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Whispers From Ancient Vessels

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“Whispers From Ancient Vessels” is a collection of tales, speakings and relationships with nature’s beings such as trees, the sea and the inner self.

The tracks pose as reflections of relearning to join with nature again. To grieve and to hope. To take in wise words, to listen to truth that can feel intense. Reconnection can be a painful process.

The sounds and the visual identity of “Whispers From Ancient Vessels” is an attempt to remove the rose tinted view of nature and to put it at the forefront of the piece. Nature often tends to be a pretty backdrop where we come and go as we please. But this is a reminder that it is not separate from us and we exist as one. To realise its beautiful evil.

To amplify alternative communication. The tracks are about listening to the wisdom of the earth, translating it and taking the wisdom on board. Being vulnerable to the rawness and darkness of the earth. Being vulnerable to truth, to change and proximity. Succumbing to oneness.


Speakings I
Whispers From Ancient Vessels
Dream Of The Rood
Speakings II
You're Mine

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