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California EP

    The California EP pays homage to Diplo’s first full-length release, Florida, where he spent much of his youth. The sonics on California share a similar tone: slow, vibey, & melancholic, a bit of a departure from the sound he has been known for in recent years. The EP is much more than just a handful of tracks; it’s an introspective body of work.


    Ltd 12" Info: Single 12" vinyl, gatefold sleeve, printed inner-sleeve, CD included.

    New single by our the fun loving arty indie mob that is Django Django. "Surface To Air" is catchy AF, radio-ready and mixed and mastered ready for your all nite indie dancefloor! Featuring Self Esteem, it's got a slight MIA vibe to it - ready for scorching hot, empowering days with a riotous flavour. Comprise of solely electronic elements and not featuring the band's usual vocalists, this single is a step in a new direction for the band which has featured everywhere from Parklife stages to Soccer AM. Alongside the tasty instrumental come three remixes, with LuckyMe regular Lunice the first to twist up the stems. He transforms the track into a bass-ladled future beats jam, chopping up the vocal into a catchy vox pattern and adding piston drums and big bass rumbles for a Jeep-pleasing crunker for the purple mob. Nightwave lifts the track from the 42s / 5th Ave dancefloor and plonks it right in the middle of the more techno / bass inclined club spaces; with a hard hitting, hi-def take on the OG which the DJs'll surely get on board with. Finally, Body In The Thames dubs it out into a tech-house glider, super crisp and with a panoramic scope, it'll suit early evening moments of serenity across the playas of Ibiza and the more glitzy end of the holiday house market. Excellent!

    French psych duo The Limiñanas have announced their new album 'Shadow People' which will be released on 19th January on Because Music. One of France’s most beloved treasures, The Limiñanas are Marie (drums/vocals) and Lionel (guitar, bass, keyboards and vocals). Hailing from Perpignan, the duo straddles the boundary between psych, shoegaze, and yé-yé. With hazy, reverb-laden hooks, combined at times with noisy distortion, and fronted by effortlessly cool vocals, reminiscent of Serge Gainsbourg and Brigitte Bardot, the band is at once timeless and quintessentially French. 


    Barry says: Smooth, psychedelic meanderings full of rich, warming guitar and soothing, softly spoken french vox. Spin along a couple tracks and you get hynotic, Floydian driven psychedelia and hushed, fuzzy guitars. Ace


    LP Info: Released on 180G Black Vinyl (with CD) Gatefold sleeve, spot varnish, with a black inner sleeve.

    CD Info: Digipack CD.

    Produced by Ed Bangers’ SebastiAn (Frank Ocean, Kavinsky) and mixed by Tom Elmhirst (Adele, Lorde, David Bowie), the album features collaborations with Sir Paul McCartney, Daft Punk’s Guy-Manuel de Homem-Christo, Connan Mockasin and Owen Pallett (Arcade Fire, Caribou).

    Having previously written lyrics with Jarvis Cocker and Air on ‘5.55’ (2006) and Beck on ‘IRM’ (2010), ‘Rest’ is the first album where Gainsbourg penned all the words. Feeling daunted by the desire to poetise her ideas, deliverance would arrive initially courtesy of Guy-Manuel de Homem-Christo, who provided the music for the title track, steering Charlotte toward a forensically focused approach to lyric writing. “Those were the first words that I actually sang on the album. I came in with all my bunches of lyrics… It was too much, really, and Guy-Man was saying, ‘you can’t say all that, you have to simplify it,’ and he reduced it to three words! It felt so innocent in a way, but it was exactly what I needed at that time”. On the album, Gainsbourg addresses personal topics ranging from the death of her father Serge and more recently sister Kate Barry, to the tensions between her shyness and her life as a performer and public figure, to charmingly illogical childhood fears.

    The album’s major production lynchpin would be French DJ, remixer and producer Sebastian Akchoté-Bozovic, aka SebastiAn, best known for his releases on French house label Ed Banger and for his production work for Frank Ocean. His background in electronic music accorded with Charlotte’s desire for a sound with a disquieting, mechanistic edge, inspired by Giorgio Moroder and, perhaps unsurprisingly for a revered, award-winning film actress, movie soundtracks, particularly Pino Donaggio’s score for Brian De Palma’s ’70s horror classic Carrie and Georges Delerue’s music for Jean-Luc Godard’s nouvelle vague masterpiece Le Mepris, as well as the chilly, unsettling ambience of films like Stanley Kubrick’s The Shining and Hitchcock’s Rebecca.

