatefold sleeve with spot gloss to the cover, with printed inner sleeve, 180g black vinyl + download code.

                First time the album has been available on CD. This format is a digi-sleeve with spot gloss to the cover + 8-page booklet.

                TRACK LISTING

                1. Ever New
                2. Winter Astral
                3. Let Us Dance
                4. Slow Dance
                5. Old Melody
                6. Sunset Village

                Beverly Glenn-Copeland

                Live At Le Guess Who?

                  LIMITED TO ONE PER PERSON.

                  Full length live recording from Le Guess Who? Festival 2018 in Utrecht, released physically for the first time here.

                  Containing unreleased songs and unique versions of his catalogue, this is a special record from an important artist only just starting to receive the recognition he deserves.

                  After a hiatus of live performance that lasted decades, you can hear the joy on tape of an artist realising how much his music has connected with a new generation in real time, supported by an intergenerational band.

                  Pressed on 180g crystal clear vinyl, includes download code.

                  Beverly Glenn-Copeland

                  Transmissions: The Music Of Beverly Glenn-Copeland

                    Throughout a fifty year recording career, legendary singer, composer and transgender activist Beverly Glenn-Copeland's music has defied categorisation and genre, its only consistency being the extraordinary fusion of vision, technology, spirituality and place.

                    Now in his mid-70’s, Glenn-Copeland was born into a musical family and studied the classical piano repertoire from ‘cradlehood,’ listening to his father playing the piano four to five hours a day. He moved from his home-town of Philadelphia to study classical music at McGill University, Montreal in 1961 (focussing on the European song repertoire) before he suddenly felt called to write music that would weave influences from the myriad musical cultures he had come to love.

                    Newly signed to Transgressive, this career spanning collection of songs includes three previously unreleased tracks; ‘River Dreams’, written last year and released with the album announcement, the live versions of ‘Deep River’+ ‘Colour Of Anyhow’, in addition to studio tracks from his acclaimed masterpiece Keyboard Fantasies + more.

                    TRACK LISTING

                    LP & 7" Tracklisting

                    A1. La Vita
                    A2. Ever New
                    A3. Colour Of Anyhow (CBC Q Live Version)
                    A4. Deep River (Live At Le Guess Who?)
                    B1. Don't Despair
                    B2. Durocher
                    B3. River Dreams
                    B4. This Side Of Grace
                    B5. Sunset Village

                    A1. In The Image
                    B2. Montreal Main (The Buddha In The Palm)

                    CD Tracklisting
                    1. La Vita
                    2. Ever New
                    3. Colour Of Anyhow (CBC Q Live Version)
                    4. Deep River (Live At Le Guess Who?)
                    5. Don't Despair
                    6. Durocher
                    7. River Dreams
                    8. This Side Of Grace
                    9. Sunset Village
                    10. In The Image
                    11. A Little Talk
                    12. Montreal Main (The Buddha In The Palm)
                    13. Erzili

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