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Accidental Jnr

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Berk Offset brings his committed strain of swinging techno freakdom to Accidental Jnr for a four-track EP aimed squarely at the hips.

Offset, also known as Rainer Maria Silke, has been skirting around the fringes of outsider dance music in Germany for more than a decade, releasing two notable EPs on Jena's bastion of weirdnik, jazz-informed minimal, Musik Krause, and dropping bombs for the wonky techno die-hards at Snork Enterprises.

Those past exploits are instructive for the sound Offset presents on Intraface. Fusing lean, late-night rhythmic submission with evocative strokes of off-kilter jazz sampling and errant synth experimentation, Offset's twist on 4/4 club music has exactly the kind of inspired otherness represented throughout Accidental's family of labels.


1. Absteigerlied
2. Unnardiburges Geharse
3. Befreiung45
4. Schwerfal

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