    The eleven essays on ‘Rest’ are nothing if not sure-footed, proffering a compelling fusion of gleaming, string-emblazoned modern electro-pop and cinematically textured avant-chanson – their magical music box melodies kissed by bruised, introspective, occasionally disquieting lyrics. The album opens with the nursery rhyme enchantment of ‘Ring a Ring a Roses’, a hazy mosaic of nostalgic childhood snapshots – the verses delivered in intimately captured French, the instantly infectious chorus in coolly clipped English – and ends with the electro-disco-flavoured ‘Les Oxalis’ (named after the eponymous woodland flower). “Those two songs were always the bookends of the album”, Charlotte explains. The latter’s rhythmic energy cuts against the lyric, describing a lachrymose promenade through a cemetery. “I remember SebastiAn asking, ‘Are you sure that’s what you want to say against that rhythm?’ But that’s how this album made sense to me, in the contradiction between things, with the music taking you somewhere and the words going the opposite way”.

    It’s a potent dichotomy that permeates much of ‘Rest’, from ‘Lying With You’, whose busy drums and angular synths frame a lyric about Serge Gainsbourg’s death (“Like everyone who’s gone through this, you have to deal with the memory of someone who is still alive in your head, and the way you’ve seen them dead. I wanted to talk about the crudity of this”, explains Charlotte), to the frank, self-examining ‘I’m a Lie’ (“…about not knowing if you’re able to collapse or fly. It’s something that I’m always wrestling with”), and the wonderfully Giorgio Moroder-esque ‘Deadly Valentine’, whose lyrics, essentially a string of uncannily delivered wedding vows, play out against a motorik Euro-disco beat and soaring strings.

    Another essay, ‘Songbird in a Cage’, was penned for Charlotte by Sir Paul McCartney, no less. “We had a very nice lunch about six-and-a-half years ago”, she recalls. “I couldn’t believe that I was actually sitting next to him. I told him that if he ever had a song for me it would be a dream come true. A few weeks later he sent this track. It was a demo. I didn’t know what to do with it, because I wanted it to be part of the album. We had to reinvent it. Paul very sweetly came to Electric Lady. He did a bit of piano, some bass, a bit of guitar. It was incredible, just to see him work”.

    The aides-de-camp may have played their role on Rest, but it remains undeniably the work of a singular artist, one who has explored her personal darkness in pursuit of a sense of purpose and a place of resolution, purging herself of creative shyness and timidity in the process. “This time it felt like flying on my own. I knew I needed the right collaborator, and SebastiAn was always there, but all the same, this time the album is really mine”.


    Barry says: Brilliant goth-pop, throbbing basslines and the undeniably exotic and infinitely more alluring addition of vocals 'En Fraincaise' (that's french for 'In French'). Lovely.


    Vinyl comes with CD version of the album enclosed.

    Klyne pull out this pulsing and weighted suite of moody and grooving synth-pop abstractions and alt-R&B tinged burners for Because.  

    Opening with 'Don't Stop', comprising of a grooving crackling bass-line accentuated by high-passed vocals and stabbing cyclical rhyhm. Powerfully melodic but with a gloomy and saturated backline leanding unease behind the funked-up production, a brilliantly contrasting journey, as full of vigour as it is of throttled malaise. 

    'Lend Me Another Name' has much more of a post-dubstep vibe. Opting for infrequent crackling Kick-Hat percussion and booming wobble-bass below the delayed and pitched vocal drawl, before introducing faintly shimmering acoustic guitars and swaying into a Balearic/Bass meltdown. 

    Flip over and 'Water Flow' ups the emotional stakes, with the vocals pushing forward in the mix, and the rhythm and bass taking more of a backseat, acting more as a fleshing-out of the pitch-perfect duophonic vocals.

    Closer 'Wit U' is a suitably funked-up and feel good finisher, deep and ducked synthetic bass and shimmering drums, accentuated by filtered-in resonant pads and jazzy electro-keys.

