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Charlotte Bendiks

Hjemme Erotic / Bon-Sexy

Charlotte Bendiks is an ambassador of distant intimacy from the north... from her home town Tromsø, where she ran her own clubseries, actively shaped the Insomnia Festival, and released two records on Mental Overdrive's Love OD label, to Cologne, where she cooperated with artists like Coma, Lena Willikens, and developed a long-lasting mutual love affair with the Salon des Amateurs. She has been travelling ever since and played, danced, loved, and laughed her way around the globe- from Buenos Aires' infamous Dengue Dancing Parties, to festival sites in Hanoi, Montevideo, Montreal, and Berlin. Playful and silly, and therefore confident and sexy, whether as a DJ or playing live, her music is deep, dark, and psychedelic. Here, Charlotte offers up a double A-side of erotic techno for the Accidental Jnr label.


1. Hjemme Erotic
2. Bon-Sexy

Accidental Jnr signs the Brazilian DJ/producer Cyrana for her debut release. Architect and artist, Cyrana Matzenbacher started her musical journey at a young age on drums, keyboards and voice. Based out of Santa Maria in Brazil, but travelling a lot round Europe recently taking in the sounds of Valencia, Porto, Lisbon, Berlin, Nice and Milan.

'Plekkie' means 'place' in the afrikaans language and her debut EP officially marks out her individual place in the world of electronic music. The EP opens with 'Bruin' (brown) a hypnotic cyclical bassline that rides out over some four-on-the-floor. 'Pienk' (pink), turns to a more melodic low key house undertaking that manages to be both cinematic and uplifting whilst pulling focus to the fundamentals of minimal dance music. The jagged edges of 'Rooi' (red) breaks with the 4/4 trajectory and closes the EP in the most abstract way, tapping into Cyrana's affection for a bit of rock and metal influence.

Cyrana's own paintings make up the artwork for the release, the synergy between them and the music is evident - clean, sincere and direct.


1. Bruin
2. Pienk
3. Rooi

Mickey Pearce is one of the most singular producers to emerge from the UK in recent years. Always ahead of the curve, his tracks can be heard in the playlists of tastemakers including The Black Madonna, Ben UFO, Benji B and Virgil Abloh. After having released his latest Album on his own new imprint 'Box Of Toys' alongside his Club Tools EP, his latest EP 'Smelling of Incense' is Mickey's debut for Accidental Jnr but feels right at home with three cuts of shuffling swung house and swaggering bass music.


1. Smelling Of Incense
2. Dig Me Up
3. Reflux Stance

Berk Offset brings his committed strain of swinging techno freakdom to Accidental Jnr for a four-track EP aimed squarely at the hips.

Offset, also known as Rainer Maria Silke, has been skirting around the fringes of outsider dance music in Germany for more than a decade, releasing two notable EPs on Jena's bastion of weirdnik, jazz-informed minimal, Musik Krause, and dropping bombs for the wonky techno die-hards at Snork Enterprises.

Those past exploits are instructive for the sound Offset presents on Intraface. Fusing lean, late-night rhythmic submission with evocative strokes of off-kilter jazz sampling and errant synth experimentation, Offset's twist on 4/4 club music has exactly the kind of inspired otherness represented throughout Accidental's family of labels.


1. Absteigerlied
2. Unnardiburges Geharse
3. Befreiung45
4. Schwerfal

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