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"The Ick" - a sense of sanity amidst the storm of information. This album by Archetype is an abstract scream for something quite fragile, a polarizing society, disruptive isolation, and the fading collective experience. Utilizing dramatic vocals, industrial trip-hop, and post-punk-leaning electronics, Archetype marks the new moniker by the ever-versatile Viennese Rotterdammer, Leonard Prochazka. Following his manifold of concept-driven, instinctive musical output, Archetype's "The Ick" follows "Strapazen und Genesung" as Geier Aus Stahl on Knekelhuis in 2022. 


Mental Is True
Minute After Minute
The Ick
I See Numbers
Final Chapter

Joe Armon-Jones & Maxwell Owin


    Archetype’ is an exorcism of South London’s underground spirit. It’s a sound world which draws on its ancestral echoes as equally as it captures the pulse of a city on the edge of evolution.

    The twelve-track collaborative record is the product of two magnetised forces who should almost repel: producer, composer and keyboard player Joe Armon- Jones, and producer / DJ Maxwell Owin.

    At the fore of the scene south of the river, they draw on different instincts, different disciplines, different strengths - and converge them to make something which is both challenging and startlingly fresh.

    Guest features on the record include Lex Amor, Shabaka Hutchings, Fatima, Rocks FOE, O the Ghost, Mala, Maysia Osu and YUIS.

    ‘Archetype’ is caught somewhere between the club and the bedroom, both communal and intimate - something common to Joe’s world of jazz, soul and improvisation and Maxwell’s, of the sprawling sounds of hardcore continuum, from jungle to dubstep and drill.


    1. Archetype (feat. O The Ghost)
    2. Ode 2 Reverb
    3. 4Seasons (feat. Rocks FOE)
    4. Rago’s Garage (feat. Shabaka Hutchings)
    5. Grief (feat. Lex Amor)
    6. Don’t Tip Me Over (feat. Fatima)
    7. Lost In The Function
    8. Do I Keep Going
    9. Pedal Bike
    10. Sisyphean (feat. O The Ghost)
    11. Ikigai (feat. Mala, Marysia Osu & YUIS)
    12. Adrenaline/Oxygen

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