    A fantastic funky amalgam of emotional bass and foot-tapping funk, and one sure to get you moving.   


    Barry says: Deep, astonishing synth-pop via post-dubstep vibes on this storming four-tracker from Klyne. Groovy but deep rhythmic drones, smooth-as-silk vocals and crackled percussion. A brilliant outing.

    Space Art

    Remix - Inc. Prins Thomas / Psychemagik / Daniele Baldelli Remixes

    After delivering a dazzling overview of France's electronic origins via two volumes of "Cosmic Machine", Because zero in on legendary duo Space Art with a series of essential reissues. Masters of the French school of cosmic disco, the duo released a string of hits over a three year period, including the 7" "Onyx", which sold over THREE MILLION copies worldwide (mental!). As a special bonus for the DJs and dancers, Because have invited a trio of cutting edge producers to work their magic on three of the group's most successful club cuts. In its original form, "Nous Savons Tout" is a killer space disco cut, combining dreamy pads with a solid bottom end for plenty of interplanetary thrust. Norwegian maestro Prins Thomas offers the first rework here, smoothing some of the rough edges and swapping the original bassline for one of his trademark hypnotic grooves. Adding claps and rimshots into the rhythm section the Norse producer emphasises the organic elements of the production to place the listener out in the midst of the interstellar opera, space walking with a beaming smile. Warming us up for the spaced out sounds of their forthcoming "Ritual Chants" series, Psychemagik apply plenty of chugging, floor hugging adjustments on their remix, powering the cut up into the upper atmosphere of mainroom disco hits. The second disc begins with the cosmic prog of "Welcome To Love", a vocoder led space serenade which leads us swaying through the stars. Prins Thomas returns for his second addition to the series tweaking the track to take it back down to earth. As Thomas strolls through slick basslines, rhythmic guitar and those dreamy vocals, we kick the surf and watch the stars from the nearest Mediterranean beach. As we arrive at the final side we're treated to the massive "Onyx" and equally massive remix from Baldelli and Dionigi, a thumping hit of galactic chug from two men who know how it's done. The past future collides with the future past and it's perfect for the present. 

    Orchestre Poly-Rythmo De Cotonou


    "Madjafalao" follows the release of Cotonou Club in 2011 on Strut Records, their first new recorded music since the early 80s. Founded in Benin in 1968 by bandleader Mélomé Clément, the band were hugely popular across West Africa throughout the 1970s recording hundreds of tracks and over 50 albums and playing alongside the likes of Fela Kuti during the decade. A combination of the deaths of original members guitarist Papillon and drummer Leopold and the country entering a period of economic hardship and decline under the dictatorship of Mathieu Kerekou in the early 80s saw the band go into indefinite hiatus. However, a burgeoning interest in West African music in Europe saw labels such as Soundway and Analog Africa extensively and lovingly re-issue their back-catalogue and in 2008 the band reformed around Mélomé Clément, Gustave Bentho and Vincent Ahehehinnou and toured the world, visiting Europe (including a sold-out show at London’s Barbican Centre), Japan, Brazil, North America and most of Africa. After the death of Mélomé Clément in 2012, singer Vincent Ahehehinnou, bass player Gustave Bentho and singer Loko Pierre decided to keep the Poly-Rythmo flame alive and after a few months hiatus they resumed rehearsals and started composing new songs, tracks which would eventually form the basis of "Madjafalao".

    Django Django

    Unreleased Versions And Remixes Vol. 1


      Working in the sweetly swinging tradition of Serge Gainsbourg and the yé-yé sound of the '60s, the Limiñanas have a sound that blends sunny psychedelia with vintage pop. Based out of Perpignan, France, the group is composed of drummer and sometime vocalist Marie Limiñana and bassist, organist, and jack-of-all-trades Lionel Limiñana, as well as a host of guest vocalists including MU. With its combination of fuzzy organ, half-spoken/half-sung vocals, and vintage production, the band captures the sexy, ultra-hip sound of classic French pop. After releasing a series of singles, the duo released its self-titled debut in 2010 through the Chicago label Trouble in Mind. The band continued to crank out singles, and a second album, Crystal Anis, followed in the summer of 2012. After taking some time to revamp the Limiñanas' sound to introduce more elements of French and Italian soundtrack music, the duo returned quickly with its third album for Trouble in Mind. Costa Blanca was issued in late 2013. The band are now back with new relase “Malamore”.


      Barry says: Malamore is French psych-pop-rock at its finest. Progressive hooks, walking bass and spoken word passages. Never scared to rock a groove or stamp on that wah-wah. This is a varied and exciting collection that reads like a what's-what of psych/folk/rock tropes, but at no point feels stifled or clichéd. Starry-eyed and swaying passages segue into droning distortion and chanted vocals. A Fulfilling and absorbing ride.

      Pascal Comelade

      Traffic D'Abstraction

        As well known from both sides of the Pyrenees to Japan, Pascal Comelade is a catalan musician living in Dalì’s country. After living in Barcelona, where he founded his Bel Canto Orquestra in 1985, he released his first album in 1975 called « Fluence ». This first work was definitely inspired from electronic music influences, especially by Richard Pinhas’s band, Heldon.

        Comelade likes making links between arts, mixing music with graphic designs and literature. It is indeed one of the first concerns of the composer not to stay locked in patterns and codes specific to a style. Painter Robert Combas created the original artwork of the album. For this reissue, Combas’s second painting, which was on the inside of the CD booklet, was replaced at the back of the main jacket. At the time of the release album, he accompanies on piano Robert Combas and François Boirond’s visual performance in Paris, Porte de Champerret.

        For this reissue, LP limited vinyl is numbered to 500 copies worldwide. Comelade kept songs he judges the best from the original album. He also completed a few of them, and replaced some tracks by other alternative versions and unpublished pieces he composed in the same time.

        Moreover, we will rediscover the animation clip of “The Skatalan Logicofobism” in the CD extra included in the gatefold. Florence Deygas and Olivier Kuntzel especially realized the clip for this track in Paris in 1994. 


        Vinyl comes with CD version of the album enclosed.


        The Golden Touch (Cerrone IV) - Gold Vinyl Edition

        This excellent 1978 release is as strong as 'Supernature', although quite different. A departure from Supernature's moody horror / sci-fi ambiance, 'The Golden Touch' is the lush Euro-disco album that fans of 'Love in C Minor' and 'Cerrone's Paradise' were hoping for - but with a twist. The lyrics aren't entirely escapist; "Je Suis Music" addresses sociopolitical concerns while winning the listener over with its irresistible groove. And on "Look for Love" and "Music of Life," Cerrone provides the type of uplifting, motivational love-is-the-answer message that Earth, Wind & Fire is known for. A fine addition to Cerrone's catalog, 'The Golden Touch' is among the finest Euro-disco efforts of 1978.


        LP Info: Gold colored LP vinyl in gatefold sleeve with printed inner-sleeve and CD included.

        Vinyl comes with CD version of the album enclosed.


        You Are The One (Cerrone VII) - Yellow Vinyl Edition

        Cerrone goes decidedly soulful on this seventh album and the results are the some of the best music ever recorded hands down. It is the only album of his with the same vocalist on every track, but when that vocalist is Jocelyn Brown you know you're in safe hands. She really blasts it out on this and the production is so dirty and sleazy it sounds very contemporary. Standout track is LP opener 'Hooked On You', which has been massive recently due to re-edits by Sir Own and Neil Diablo.


        LP Info: Yellow colored LP vinyl in standard sleeve with CD included.

        Vinyl comes with CD version of the album enclosed.

        Django Django release their sophomore album via Because Music. 'Born Under Saturn' is the work of a band fired up by confidence and experience and propelled way beyond their DIY roots. It has all of the imagination of their debut self-titled album but splashed across a larger canvas.

        “Once we got into the studio it became obvious it would be a bigger-sounding record,” says bassist Jim Dixon. “When we were writing the lyrics there were lots of references to rebirth, turning a new page and starting something again,” says Dave Maclean. “I guess that’s something we all felt.” Like before, Django Django are blessedly oblivious to genre rules. “A lot of it has to do with growing up being more into mixtapes than albums,” Dave says. “I think that sensibility comes through. Since I was a kid I’ve always tried to see the connections and threads through music.”

        Recorded at Netil House in east London and Angelic Studios in Banbury, 'Born Under Saturn' saw the song writing split four ways with Dave also producing the record. Lyrics often emerged naturally from the sound of the music. There are dark dramas like Found You, which draws on the myth of Faust’s deal with the devil, and Shot Down, a bloody tale of crime and betrayal. Jim wrote the sighingly beautiful 'Beginning To Fade' while contemplating writer’s block and the atmospheric, synth-driven 'High Moon', says Dave, is about people who “come alive at night”. 'Born Under Saturn' expands on the slippery, indefinable brilliance of the debut, finding magic in the unexplored spaces between different kinds of music, and never doing the same thing twice.

        Django Django

        Beginning To Fade



          Little Dragon

          Nabuma Rubberband

          Nearly three years since the release of their universally acclaimed 2011 album “Ritual Union”, Little Dragon return with their highly anticipated fourth album, the futuristic sounding “Nabuma Rubberband”, via their new label Because Music. First single ‘Klapp Klapp’ premiered as Zane Lowe’s ‘Hottest Record In The World’ on Radio 1. The Gothenburg electro-R&B adventurers were musically inspired by the more experimental pockets of Prince's back catalogue, club culture and vintage Janet Jackson slow jams. Yukimi Nagano, Erik Boden, Fred Wallin and Håkan Wirenstrand make a slowly-unravelling, constantly evolving melange of R&B, electro, pop and dance, anchored by the otherworldly vocals of their incomparable front woman and an innate way with melody. This is their most exhilarating record yet and will catapult the Dragons into another realm, as its title suggests.


          Martin says: Throughout 'Nabuma Rubberband' Little Dragon weave electro-pop, R & B and nu-soul with meticulous care into a sexy but sour whole. It is impossible not to be seduced by Yukumi Nagano's sumptuous voice, even if, under its breathy, come-hither veneer there lurks a sometimes embittered heart, drawing inspiration from an icy Gothenburg winter and the pitfalls of human relationships. It is, through all that, utterly gorgeous.


          Love Letters - Soulwax Remix


            Limited etched vinyl - 500 copies only.

            Joseph Mount's new album, 'Love Letters', has a title that speaks volumes about sensations and modes of communication, about things that have always been there, and will always be here.

            In its execution, 'Love Letters' tries to do fresh things in an old-fashioned way. It takes richer methods of recording and injects them with the shock of the new – of tight electronics, and experiments in sound. It does so not to be retro, but to embrace the quality standards of the past. It also aims to be up there with the greats, reaching for those old stars.

            'The Upsetter' is about having no reception when you want to send a message to someone special, for instance, and about the memory of listening to music when you were young. Monstrous is about holding on tight to everything you love, in a world you don't understand (“honestly”, Mount sings, “it's all I'm thinking of”). 'Reservoir' is about a place near where Mount's parents live, where glittering keyboards mimic “heartbeats drifting together”. 'Month Of Sundays' shimmers its emotions through bright, shining guitars. Too. All show the warmth, richness and depth being added to the Metronomy sound.

            New musical spirits inhabit this album, too. 'I'm Aquarius' was inspired by Diana Ross and The Supremes' 1969 album, 'Let The Sunshine' In, full of psychedelic atmospheres, and gorgeous backing vocal shoop-shoops. Mount nearly left the song behind because he thought it didn't sound like him, before he realised his style was naturally growing and changing.

            This was also the time to start having new adventures, he quickly realised. 'Boy Racers' came next, the spoken-word song he'd always wanted to write (but then ditched the spoken word part because ‘it didn’t sound very good’). Then came 'Call Me', driven by glittering organ lines, and the exhilarating title track, with a four-to-the-floor beat, skipping between Motown and northern soul.

            These songs go places Metronomy never have before, and they do so spectacularly. All on a record where old friends take our hands, and lead us somewhere new.


            LP Info: Limited 180g vinyl pressing in deluxe embossed sleeve.

            Vinyl comes with CD version of the album enclosed.

            CD Info: Limited deluxe embossed over-sized fold-out triptych sleeve.

            Django Django

            Life's A Beach - Inc. Steve Mason Remix

            Another belter from Django Django's brilliant eponymous debut long player (one of our favourite albums of the year). ‘Life’s A Beach’ combines everything that makes the Django's music so good: a simplicity of songwriting, catchy tunes and a feelgood jauntiness to chase the blues away. This 10" picture disc has the original accompanied by a remix by Steve Mason of the Beta Band. Steve fires up the Dub Maker 2000 and delivers a dubbed-out, head-nodding acid-tinted version that loses none of the original's charm.


            10" Info: Limited 10" picture disc.

            Charlotte Gainsbourg releases her new album ‘Stage Whisper’ through Because Music. An album of live and unreleased studio tracks, it is the follow up to the critically acclaimed ‘IRM’ album, which was released in January 2010. ‘Stage Whisper’s studio material features collaborations with Beck, Conor O’Brien of Villagers, Noah and the Whale and Connan Mockasin.

            Many of the studio tracks on ‘Stage Whisper’ originate from the sessions for ‘IRM’, which enjoyed critical claim across the globe. The Sunday Telegraph declared the album to be a work of “borderline genius”, Mojo claimed “IRM marks Charlotte Gainsbourg’s musical coming of age”.

            The follow up to 2008’s critically acclaimed "Nights Out", "The English Riviera" is a sonic progression of epic proportions and affirms Metronomy front man and producer, Joseph Mount, as a rare British talent. Since "Nights Out", the band have swollen to a four piece with new members Anna Prior on drums, Gbenga Adelekan on bass, original member Oscar Cash on keys/sax, and Joe himself on vocals, keys and guitar. This expansion of personnel is reflective of a new record that is mapped by vast soundscapes, incredible depth and warmth, and big pop hooks

            Part love letter to the area of Devon coast Mount grew up in and part concept album about his own semi-fictionalised vision of "The English Riviera", the tone for the album is set by the opening sounds of seagulls, distant waves and a music hall string quartet. However, any notion of whimsy is swiftly dispelled, as the seismic bass line of "We Broke Free" shudders and ushers in waves of layered guitars and synths.

            Characterised throughout with a sense of warmth and richness, "The English Riviera" is in parts reminiscent of seminal 1970s West Coast studio albums from the likes of Fleetwood Mac and The Eagles, but due to Mount’s studio wizardry, the record sounds vibrant and entirely of its time. Few other albums released this year will so successfully transcend such a plethora of influences and ideas and form such a coherent body of work.

            STAFF COMMENTS

            Martin says: If you were to distill the idyllic English seaside experience into musical form, this is exactly what it would sound like. It kicks off, appropriately enough, with the plaintive sound of seagulls, setting the mood perfectly for 'We Broke Free', Joe Mount's politely voiced swoon soaring over kitsch fairground organ organs and distorted guitars. The whole LP is a leftfield pop delight, an endlessly pleasurable earworm, a nostalgic smile over a lost, holiday romance; as Mr. Whippy, nicked chips, gaily painted beach huts, inappropriate palm trees and gentrified fishing communities as it gets. A sonic Torbay, basically.

            Daft Punk


              "Electroma" is the eagerly anticipated directorial Feature Film debut from Guy-Manuel de Homem-Christo and Thomas Bangalter, better known together as Daft Punk. A psychedelic visual and musical odyssey, "Electroma" follows the journey of two robots on their quest to become human. Featuring a stunning soundtrack with music from Todd Rundgren, Brian Eno, Curtis Mayfair, Sebastien Tellier and Chopin, Electroma plays out beautifully 'like music for the eyes'.


              DVD Info: Limited edition DVD comes with 44 page full colour picture book.

              Idiosyncratic psycho-pop quartet, Twisted Charm, bring us their debut album via France's cool Because label. Hailing from Northampton, the band are driven by a collective mission statement to 'kick regurgitated rock-n-roll in the throat' and their scathingly witty observations of inner city London life cut right to the jugular. This debut, produced by Lance Thomas (PJ Harvey / Ladytron) draws on aspects of modern living, thrashing out inspiration from the realm of cinema, philosophy and social class. The album is immersed in infectious rhythms, sax blasts, warped bass and new wave inflections - modern day pop with a subversive twist. Imagine Gang of Four's post-punk nihilism, Devo's off-the-wall ingenuity, Clor's agit-funk dance-ability permeated with a distinctly London ennui and you're somewhere close to their sound.

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